The History of Bicycles


downloadA bicycle is a pedal-driven, human-powered vehicle, having two wheels linked with a frame, one behind the other. It is also called a bike or cycle. Aside from common two-wheeled bicycles, also, there are other types of cycles. Whatever kind it is, a cycle is really essential vehicle option in the whole world. Particularly in certain parts of China and in Netherland, bicycles are used as a first mode of transportation.

History of Bicycles

The bicycle is one of the world’s most significant inventions and has a very interesting and exciting history with some truly surprising aspects. The two-wheeled vehicle, which can be considered the earliest ancestor of the bicycle, has a history that dates back to the ‘antiquity. It seems that the Chinese utilizes two-wheeled carts even in 9500 BC and the Sumerians over 8000 years ago in Egypt has vanished around 4000 BC. They discovered sketches attributed to Leonardo da Vinci or more likely one of his students, about 1490, illustrating a vehicle equipped with two wheels and that looks like a bicycle.

Later, while Europe is overwhelmed by the French Revolution, the Earl of Sivrac designs and manufactures a machine that elementary baptize velocifero, or celerifere. According to legend, the celerifere would consist of a wooden horse, which would have fixed two wheels. He rode in the saddle, and with the push of the feet on the ground he put on his celerifere running and this in a straight line, since it was devoid of steering system. For a long time it was believed that the celerifere was the primitive ancestor of the bicycle, However, research undertaken in 70 years have shown that the celerifere, as it had always been described, it was probably never existed.

In 1861, the brothers Pierre and Ernest Michaux, of Paris, have created a pedaling system “rotary”, the origin of the current concept. You are set two cranks and pedals to the front wheel hub. By turning the pedals of the bicycle front wheel is put in motion. In the 1870s, an Englishman named James Starley has improved the concept of velocipede. He inserted a big wheel at the front, which allowed reaching the greatest speed. The first bicycle provided with a transmission system of the force of pedaling to “chain”, the pedal towards the rear wheel has been created by HJ Lawson in 1879.

From 1975 to 1980 in California some technicians invented a new type of bicycle, the “mountain bike” (MTB). It is the beginning of a new sport, and new technical innovations that will benefit all cyclists. With the arrival of the “mountain bike”, we are witnessing a new renewal of popularity for the bike. At the beginning of the 80s, the industry recorded a significant growth in sales. The electric bikes, the new resources made ​​available by the technology that allow you to adjust the effort during the use of the same, whether it’s sports or simple movements.
The pedal assistance can be inserted at will allowing adjustment effort with all consequential benefits.


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