Travel Trac Fluid Trainer Review of 2018

travel trac fluid trainerFor those who are looking to bolster their indoor training sessions, the Travel Trac Fluid Trainer offers them an exciting choice that blends affordability and quality. The machine is fitted with progressive resistance that allows you to enjoy greater resistance as you ride harder and faster. In addition, the machine offers you a quieter training moment compared to most of its counterparts within its entry level category.

The trainer also allows you an easy time when setting it up since it comes fully assembled. The only thing you need to do is to reposition the resistance, and there you go. Regarding the diversity of users, this machine is designed to accommodate different riders ranging from rookies to veterans, all the way to recreational users. The trainer also lets you enjoy the automatic pressure adjustment to the rear tire.

The light and small nature of this machine makes it a true travel partner. This is because the machine is easy to fold so that you can easily store and carry it. The remaining sections of this review are dedicated to the thorough exploration of the features, benefits, pros, cons, and missing links of this machine. Keep on reading this review to learn more.

Features of Travel Trac Fluid Trainer

The Travel Trac Fluid Trainer has an array of features that enable it to function so that it can give you real value for your hard-earned cash. Moreover, the superior functionality that these features facilitate is instrumental in giving you an enhanced user experience that you will always look up to. This section of the review seeks to share with you some of these features and how you can make the best use of them to enrich your indoor training sessions.

  •    An external flywheel:The machine is fitted with an external flywheel that allows you to enjoy a smooth and efficient riding action.
  •    A fluid resistance unit: This trainer has a kind of resistance that is designed to help you to enjoy progressive resistance that leads to a smooth and quiet riding experience that mimics the one you get when riding on the road.
  •    A wide and stable base: This feature in the trainer assists you to get a solid performance when you are engaged in intensive workouts.
  •    A skewer: The machine is fitted with a skewer that slots into the frame directly so as to give you a secure grip while you go on with your training.
  •    An aluminum roller: The machine also boasts of a course aluminum roller. This feature allows the trainer to have a tight grip on the tire, hence enabling you to experience better traction and resistance.
  •    An axle capture system: The unit also features an axle capture system that can twist smoothly. In addition, it has a lock nut that keeps it tight as you carry on with your training moments.
  •    A sturdy and foldable frame: The machine’s firm frame helps in enhancing the durability of the trainer. In addition, the construction of the fluid trainer helps in ensuring that the machine remains stable as you train. The ability to fold that frame makes it convenient to store and transport the indoor trainer.
  •    Ease of assembly: The machine is assembled before parking, hence it saves you the hassles of having to assemble it again. All you need to do is to place the resistance unit in its right position.
  •    A rear quick release skewer: The Travel Trac Fluid Trainer also comes with a rear quick release skewer that enables the bike to fit and hold properly.

travel trac fluid trainerBenefits of Travel Trac Fluid Trainer

The benefits that come with this trainer form the bulk of why you need to invest your money in buying it as opposed to another trainer. This section of our review will share with you some of the benefits that make this machine stand out of the crowd. Keep on reading below to learn more about this machine.

  •    An affordable option: The first benefit you enjoy before you even begin using the trainer is the reasonable price at which the indoor trainer retails. The unit is among the few trainers that you will find retailing at very low price.
  •    Quiet use: The second benefit you will enjoy with the machine is the degree of quietness you will experience while using it. Unlike many of the other entry level machine within this same price range, this machine offers you a quieter usage that does not interfere with the peace of your family or neighbors while you go in with your training sessions.
  •    Easy to change the bikes: Another advantage of this machine is that its mounting system is designed to enable you to change bikes in an easy and efficient manner.
  •    Ease of storage and transportation: The indoor trainer comes with a frame that is easy to fold. This ease of folding makes it easy to store and transport. Consequently, it is an ideal choice for users who may be experiencing storage challenges in their homes.
  •    A smoother and efficient pedaling: The bike trainer is fitted with an external flywheel that enables you to enjoy a smooth and efficient pedaling experience.
  •    Easy assembly: The machine comes assembled, and you no longer need to waste your time and energy trying to assemble it. All you’ve got to do is to fit the resistance to its proper place.
  •    A stable and durable frame: Another benefit of this bike trainer is that it comes with a strong frame. This strength of construction contributes to the durability of the trainer, and hence it gives you a long-term value for your cash.
  •    It can accommodate various bike wheel sizes: The bike trainer is constructed to accommodate and work well with different sizes of bike wheels. It can fit wheel sizes such as 24”, 26”, and 27” respectively.
  •    A near-outdoor experience: The bike trainer gives you a riding experience that mimics the one you get while training on the road. The reason is that it is quiet and progressive in its nature since it allows you to pedal faster and harder hence creating more resistance.
  •    It is light and small: The machine is smaller and lighter compared to many other models. The lightness and smallness of the machine let you carry and store it easily.
  •    It accommodates different bikes: The machine is designed to work with most of the road and mountain bikes we have on the market.
  •    Ideal for various riders: Another advantage of this trainer is that it is suitable for use by different types of users. You can use it comfortably irrespective of whether you are a recreational user, a rookie, or a light user.
  •    A secure skewer: The machine also has a rear quick release skewer that ensures you enjoy a proper bike fitting while you train.

Pros of Travel Trac Fluid Trainer

The pros of Travel Trac Fluid Trainer are numerous. This section of our review will explore some of them in detail.

  •    An affordable machine: The first pro of this machine is that it is very affordable, but without compromising the quality of the trainer. You can get it at a rate that digs deep below the recommended retail price.
  •    Easy to transport and store: The trainer has a frame that is easy to fold. The ability to fold the frame easily makes it easy to transport and store. That is why it is an ideal selection for users who have limited storage space.
  •    A smooth and efficient pedaling action: The Travel Trac Fluid Bike Trainer has an external flywheel that lets you enjoy a smooth and efficient pedaling action.
  •    Ease of setup: Unlike many other indoor trainers, this model comes fully assembled and ready for use. You just need to fix the resistance and begin enjoying the benefits.
  •    A sturdy and long lasting frame: This bike trainer is fitted with a strong frame. The strength of this construction makes it last longer and allows you to enjoy a greater value for your cash for the long-term.
  •    Suitable for different wheel sizes: The bike trainer is designed with the ability and flexibility to accommodate different sizes of bike wheels.
  •    A near-outdoor experience: With this machine, you are assured of getting a training experience that feels like that one on the road. The bike trainer enables you to ride harder and faster so as to generate the desired level of resistance.
  •    It is a lighter and smaller tool: The trainer is small in size and also light. The small and light nature of the machine makes it easy for you to transport the bike trainer wherever you go.
  •    A rear quick release skewer: The indoor trainer is constructed with a rear quick release skewer that allows you to experience a firm bicycle fitting during your training sessions.
  •    It is suitable for various bicycles: Another pro of this trainer is that it can suit different types of road and mountain bicycles.
  •    Suitable for all types of users: This bike trainer is designed to accommodate various types of users. It is ideal for use by heavy, light, recreational, veteran, and even inexperienced riders.
  •    It is not noisy: Another pro of this bike is that it allows you to enjoy quiet training moments. The ability to use the machine without disruptive noises makes it easy for you to go on with your training sessions without the fear of disturbing the serenity of your neighbors and dear family members.
  •    Ease of changing bicycles: The bike is fitted with a strong and stable mounting system that allows you to change bikes in an easy and efficient way

travel trac fluid trainerCons of Travel Trac Fluid Trainer

Even though this machine has many benefits and advantages, it also has its own share of shortcomings. In this section, I am going to share with you some of the weaknesses of this machine.

  •    It has a limited resistance level compared to other high quality bike trainers.
  •    The higher tire volume ability the trainer has may clash with front crossbar.
  •    The bike trainer is fitted with hard plastic feet. This type of feet can slide on smooth surfaces unless you are extra cautious.
  •    The kind of frame this indoor cycle trainer has can lead to fatigue.
  •    Some of the trainer’s components are made of plastic, and they may need you to replace them over time due to their short service life.
  •    When you are training on the machine, you can feel the vibrations of the flywheel throughout the bike, making the hands numb.

The Missing Links of Travel Trac Fluid Trainer

This part of the review will tackle some of the missing links of the indoor bike trainer. It is also going to provide you with some of the simple home-bred solutions you can find for these missing links. Listed below are some of them.

  •    Plastic feet: The bike trainer is fitted with hard plastic feet, and they can slide if you are using them on smooth surfaces. But you can get over this challenge by being extra cautious while training on smooth surfaces. Alternatively, you can use a rough carpet on the training floor to curb the possibility of sliding. Lastly, you can get a dedicated training floor that is not smooth enough to make you slide.
  • Plastic components: The plastic components seem to be of low quality. However, you can replace them over time, so as to bring the trainer to the level you would like to have.

Our Final Take on Travel Trac Fluid Trainer

The Travel Trac Fluid Trainer is one of the best entry level trainers that provide different types of users access to an affordable and a quality training machine. It comes with excellent features that allow you to enjoy real value for your money. It also has a few shortcomings, but compared to the many benefits it has, they are not enough to dethrone it from its place as a decent and a quality low-end trainer. That is why we strongly recommend it for anyone who would like to get a good and qualitative machine without spending too much money on it. Click here to check out this bike trainer.

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