Vilano Shadow Road Bike Review of 2018

vilano shadov nova slika

Vilano Shadow Road  Bike is not just your ordinary bike as it has many useful functions. The bike is not just perfect for road purposes but also for acts as an available transport whenever you need its services. This bike is the bike of choice for those who understand just how great a role road bike plays in keeping fit and healthy. The Vilano Shadow Road Bike  is perfect for athletes and also for health fanatics. While many might be a bit taken aback by the low, fairly affordable cost for this product the quality is of a high standard that will not only meet but surpass all expectations.
The Vilano Shadow Road Bike is among the list of your regular all rounder bikes that are great for exercising, explorations, commuting and for athletic pursuits. The set up is fairly easy and there are no extravagant tools needed in order to get it assembled. Even for first time bikers or for beginners, the bike is easy to handle and be a great starter bike. There are a number of reasons why this bike has been able to maintain its popularity. It is reliable, lightweight, and great for commuting.
Why own a Vilano Shadow Road Bike
The Vilano Shadow Road Bike has a number of extensive uses and has continually been recognized as a preferred choice of many athletic advances. Here are a number of notable features of the Vilano Shadow Road Bike;
Speed and Reliability; whilst the Vilano Shadow Road Bike has a different design from  bikes which normally places plenty of focus on how aerodynamics is integrated in the overall design, this bike does hold its own when it comes to aerodynamics, speed and reliability. For a beginner’s bike, it comes with 14-speed and can be easily upgraded when you have gained sufficient experience. Whether you need it for just regular commute or for exploring your surroundings, the speed and reliability of this bike will be sufficient for those purposes.
Fitness and Exercise; bike riding is one of the easiest and most rewarding forms of exercise. What makes it great is that it is one form of exercise that is not overbearing. This is because there is no boredom involved as you can easily enjoy the sceneries around you; explore different places all while burning away calories. Bike riding is the favorite for those people who do not want a boring hum drum exercise routine.
Great for Sprint Triathlons Training and races; if you really want to keep ahead of the game, the Vilano Shadow Road Bike is a great investment. The wheels are made in such a way that it sits easily on the road and can help with maneuvering the city streets effortlessly.
Easy to set up; like so many other bikes, the Vilano Shadow Road Bike does not need complicated tools in order to have it set up. The most important tool that will help you with the set up process is a wrench. The package comes with all the parts needed to get your bike ready for the road or for training sessions. Even with little experience the whole set up process should go by in a breeze.
There are a number of factors that contribute to the Vilano Shadow Road Bike being such a reliable machine.
– Lightweight 6061 double butt aluminum rams that comes with an integrated headset.
– Free platform pedals. This is included on every bike.
– Shimano STI Integrated Brake Lever. This feature makes braking and shifting much easier than on similar bike because the system is easily accessible.
– 14 speed so that you can switch easily between any conceivable situations.
– A wheelset comprising of 700 c double walled CNC machine side.

Vilano Shadow Road Bike Ideal Characteristics
What are the Characteristics that Makes the Vilano Shadow Road Bike; the steel aluminum frame that makes up this bike makes it lightweight and easy to handle.
Drive Train; this road bike has 14 speeds and is a suitable beginners bike. Over time as you get used to using it or even to biking in general you can upgrade to more speeds. The Shimano STI shifters allows for a very precise shifting and braking system all placed together in a single convenient unit. This shows just how compact the drive train really is and in fact the overall design being compact. The carefully designed wheels fits well into the overall design and provides adequate strength and vilano shadowperformance abilities.
Various Sizes; the Vilano Shadow Road Bike comes in three different sizes giving a range of options for the avid rider or for a beginner. The smallest size is 50cm, the next size is 54cm and the large size is 58cm. the bike weighs a little less than 23 pounds making it a contender in the lightweight category. The aluminum frame is the factor that contributes to the overall light weight of the bike.
Vibrations; the design of the bike is intended for reducing the effects of the vibrations. This enhanced feature allows the bike’s essential parts to last much longer. The vibrations are not completely erased with this design but the effects are significantly diminished. The bike in general is more enhanced and has a fairer advantage regarding its longevity. The large wheels that the bike comes equipped with is sturdy and make the stress of bumpy roads less uncomfortable and stressful. These characteristics make for a more comfortable ride even amid the less than favorable design of the seating.
Quick Assembly; you do not have to be a professional to assemble the parts that come in the shipment because some of the parts comes already partially assembled. This makes the process easier and much quicker. Though the tools needed for the assembly is not included, it is fairly easy to get these tools. You might consider consulting with a professional so that the breaking system can be done perfectly for added safety.
Affordability; the bike is one of the most affordable on the market. If you are looking for an affordable bike that still has all the necessary perks that is needed for great performance and reliability. The Vilano Shadow Road Bike costs significantly less than bikes of a similar makeup and is great for those who wants to buy a bike on a budget.
Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the makeup of the Vilano Shadow Road Bike will provide a more detailed guide on how to decide for or against buying this bike. While it might seem like a great buy, considering the pitfalls is important before deciding on your choice.
If you are athletic and want to keep up to speed or ahead of the game, the Vilano Shadow Road Bike is definitely the best choice.
– A strong sturdy frame that is built to last long, hold up your weight very well and is reliable for the purpose that it was built to serve.
– Have multiple purposes. The Vilano Shadow Road Bike was built for use in the athletic field but that does not eliminate the fact that it is still great for other uses that might not have to come to mind initially. Not only is it a great buy to keep up with your competitors, it is also a great buy for those who just need a bike to travel around.
– That adds to the reliability of the subject.
– The vilano shadow road bike prides itself on affordability. It is one of the most low priced entry level bikes on the market but the price does not determine how comfortable and reliable this bike is.
– Great set of wheels. Reliable wheels are important to the function of your bike and this one comes with a reliable set of wheels. This makes for easy movement.
– Easy assembly. There is no hassle in order to get
– Lightweight; the vilano shadow road bike is pretty lightweight so that it is easy to lift when necessary.
– Integrated shifters makes it an easy option for triathlons

– The seating is not of such a high standard. Comfortable seating is important for any kind of transport especially for bikes. The seating on this bike does not provide a comfortable rest. It was lacking in enough padding.
– The handle bar wrapping comes apart easily which indicates that the wrapping wasn’t done properly or perhaps the quality material was poor.
– The derailleur gears get worn easily which causes the gear to continuously slip. The result is uncomfortable and awkward.

Product Ideas
vilano shadov nova slikaWhile the Vilano Shadow Road Bike is great for using as a beginner if you are interested in using it as an athlete during training or even races, it also has other uses. The Vilano Shadow Road Bike on a whole gives riders an easy option for exercising and for commuting. This show bike is being lauded as a great entry level road bike and is fairly reliable for use during practices for triathlons etc. As an exercise machine, or for exploring your surroundings, it will hold up well on regular terrain, keeping all the relevant parts intact. What is great is that for so many people the Vilano Shadow Road Bike presents itself as a viable option for the purpose of commuting. Whether you have a job that requires quick dashes across the city or you might just need an easy option to get to work on time even during the high traffic areas at whatever time of day, feel free to recognize the convenience of having a Vilano Shadow Road Bike.
With the Vilano Shadow Road Bike there is no need to be worried about the long lines of traffic that most commuters have to suffer through. There is no reason to reach your destination on time and what is even more beneficial is that you will be able to save a great deal. With a reliable bike, you will have no need for commuting via cab rides or trains giving you ample time to save on what you would have otherwise spend on fare, insurance or other related charges that comes with other means of transport.

There are a number of professions that a bike of this kind will adequately sustain. The Vilano Shadow Road Bike is a helpful, reliable bike for bearers or any other professionals whose job requires them to have a reliable transport to beat the heavy traffic and long wait that many have to endure when using motor vehicles.
What You Might not like about the Vilano Shadow Road Bike
One of the most annoying things about the Vilano Shadow Road Bike is the fact that the seating is so uncomfortable. A number of bike owners have complained about the discomfort of having a seat that is not padded for comfortable rides. The seating has little or no padding and is not the best seat to sit on especially for long rides or for covering bumpy terrains. This is a problem that can easily be corrected with a replacement seat . Replacement seating for this bike can be done easily and you get to make the bike as comfortable as you would want it.
The cheap pedals that arrive with the bike is not really of any high standards and might get worn easily. These easily worn pedals might lead to the bike being uncomfortable but an easy solution can rectify this problem. This is another easy fix as you can simply replace the bike pedals with more advanced designs that are guaranteed to last longer, and are more reliable .Click here  to check out this bike.


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