What is a Fixed Gear Bike and Why to Use it?



What is a Fixed Gear Bike

In recent times, the fixed gear bike has become popular among many elegant cyclists due to its simplicity in comparison with the standard multi-geared bike.  So what is a fixed gear bike? Fixed gear bike is simply that – fixed! Better known as a fixed wheel bicycle, it’s actually a bicycle not having the capability to coast. The sprocket is attached directly on to the hub and there is no free wheel device. That means it’s not possible to coast on a fixed gear bike. Your feet are usually pedaling. As laborious as these sounds, it does ensure that you have more efficiency when pedaling. Most fixed gear bikes only have one gear proportion. This indicates there are no extra gears to move to.

Though most bikes of any type are made from aluminum, steel, or graphite, these bikes remain lighter because of the lack of gear and other components. At the same time, these bikes are also far better to troubleshoot and find replacement accessories when needed. A fixed gear bike normally runs on single speed that means this type of bike sports a single gear. But it is possible for fixed gear bikes to have multiple gears and enable changes in speed while in motion. A large number of fixed gear bikes have already been made with this feature but rarely do we see one since multiple gears is probably not fit with the simplicity concept that fixed gear bikes are renowned for.

Why to Use Fixed Gear Bike?

The fixed gear bike is constantly gain popularity among the bicycle community. Fixed gear bikes generally come in affordable prices as compared to other types of bikes and are easier to maintain with less parts than their bicycle competitors. The riders of this bike prefer it for many other several reasons. Listed below are a few benefits of fixed gear bikes and the reasons why you should use these particular bikes.

Less Weight                                                                                                                    pg-blackbraid-fixed-gear-bicycle-2

Riding a fixed gear bike is quite different from riding an ordinary bike. One of the benefits of this kind of bike is its low weight. Free of derailleurs, shifters, cables and all sorts of extra chain rings minimizes the overall weight of the bike. The drive train is more effective than its geared version since there are less kinetic parts to get in the way. The user is capable of transfer more power to the drive train than a geared bike also.

Ideal for Exercise

If you prefer doing exercise, riding a fixed-gear bike can certainly help to boost your cardio as an alternative for running or brisk walking. The fixed gear is ideal for exercise because you can’t coast and when you decide to go up hills you really need to work. Riding a fixed gear bike is a great way to work on your pedaling approach. When you go downhill you will be moving very fast and if you don’t have an effective approach you’ll be bouncing all over.

Affordable Price

Another significant reason to get a fixed-gear bike is its price range. You can find one comparably affordable price, according to the brand and where it is made. If you select an online store, be prepared to pay for shipping charges and other possible costs. Anyhow, it is possible to deal with an online store that offers great deals or possible online promotions and sale.

Easy to Repair and Maintenance                                                          1

Lots of people use this, because it doesn’t need a lot of kinetic parts and maintenance. If you are planning to use this, you don’t need to worry too much about repair and maintenance.

If you have been seeking yourself a bike, a fixed gear may just be the suitable ride for you. For the inexperienced and non-professional riders, this bike is right to test ride, as long as you use it on concrete and flat roads in your area. Using fixed gear bikes could be fun, particularly if you live in a busy area. One benefit of this bike is that you can go to different places no matter the traffic. Just make sure that you know how to use it appropriately, so that you won’t face any problems and accidental injuries. Now you know what a fixed gear bike is and if you want one  you can find some reviews here.

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