What is a Spin Bike and why should you use it?


What is a spin bike?

spin bike1A spin bike is simply an indoor bike that is designed to enable users to do workouts in a stationary position without having to go outdoors. This type of training bike is known for its intense workouts compared to the other types of training bikes we have in the market today.

Since their invention in the 1980’s , these bikes have continued to gain  popularity, especially due to the endorsement of health and fitness professionals. The bike is made up of a flywheel that continues spinning even after the user has stopped riding and thus it calls for extra caution among users when they need to stop spinning so that they don’t get injured.

As time has continued to advance, these bikes have become an excellent option for many fitness lovers across the world. This is because the bikes have trainers the ability to go on with their workout programs throughout the year without regard to which season of the year one is in. In addition, these bikes are designed to give the user the same riding experience that they would have gotten while riding from outdoors.

The spin bikes are enhanced with many adjustable features that enable you to make adjustments that are intended to meet your individual needs and training goals. For example, the seat position and the handlebars can be adjusted to suit the height and the needs of different users. The bikes are also fitted with an adjustable resistance features that enable you to set the level of resistance you need during your workouts.

The Difference between spin bikes and other exercise bikes

Even though a spin bike is essentially a training bike like the others, there are a few differences that distinguish it from the normal training bike in the gym. This section examines some of these differences.

  •     A higher level of intensity: the first functional difference between this bike and its counterparts is that it offers high levels of intensity compared to what you will experience with a normal training bike on the gym.
  •     A front flywheel: the existence of a front flywheel is the main physical difference between the spin bike and the other regular training bikes. This wheel is usually made of steel and it weighs between 38 and 44 pounds.
  •     Cleat features: anther difference between this bike and other training bikes is that one of its pedals has a cleat where you can connect a special bike shoe to the pedal.

Features of spin bikes

This section is devoted to the examination of some of the features that modern spin bikes come with. It is necessary for us to understand these features so that you can be in a better position to know what kind of benefits and functionalities that you will expect from the bike.

The reason here is that the features of a product are the ones which enable it to perform specific functions that are intended to give the user a better experience and benefit from the product. Some of these features are discussed below in line with the benefits that they confer with users.

  •     Ease of modification: this is one of the core features that make this bike very convenient to use. This is because the bike comes with a seat position, handlebars and seat height that can be adjusted to suit your needs and height. This makes it suitable to use by users of different heights. In addition, the bike comes with a resistance feature that can be adjusted to bring resistance to the level that the user is comfortable with.
  •     Computerized mechanism: most of the spin bikes in the market today come with computerized systems. These systems can be used to measure the mileage you gave covered, your pulse, the level of resistance and revolutions per minute
  •      Refreshment holder: another feature of this bike is that it comes with a place to hold your water bottle. This keeps your refreshment within reach as you do your workouts.
  •     Transport wheels: most of these spin bikes are fitted with small transport wheels that enable you to pull around the bike easily. This is very advantageous for people who have limited floor space.

spin bike3A spinning bike is good for you if you……

This section is dedicated to give you a comprehensive coverage that will show you the most suitable for this bike. At the end of this section, you will be able to know whether you are a qualified beneficiary of this bike or you need another type of exercise bike or not.

  •     Want to burn calories:  if you are tired of carrying unnecessary calories in your body that may turn out to be injurious to your cardiac health, then this bike is the perfect match for you. This spin bike is known to provide high levels of calorie burning. For instance, you can  burn up to 500 calories within  one hour, all this depending on your body weight and how intense the workouts are.
  •     Want to enhance your cardiovascular health: your heart health, is of supreme value. When you use this bike consistently, you are able to pull out all the energies from their reserves and end up building the level of endurance you need for your heart muscles. As you progress on the bike, you come to a level where you are able to master the art of controlled breathing.
  •     Want to have your own pace of progress: if you are taking your workouts in a class of other people, your progress will be of great value for you. This bike gives you the freedom to keep pedaling at your own pace without having to be concerned about the speeds at which your classmates are pedaling. This enables you to remain in charge of your own progress without having to compare yourself to others.
  •     Manage your personal progress: if you are a person who wants to monitor your personal progress as you perform, your workouts, then this bike is meant for you. Most of the spin bikes that we have in the market today come with gadgets that can help you to track how many calories that you have burnt, the amount of distance you have covered and your pulses as well. This gives you a clear picture of what you are doing and the milestones you have covered along the way.
  • Want to enjoy the  workouts without high impact: most of the people who use other weight loss equipment such as treadmills and elliptical, usually complain of experiencing traumatic effects on their feet and knees. But this is not one of the side effects that you will suffer after working out on a spin bike. The reason here is that the spin bike removes the pressure from your feet and knees and hence you can enjoy your workouts without hurting your feet or knees.
  •     Want to tone their muscles:  if you are a fitness enthusiast who wants to tone their muscles, the spin bike is your favorite tool to achieve this goal. When you do the spinning, the process focuses on the main muscles of the body such as thighs, buttocks, calf muscles and abdominal muscles. For instance, when you are pedaling, you use your calf and thigh muscles while when you maintain the right position on the bike, your abdominal muscles are exercised.
  •     Want to enjoy the company of others: if you are a fitness lover who doesn’t want to keep everything for himself, but you would rather share with others, then the spin bike is the right tool for you. Besides exposing you to great mental and physical benefits and experiences, the bike exposes you to a group of other fitness lovers. Here, you can share your experiences and challenges and get the opportunity to encourage and learn from one another.

spin bike2This kind of environment ensures that you have a pillar of support to lean on just in case you were contemplating to quit. By looking at those who are ahead of you, you get the morale to keep going. Likewise, it is very easy to remain focused when you discover that there is someone who is below you and they admire your level of achievement. Having someone looking up to you, will always keep you going even in the face of challenges.

  •     Want to attain mental stamina: if you are looking to engage in workouts that are not just going to sharpen you physically, then the spin bike is the best you. As you exert your mind to go through the uphill and downhill trends of the bike, you develop the right attitude towards life. This is because you exert mental strength and stamina before you can take on the uphill and downhill workouts. This kind of training becomes sufficient “capital” that can be invested in other areas of life so that you can be ready to face the ups and downs of life with the right attitude.
  •     Want to increase their energy levels: if you want to increase your energy levels, you need to get a spin bike as a tool of achieving this noble goal. This is because studies have shown that spinning is able to boost the energy levels of those who participate in it by up to 20%. In addition, the studies found out that those who spin on these bikes had a 65% drop in their levels of fatigue owing to the releasing of dopamine in the brain.
  •     Want to reduce their stress levels: the spin bike provides you an avenue to reduce your stress levels because it offers a greater level of intensity than other exercise bikes. In addition, since these spinning exercises are done in a social setting, they provide the participants the opportunity to interact with others, thus lowering the amount of stress that you may be facing. Another reason why spinning classes are a good opportunity to relieve stress is that they are punctuated by soothing music, which is universally known to be a natural form of stress reduction.
  •     Want to train around the year: if you don’t want to be distracted in your workouts due to bad weather such as winter, then you definitely need a spin bike.
  •     Want lower levels of injury risk: if you are in need of a training tool that offers a very minimal level of injury risk, then you need to go for a spinning bike. The only caution that you need to take is to ensure that you undergo some little stretching before you start your workouts so that you don’t suffer from muscles pull.
  •     Want adjustable tempo: with a spin bike, you are bound to enjoy the benefits of adjustable tempos as you train because it is fitted with adjustable tensions. This gives you the freedom to do the adjustment according to your ability and your fitness objectives.

Who should not use a spin bike?

After taking a comprehensive coverage of who should use this bike, it is also necessary to look at who should not use it. This is because even though it is a good bike, it is not good and meant for everyone. That is why the list below shows us the kind of people who should be exempted from its use:

  •     Beginners: this bike is a wrong choice for a beginner. The reason here is that it offers high intensity workouts and it will be challenging for a starter to begin at the top. This means that a beginner needs to use other types of training bikes before they can advance to a spin bike.
  •     Those suffering from body and knee pains: if you are suffering from any kind of body or joint pain, you need to use another kind of exercise bike until you recover.
  •     Those who are physically unfit: the last group of people who are not eligible to use a spin bike is those who are physically unfit. They will be required to use a normal exercise bike until after they have recovered and have been declared fit by their doctors to use this bike.Click here to see some spin bike reviews.


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