Tommaso Imola Compact Aluminum Road Bike Review of 2018

tommaso-imola-1The Tommaso Imola Compact Aluminum Road Bike is one of the favorite entry level bikes that you can find on the market today selling at an very affordable price. The bicycle offers great value for money due to the abundance of the superb features that the manufacturer generously loaded into this machine.

The machine comes with a decent and generous warranty of one year that is intended to cushion your purchase so that you can have a fall-back to which you can resort if the bike fails to satisfy you fully. With this super light but strong machine, you can now experience the benefit of upgraded handlebars that are easy to adjust and give you a more comfortable ride that suits your needs and height. The top sections of the handlebars are also constructed in a flat manner so as to reduce wrist strain and offer you improved overall touch.

Other than the durability and compactness that the bike offer users, you can also enjoy immense speeding power due to the 24 speeds it comes with. With all these speeds, you can enjoy perfect and swift performance that enables you to cruise through all types of terrains in the city and the countryside. But when you have such a level of speed, you need a stable braking system so that you can control the bike better especially in the face of emergency situations. That is why the machine has stable Shimano Claris brakes that help you to take care of your safety and that of other road users.

The frame of the machine is designed to give you a clear balance between lightness and compactness that combine to give you durability and long-term value for your money. Additionally, structure of the bicycle is blended with the excellence of in-house design that utilizes the latest advances in shaped tubing. The frame also uses a compact geometry that offers enhanced power transfer and allows you to meet your commuting and touring needs effectively. The wheels of the bike are also designed with the intention of giving you a perfect blend of speed and lightness.

The aim of this review is to give you a comprehensive understanding of the facts related to this bicycle so that you can make a buying decision that is based on complete information. The remaining sections of this review will give you a thorough understanding of the features, benefits and advantages, pros, cons, missing links, and our final take on this bicycle. Keep on reading this post to the end to learn more about this road bike.

The Salient Features of Tommaso Imola Compact Aluminum Road Bike

This road bike comes fitted with many features that enable you to have an enjoyable user experience. This section is devoted to the covering of the some of the features of this machine are expounded further in the paragraphs below.

  •    A light and durable frame: The bike is constructed with a  light and compact aluminum frame that  is combined with an SST steel frame so as to create a perfect balance between lightness and durability
  •    A perfect frame geometry: This feature allows you to enjoy a balanced coordination of all the various parts of the machine
  • Excellent Shimano Claris Shifters, Derailleurs, and Cassette:  These features are intended to give you accurate and smooth shifts that allow you to change gears and brake without having to move your hands hence you enjoy enhanced user safety at every level of speed you are riding
  •    Excellent and adjustable handlebars: The bike comes with adjustable handlebars that allow you to enjoy greater levels of comfort as you ride
  •    Assembly: The bike requires professional assembling
  •    Shimano Claris Dual-Pivot Brake Calipers: These calipers are designed to enhance your safety as you cycle
  •    Multiple frame sizes: The machine comes in five different frame sizes from which you can choose
  •    A convenient and affordable starting from: The bike is fitted with a 6061 frame that is an alloy of aluminum and magnesium. This combination is cheaper compared to the 7005 aluminum cast that includes zinc. This feature makes it an excellent starting point for entry level buyers
  •    A smoother ride: The bike comes with a 6061 blend of aluminum that is softer, and it can absorb all the shocks that arise from irregular road surfaces
  •    A corrosion-resistant frame: The bike also has an aluminum frame that possesses anticorrosion capabilities
  •    Shimano DriveTrain components: The machine also features advanced Shimano DriveTrain components that you will not find on most of the other cheaper bikes. It has a ProwheelSolid 330 52/42/30T
  •    A triple chain ring: It is fitted with a triple chain ring that helps you to enjoy different levels of speed
  •    Tires: It is equipped with Kenda tires 700x23c, with a JY/XR-18 Weinmann Wheelset
  •    Ergonomic handling: The bike is designed in such an ergonomic manner that you enjoy comfort in every mile you ride. It has Aluminum Ergo handlebars that are fitted with a 22mm Velo Cork Tape that offers you excellent cushion so that you can enjoy better grip
  •    Fork: The machine has an aluminum fork with Steel Steer tube intended to give you enhanced performance. The fork is also instrumental in absorbing most of the vibrations on the road, hence giving you a smoother riding experience

tommaso-imola-2The Benefits and Advantages of Tommaso Imola Compact Aluminum Road Bike

The bike has many benefits and advantages that give you value for money. This section of our review seeks to shed light on these pros and advantages.

  •    A good place to start: The first benefit of this bike is the friendly price at which it comes. The bicycle is among the very few brands and models that you can get at a very low price without all the usual issues of mediocrity that accompanies most of the bikes in the same price range
  •    A better frame: The frame of the bike is excellently crafted to accommodate different dimensions of quality. For example, it is light and durable at the same time. Additionally, it is strong enough to deal with the all the possible road challenges that you can face on the road
  •    An excellent design: The bike is designed in an ergonomic manner that allows you to access all the important components such as brakes with ease
  •    Greater safety levels: The machine is fitted with excellent Shimano Claris that allow you to brake the bike easily so that you can experience greater levels of safety on the road
  •    Better comfort: The machine comes with handlebars that are easy to adjust so that it can fit every user height and give them a greater level of comfort
  •    Different sizes to choose from: Another advantage of this bike is that you can get it in five different sizes
  •    Greater speed: The bike is equipped with 24 speeds that enable you to scale down all types of hilly road surfaces with ease
  •    A greater value for your money: The bike does not just enable you to enjoy a great bargain, but long-term value for your money as well. The machine comes with a 365-day warranty that gives you a secure fall-back that cushions you in case you have a reason to claim a refund for your money
  •    A corrosion-free frame: The bike’s frame is not just light and  strong; it is also resistant to corrosion, and this capability enables the structure to last longer
  •    Professional assembly: The bike requires professional assembling. This need for expert setup means you will get better assembly compared to when you would have done it yourself as a layman. For users who were not born with a mechanical “wiring,” they get a sigh of relief from the hassles of spanners and grease because expert does the job for them

The Pros of Tommaso Imola Compact Aluminum Road Bike

Tommaso Imola road bike has many advantages, and this section deals with some of the pros that make this bike to rock its fans.

  •    A great design: The machine is crafted ergonomically so that you can access all the key components such as brakes
  •    Higher speeds: The bike offers you a  wide range of  24 speeds that enable you to easily commute across steep terrains
  •    A corrosion-resistant frame: The bike’s fitted with a corrosion-resistant frame that helps to make it more durable
  •    Expert setup: The bicycle needs professional assembling, and this means you will get better assembling that will save you the hassles of riding a poorly assembled machine. Additionally, a professionally assembled machine will save you possible accidents arising from loose components that can come off in the process of cycling
  •    An affordable beginning: The bike comes at an affordable price.  However, it is free from the mediocrity that usually bedevils most entry level bikes.
  •    A sturdy frame: The frame of the bike is sturdily designed to balance various aspects of excellence and convenience. For instance, the structure balances between durability and lightness
  •    A great value for your money: The bike allows you to enjoy long-term value for your hard-earned cash through the availability of a one-year warranty that gives you a lifeline to hold on to in the face of dissatisfaction
  •    Various sizes: Another significant design and structural pro of this bike is its availability in five different sizes
  •    Higher safety levels: The bike is crafted with excellent Shimano  Claris calipers that enable you to control it better through a stable braking gear, and in the process, you keep yourself and other road users safe
  •    Greater comfort: The bike has handlebars that are easy to adjust allowing users of different heights to comfortably enjoy their cycling experiences

The Cons of Tommaso Imola Compact Aluminum Road Bike

After taking a look at the many benefits, features, and pros of this bike, we need to look at some of its weaknesses. This section examines them in detail in the remaining paragraphs.

  •    No pedals included in the package: The bike does not come with pedals hence you need to buy them separately
  •    No assembling instructions: This lack of a setup manual means you will either need extensive bike assembling experience or you look for a professional to do the assembling for you
  •    You can’t test ride the bike: It is not possible to test ride the bicycle because the shifting derailleur needs to be adjusted. Additionally, the bike needs to be professionally assembled before you can ride it

tommaso-imola-3The Missing Links of Tommaso Imola Compact Aluminum Road Bike

This section is devoted to some of the missing links in the bike, and how best you can resolve them so that you can continue enjoying the machine. The main missing links in the bike are two, and they are discussed further in the following paragraphs.

  •    Professional assembly is required: The first missing link of this bike is that it needs to be assembled by a bike expert. That is why it does not come with setup instructions because the manufacturer does not expect you to assemble it yourself. This requirement means that if you are not a technical person with prior assembling experience, you must get a friend or family member to help you  assemble it or take it to a bike shop for assembling
  •    No pedals included: The second shortcoming of this bike is that it does not come with pedals. However, you can get over this challenge by buying them separately before you begin enjoying it

Our Final Take on Tommaso Imola Compact Aluminum Road Bike

Tommaso Imola Compact Aluminum Road Bike is an excellent machine that is best suited for those entry level customers who want to get a decent bicycle but don’t want to spend too much money  on it. The machine is designed to give you value for your money and enable you to prepare for the next level of cycling due to the excellent performance it offers. It may have a few weaknesses, but at the end of the day, it is a great machine. Additionally, its advantages greatly outweigh its pros, and that is why we strongly recommend it. Click here to check out this bike.


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