Thule bike rack review of 2017


B0036ODPAO.02.lgThule 9002 Raceway 3 Bike Rear Mounted Bike Rack


Businessmen and other companies worldwide create various kinds of products that are meant to answer to the different needs of every individual. For instance, motor vehicle manufacturers cater to people who need a means of transportation that will bring them from one place to another. They offer specific features the vary depending on the preferences and budget of their clients. Since there is a great demand for this kind of product, more and more car manufacturers continuously make different designs in various sizes that offer superior quality and the best comfort possible. If we take into consideration everything that these people offer, we can observe that these are meant to ultimately make our daily lives more convenient.


One of the most exciting and popular sports today is cycling. As a matter of fact, there are an increasing number of individuals who are very interested in actually doing this sport not only to have fun but also use this as a way to have a better health and a good physique. Today, this sport is known as one of the events in triathlon and is currently enjoyed by more families and friends as it plays like a bonding activity for them. If you are one of those people who plan to make this a weekly exercise, it is recommended that you purchase the right bike and accessory that will make it easier for you.th9002_v3_1000


Aside from purchasing your bike, helmet, cycling suit and other important gears, it is a must that you purchase your very own bike rack. There are several companies who offer this kind of product. However, the most popular and saleable item today is the Thule 9002 Raceway 3 Bike Rear Mounted Bike Rack. This specific item offers a lot of features that made it on top of every persons list. First and most importantly, the rack can carry up to three bikes (even children’s bike), perfect for any family or group of friends. Any user is ensured of maximum security because of the two-way locking system it offers. First is by the help of its Sure-Tight ratcheting cables that comes with locks that keeps the entire rack in place. Second is through that integrated cable lock that can extend from the bike arms to its frame to keep it away from thefts. To refrain the bikes from moving and bumping into each other, the Thule 9002 Raceway houses anti-sway cages as well as molded rubber pads to prevent your vehicle from having scratches. Any user will find it easy to install this bike rack to regardless of the type of vehicle they are using with the help of its Patented Fitdial that guarantees a perfect fit. It can easily be adjusted through its over sized knobs attached at the sides.RA256M05


One of the main concerns of potential users is if they need to uninstall the product every after using it so that they will not have any problems when parking especially in small spaces. To answer this problem, the Thule 9002 Raceway bike arm can be easily folded in a vertical manner (against the body of the carrier) for easy storage and a more convenient way of driving or parking.


As mentioned above, the bike rack has a capacity of 3 bikes with tire dimensions of 3”. It can also fit bikes that have disc brakes. When one purchases this product, they are also provided all the warranty information and an owner’s manual.  The main advantage of using this product is that you can always be assured of superior quality because its manufacturer Thule is one of the leading companies when it comes to this product line. I don’t know if you can really consider the limited lifetime warranty as a disadvantage because upon transfer of ownership to a second person, the warranty is already forfeited. Nevertheless, all the features it offers are very outstanding. They took into consideration the different possible concerns of every user by looking at it in their perspective and worked through it to better improve the product.

We have heard of hundreds of people who purchase this product who were very satisfied with its performance and continuously patronize the other products from this company. Click here for more details about Thule 9002 Raceway  bike rack.

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