What is a cruiser bike and why to use it?



What is a cruiser bike? A cruiser bike, sometimes known as the beach cruiser bike is a bicycle meant  for casual riding, especially on beaches and their surrounding environment. These bikes are similar to hybrid bicycles and they are mostly used for recreational purposes rather than sporting purposes. Cruiser bikes are famous casual riding bikes which possess the following unique features:

  • Extra wide tires
  • Upright handlebar
  • Simple design
  • Large and comfortable seats
  • Coaster brake – backpedaling can stop the bike

Although their rides are enjoyed on smooth and leveled surfaces, cruiser bikes perform well in various environments. They are available in different models, sizes, and colors. Therefore, every family member can acquire one of his or her own choices. Some cruiser bikes are designed specifically for use by men/women, but others are unisex. If you a bike enthusiast, you need to have a cruiser bicycle in your home.

So, why use a Cruiser bike?

If cycling is one of your hobbies, you should have at least one cruiser bike. This bike offers ultimate biking experience due to its innovative features. This is the ideal bike for casual cycling, especially on the beaches. If you are yet to buy your bicycle, below are some reasons why you should consider a cruiser bike as your favorite.


The parts used to make cruiser bikes are machined from light and strong materials such as steel, aluminum, cast plastic, alloys, and rubber. These materials are renowned for their ability to resist corrosion and wear. Therefore, cruiser bikes offer longer services without deteriorating in terms of performance and their gorgeous looks.

Easy customization

Every bike enthusiast has his or her own preference regarding the type of bike that offers ultimate riding experience. Many bikes are assembled before they are sold to the customers. However, cruise bikes can be designed as per your needs. There are various accessories that can make your bike unique and different from others on the beach.  All accessories are available in different styles, colors, and sizes. For instance, you can select a specific frame size for  your kids. Other options which can be varied include frame color, rider height, decals, frame type, handle bar type, frame forks color, fenders and handle grip color. It all depends on your personal preferences and taste. You can also decide to have a shopping basket fixed on your bike in which you can carry your stuff during your rides or as you do your shopping.

Comfortable Rides for every cyclist

Some bikes we ride can’t make our trips fun. If you happen to choose such bikes, they will overturn your cycling to a timid and painful experience. However, that is not the case when it comes to cruiser bikes. These bikes offer optimal cycling experience and ensure that you have comfortable rides all through. The position of the seat and the handlebar matters a lot while pedaling. Cruiser bikes are designed with this matter in mind and their seats and handlebars can be adjusted to a suitable riding height for easy pedaling. The seats are large and comfy thus, you feel relaxed every time you are on the ride.  Furthermore, some cruiser bikes come with gender-specific seats, although some women find men’s seats more comfortable and vice versa. In case you are baffled which seat to select, you may seek assistance from established riders or sellers to make an intelligent choice. Make sure that you select a sweet seat.

These bikes are easy to control due to their upright seating positions and broad tires. This keeps you on track as you ride along narrow pathways. Since cruiser bikes are of high quality, they are not prone to failure during your adventure and require little maintenance. Since you will not have to perform unnecessary repairs during your outings, your rides are not only adventurous but also pleasing.

Classy looks

Beach cruiser bikes attract many cyclists due to their stylish  looks. A proven track of ultimate performance clearly indicates that the looks are not meant to convince customers but to improve their riding experience. Their sexy and curved frames surpass  the plane frames used to make most  ordinary bicycle brands in the market. Customization has been the heart of styling up cruiser bikes. Customized cruiser bikes have unparalleled qualities. You can easily distinguish them from other bikes. Artwork and neat paint jobs are the common means of decorating cruiser bikes.

Some decorations that add value to the appearance of cruiser bikes include fine paintings such as scrollwork, elegant lettering, flowers, and vines. Some cruisers have charming lines with velvety pastels, candy, metal flake or pearl paint. All these features make cruisers’ facade fantastic. In case you find some decorations not fascinating enough, you can present your ideas and creativity to artists who will transform them into your expected style. There are various accessories that can be used to modify your cruiser bike. Seats and basket liners are available in different designs and colors.  Choose cruiser bikes for unique rides on the beach!

Cruiser bikes are available in different types

The decision on which cruiser bike to buy is based on various factors. Some of them include; the purpose of riding, where riding takes place, the cost of the bike and personal  preferences.  Below are the types of beach cruisers from which you can select your cruiser ride.

  • Single-speed cruiser

The single-speed cruiser is a simple model of cruiser bikes which has no gears. This bike features the traditional coaster brakes, unlike many modern bikes which use hand brakes. The coaster brake is an exclusive braking system that stops a bike on backward pedaling. With this type of brake system, no cables are required as it is in hand brakes. The absence of gears and cables gives single-speed cruisers clean vintage looks. Due to their simplicity in design, they are easy to maintain and less prone to failure compared to multi-speed cruiser bikes. These bikes perform better on flat grounds such as beaches and gentle hills. This is the fantastic model for short rides.

  • Multi-speed Cruiser bikes

As the name suggests, these bikes offer an array of speeds.  Multi-speed cruiser bikes consist of various gears which aid in varying the speed while cycling. There are the 3 speed and 7 speed versions. These bikes offer optimal riding experience even on hilly terrain and longer rides. The speed shifters fixed on the handlebars are used to alter gears according to power requirements. For instance, when riding up hills  you use the lower gears because they are more powerful. The higher gears are used on flat surfaces or down hills. The multi-speed cruiser bikes use hand brakes, a brake system that stops the bike smoothly and efficiently.  For extra comfort, these bikes are fixed with widened handlebars, extra-wide tires, and spring loaded seats.

  • Cruiser bikes with steel or aluminum frames

Cruiser bikes are also classified on the basis of the material used to make their frames. In this case, we have aluminum and steel cruisers. Many people prefer aluminum frames due to their light weight and resistance to rusting. However, steel frames are cheaper and still durable. Both the frames are of high quality, but if you have some extra bucks, it’s advisable you purchase the aluminum frame cruiser bikes since they are more durable compared to the steel frame cruisers. Take your time and make an intelligent choice.

Cruiser bikes make your life better

Generally, cycling is a very important practice in our lives. It meets the call for physical activities. That’s why riding a cruiser bike has a significant value to your life. So, let’s see how a cruiser bike can make a difference in your lives.

  • Improving your health

Riding a cruiser bike is a form of exercise. It can help those who are on weight loss plans achieve their goals. If you are determined on staying physically fit, consider having one or a few cruiser bike rides in a week.

  • Cycling for fun

If you have plenty of spare time, why shouldn’t you have fun? Many people are riding cruiser bikes for pleasure. They are doing it with families, relatives, and friends on the beaches or roads. Don’t be left out, take your cruiser bike, join them, and feel the excitement!


  • Straightening your spine!

Cruiser bikes promote upright biking, which helps to improve posture. With improved posture, the back and shoulders are relaxed.

  • Riding a cruiser bike as a stress outlet

While happiness is not a permanent state, we should avoid situations depress it. Stress is one of those situations to evade. It can be caused by anger, overworking or other personal problems. A single cruiser bike ride can help you chuck out all your stress. Riding will help you relax and forget many burning issues, as you enjoy the rides or chat with friends. Try it, it really works!

Now that you are aware of the importance of a cruiser bike , the next step is to purchase one. Consider the following cruiser bicycle buying tips before making your decision on which bike you should buy.

1. Bike Size

For comfortable rides, you should select the right bike size. The principal size is that of the frame since the heights of the seats and handlebars is adjustable. Although some frames are unisex, others are designed specifically for men or women. Cruiser bikes are also sized as per their wheel diameters. The four basic diameters include 26″ for tall teenagers and adults, 24″, 20″, and 16″ according to the riders height. However, there are those with 29″ diameter rims for taller cyclists.

Point to note: Every model has a standard frame size. This means that cruiser bikes of similar design and make, have the same frame size.

2. Frame

It’s important to consider the material used to make the bike’s frame. Cruiser bike frames are made of steel, aluminum or metal alloys. Steel frames are strong, but require more maintenance since they are more prone to rusting. The aluminum frames are more preferred due to their light weight and durability when compared to the steel versions. However, steel frames are cheaper. Metal alloy frames are durable and resistant to adverse weather, but more expensive.

3. Seat

Cruiser bikes can be purchased from local stores or online stores.  The advantage of the local stores is that you can test your bike for bike saddle specifications. Before making any online order, make sure that you confirm the accuracy of the bike saddle specifications. Your cruiser bike should have a wide seat cushioned with ample spring action, in order to withstand the heavy weight induced by the rider’s upright seating position.

4. Rear and Front Fenders

You should decide whether you need the fenders or not, depending on the purpose of your cruiser bike. Since fenders can be disbanded from the bike, it’s wise that you buy a cruiser bike with pre-installed fenders and remove them if they are not necessary. Most of these bikes come with pre-installed fenders, as they are important in protecting the rider from dust, water, and sand. Therefore, have fenders included to avoid future additional costs.

5. Gearing and Brakes

As it was said earlier, we have single-speed cruiser bikes which have no gears and multi-speed cruiser bikes with speed shifters. The single-speed bikes operate with the coaster brakes instead of hand brakes. These cruiser bikes are appropriate for slow and short rides on flat paths. On the other hand, multi-speed cruiser bikes are more powerful and have gears for varying speeds. They move up and down hills and they can perform in various environments.

6. Cost

The price tags vary on the basis of design and make. So you need to have some additional bucks if you prefer a personalized bike. The simpler the bike, the lower the price tag. Before your final decision, consider your pocket and expectations. Confirm that your cruiser bike is equipped with the basic features.

With all this in mind, you can go ahead and purchase your cruiser bike and enjoy the benefits. Now you know what a cruiser bike is and if you want one you can find some reviews here.

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