Vilano Ridge 2.0 26 inch Mountain Bike Review of 2018

26 inch mountain bikeFinding the right bike for your everyday needs as well as that can double up as an off road machine can be a daunting task. It is a cyclist’s dream to find a machine that works for commuter purposes and for the trails. Vilano has made that possible with the Ridge 2.0 26 inch Mountain Bike.

With its sleek design and modern look this bike has a lot to offer in terms of features and the benefits as this review will reveal. As an entry level bike, any cyclist, pro or beginner will find it easy to use and the assembly process is easy too. The double butted aluminum alloy frame is light as well as sturdy and includes a front suspension with lock out capabilities. For stoppage power, the Vilano Ridge 2.0 comes with powerful mechanical disk brakes.

The magazine alloy wheels are not just for show, but an impressive system that provide the grip and ease in maneuverability. When it comes to the speed, a cyclist can enjoy 21 speeds thanks to the 7 speed shifter. The cost of this bike is something to write home about. In a start the price is pretty low and with discounts in some quarters, it is definitely a bargain.Manufacturers at Vilano have out dine themselves with this one and as we shall see from the review below it is worth the investment.

There is a lot this bike has to offer apart from the few mentioned above. There are numerous other features and specs and the benefits to be enjoyed. This review aims to identify them and give you a picture of what to expect. The areas to be discussed include: the features and specs of Vilano Ridge 2.0 26” Mountain Bike, the benefits of Vilano Ridge 2.0 26” Mountain Bike, the pros and advantages of Vilano Ridge 2.0 26” Mountain Bike, the cons of Vilano Ridge 2.0 26” Mountain Bike, the missing link to Vilano Ridge 2.0 26” Mountain Bike and the final thoughts on Vilano Ridge 2.0 26” Mountain Bike.

Features and specs of Vilano Ridge 2.0. 26 inch Mountain Bike

Features make up a product, more so when it comes to bike. The Vilano Ridge 2.0 does not disappoint in this area. This tool is rich in terms of features and specs which makes the experience something to always look forward to whether you do it as a hobby or it’s an everyday occurrence.Let’s look at what features to expect from this bike on the first section of the review.

  • This bike features a 6061 aluminum alloy frame that constitutes aluminum as well as part silicon and part magnesium. It is also double butted and is 26”.
  • It also comes with a front suspension fork with lockout capabilities. The lockout capabilities that help conserve energy when pedaling on smooth surfaces.
  • It features 26” mag alloy wheels which are lighter than most wheels on the market.
  • The brake system includes powerful mechanical disk brakes with a built-in lever.
  • It comes with a Shimano EF-51 Easyfire 7 speed shifter coupled with a front, Shimano Tourney TZ50 derailleur and a rear Shimano TZ30 derailleur.
  • It features 21 speeds
  • The bike comes with a 42/34/24 Prowheel crank system.
  • It also features a KMC c50 bike chain
  • It a features an MTB saddle with an alloy seat post.
  • The overall weight of the bike is 41lbs which is approximately 18kgs
  • Its dimensions are 53*29.9*8 inches
  • It is fixed wheel

Benefits of the Vilano Ridge 2.0. 26 inch Mountain Bike

It would not make any sense to get a product that has no benefits for you. The Vilano Ridge 2.0. 26” Mountain Bike is not just a bike with impressive features. These features provide the experience of a life time and benefits that will keep you coming for more. Vilano is known to put the customer first not just in quality but in what the customer can get in the end. That’s what human nature dictates after all. This next section analyses the benefits a cyclist can look forward to.

  • Affordable: The Vilano Ridge 2.0 is a quality product that can be purchased at an affordable price. Most mountain bikes with such quality parts come at a higher price.At the price tag that is set pretty low , this is a bargain worth thinking about.
  • Multipurpose: This bike is not just cheap, but useful in a number of ways. For a commuter, it can serve the purpose and those who love a thriling experience it is the bike to go to. With the lockout suspension feature you can enjoy both the road and off road trip.
  • Easy to assemble: It is easy to assemble the Vilano Ridge 2.0. 26” Mountain Bike. Though there are some tuning required for some of the parts of the bike it can be easily done even from home. Just follow the instructions to the latter.
  • Unisex: Another benefit of choosing the Vilano Ridge 2.0 is that it is unisex and can be used by anyone irrespective of the gender.
  • Great look:The Vilano Ridge 2.0 has a very sleek design that gives the cyclist an urban and cool look in whatever environment.
  • Easy to use: It is a very easy option to use. As an entry level bike, any person can ride this bike even those who consider themselves novices in the cycling world.
  • Easy to carry: It is easy to carry this bike since it is considerably lighter than most mountain bikes available in the market today. The frame is made from an aluminum alloy and the frame magnesium alloy both of which are relatively light.
  • Safety: The mechanical disk brake provides enough stopping  power for those times you need it the most. The frame is sturdy enough and the tires have enough grip to keep you on the road even on those slippery days.
  • Provides a low budget workout: Cycling with the Vilano Ridge 2.0. 26” Mountain Bike provides workout daily without having to visit a gym. You can easily work on your cardio with little effort.
  • Durable: The frame is made out of a durable material; aluminum. The aluminum alloy, which includes part silicon and magnesium, is not just a light option but a strong and durable one too.

26 inch mountain bikePros of Vilano Ridge 2.0 26 inch Mountain Bike

Apart from the benefits, the Vilano Ridge 2.0 comes with a number of pros and advantages as well. The features it is endowed with are enough to offer a myriad of pros to enjoy. This next section analyses some of them.

  • Light bike: The aluminum alloy for the frame and mag alloy for the wheels are very light an in turn the bike is light. This makes it easy for the cyclist to maneuver without the extra weight that most mountain bikes come with.
  • Lockout suspension: The front suspension comes with the lockout option that is especially useful when switching from a rough terrain to the road. It conserves a lot of energy by turning off the shock absorbing.
  • Powerful brakes: Another advantage to the Vilano Ridge 2.0 is the mechanical disk brakes which are usually common with the priced  mountain bikes. This type of brake offers optimum braking power even when in an urban, traffic jammed environment.
  • Quality parts: One other benefit with this bike is the amount of quality parts that Vilano has invested in it. From the Shimano shifters and derailleur to the KMC chain. With the price tag it is value for money.
  • Great speeds: You can enjoy 21 speeds with this bike. With the crank system and the 7 speed shifter, the ride is more than enjoyable, it is fast and easy to shift from one gear to the next.
  • Impressive chain system: The chain system of the Vilano Ridge 2.0 constitutes of quality components such as the Prowheel crank system and KMC chain. The work together as give the cyclist a flawless and smooth experience.
  • Comfortable design: This bike is designed for comfort. The MTB saddle is comfortable and the handle position gives the user space to get into the experience without straining the back. The alloyed handles also offer a good grip.
  • Cost Effective: Vilano Ridge 2.0 is a cost effective bike. For a very little money you can purchase not just a mountain bike, but one with quality and performance written all over it.

Cons of Vilano Ridge 2.0 26 inch Mountain Bike

So far we have seen that the Vilano Ridge 2.0 has a lot to offer and the benefits and pros come by the numbers. In other words, it is a perfect option for those who love mountain bikes, right? Not exactly. It will be a lie to perpetuate that this is a perfect machine with no drawbacks. Just like all manufactured products there must something that is off and this bike is a testimony to that.

You should also note that these flaws are not unique to the Vilano Ridge 2.0. In fact, most bikes come with a number of these cons and some. This information is to help you make the right decision before you make a purchase. Listed below are some of the drawbacks you can expect.

  • Assembly required: The Vilano Ridge 2.0 is shipped and delivered without assembly. Though it comes with instructions, you have to spend some time to get it right, especially the parts that may need to be fine tuned.
  • Can handle extreme terrains: Though this is a great mountain bike with quality components, it is not the best for extremely rough terrains.
  • Fixed wheel: Vilano Ridge 2.0 is fixed wheel which means there is no way you can peddle backwards. Peddling backwards will lock the peddling system.
  • Low quality pedals: Much of the bike constitutes of quality components, but the pedals are less than standard. It would be advisable to have them replaced as soon as the bike is delivered.
  • No lighting: This bike lacks lighting, which is an important factor for night travel. Though it can be bought and fixed after purchase it would be better if it came with the bike.
  • Lacks fenders: Mountain bikes are synonymous with mud and splashes. Without fenders it is a messy affair. Vilano Ridge 2.0 conspicuously lacks fenders which protect from both situations.
  • No rack: The Vilano Ridge 2.0 has no rack. It is not the best choice to go to the library or school with or if you have some luggage.

26 inch mountain bikeMissing links to Vilano Ridge 2.0 26 inch Mountain Bike

Unfortunately, the fleas do not end with the cons. There are other flaws know as the missing links. These are drawbacks that downgrade the performance of the bike but can be easily enhanced to reverse the effects.

As stated before, this is for pre-purchase purposes only. To show you what to expect not to dissuade you from purchasing. These flaws can be fixed with little to no investment. Some of them include:

  • Hard saddle. If you are on the bike for long, then you will feel some numbness. The saddle is not cushioned enough and can cause some numbness in the long run. You can buy a better seat or place some secondary bike seat cushions.
  • There might be some squeaking noise coming from the bike when riding. This is usually due to the tuning process not being done as it should be. If you are doubtful of your ability to assemble and tune, take it to a professional to have the work done.

Final thoughts on Vilano Ridge 2.0. 26 inch Mountain Bike

There you go, a complete review on the Vilano Ridge 2.0. It is an affordable option for mountain bike lovers and a great option for those who love cycling when it comes to commuting. The quality components are a deal sealer and the styling is the icing on the cake. Whether you want to have fun with your friends on an off road trail or simply looking for a way to get from one point to another, the Vilano Ridge 2.0 mountain bike is one of your best bets. So go on and give it a try. Click here to check out this bike.