Takara Sugiyama fixie bike review of 2018

takara sugiyamaFor any bike enthusiast there are a number of factors that one considers before making any form of investment. Price and performance usually tops the list. The Takara Sugiyama offers not just the looks, but some of the best features a bike can have and yes, it is one of the most affordable bikes considering its performance.

The Sugiyama is made up of steel frames, which in reality should make it bulky and heavy. However, the bike is light and making is easy to maneuver, especially in rugged terrain. Plus, the fact that it is light steel doesn’t hurt at all because it is a sure sign of durability. The flat bar design, apart from giving you comfort in terms of posture, gives the bike an appeal as you ride around town or just exploring the countryside in the process of keeping fit. Everyone wants to look good as they cruise around on their bikes.

Fixie bikes always give the rider a sense of comfort and control and that is no different with the Takara Sugiyama bike. Fixed gears coupled with the tire size, given at 700*32, gives the rider more control, especially when the terrain is bumpy and rocky. If you are more of a freewheel type of person then fear not, for this bike can go free wheel as well. The simplicity in the look also trickles down to the assembly or rather the setup. The ease in which one can assemble the bike makes it almost fool-proof…almost.

Fitness being a key issue for both men and women, the Takara Sugiyama bike favors both genders. With the different colors and the flip-flop hub that allows the switch from fixed gear to freewheel any rider can feel comfortable taking a ride on this machine. Read on and get to know the benefits of the Takara Sugiyama bike, pros, cons and some of the products missing links as we sum up this review.

Best features of the Takara Sugiyama flat bar fixie bike

The light weight Takara Sugiyama bike has a lot to offer in terms of features. The user experience can be attributed to these features in which Takara took careful considerations to not only give the rider a comfortable ride,  but also to make it easy to use as well as look good while you are in the process. Below are some of the features that make this a “to-die-for”bike.

  • This bike’s frame is made from handcrafted steel which makes it durable as well as light and comfortable to ride. Because of the steel the frame of the bike is strong and it can withstand different terrains.
  • The flip-flop hub included in the bike offers the rider the option to go free wheel of fixed wheel depending on the preference of the user or on the terrain on which the bike is on.
  • Non-inclusion of the derailleur is to offer flexibility to the rider. Instead the rider has the option to use the flip-flop hub.
  • Wide tires estimated at 700*32 meant to improve the riding experience of the rider as they can withstand different riding grounds. The alloy fitted on the wheels makes it strong and together with the tracked wheel the ride is meant to be smooth and stable.
  • It also comes with a flat bar style on the handles which makes it comfortable for the rider as they do not have to lean forward while they are riding.
  • Alloy side pull brakes, which are on both the front and rear end are the best in case the rider need to come to a sudden stop when on top speed which the bike is well known for.
  • The bike is fitted with reflectors on the pedals and the tires which come in handy while you are riding at night.
  • There are two different sizes of the bike; the 54cm and 59cm small and large respectively.
  • Comes in a color combination of black and blue, which makes it an attractive item.

Befits of the Takara Sugiyama flat bar fixie bike

There are so many benefits associated with the Takara Sugiyama bike. Every person wants to enjoy to the fullest the product in which they have invested and this bike leaves nothing to chance. Discussed below are just some of the benefits that a cyclist will merit from this bike.

  • Great functionality: When it comes to functionality, Takara went all out with this bike. Hand brakes on both tires of the bike help the rider to stop in case of emergency. This is especially helpful when in a race or a high traffic situation. It’s light weight makes it easy for the rider to maneuver around objects and a sense gives them control on their moves. The wide tires with traction helps in controlling the bike in rugged terrain.
  •  Assembly simplicity: The bike is easy to assemble as long as you follow the instruction manual that comes with the bike. The assembling process takes utmost an hour.
  • Ease in riding: With the tires being wide and fitted with traction, this bike assures the users of a smooth ride even with rough roads.
  • Comfortable grips: Designed with a flat bar structure, the Takara bike gives the rider a more upright posture which is much more comfortable. The handle gives the ride a comfortable and firm grip to make riding much easier.
  • Best for different terrains: With the 700*32 cc tire there is no limitation to the terrain you choose for your cycling adventures. The tire is wide enough to offer enough stability while you make your way through the changing road networks.
  • Affordability is the key: This bike is one of the best options as far as pricing is concerned. The Takara Sugiyama is a great example of quality meets affordability as it can go for a very low price, hence saving your hard earned money.
  • Gender sensitive: With the difference in size it becomes much easier for the different genders to make a choice. The design as well as the color also makes appealing to both sexes.

Takara SugiyamaThe pros of Takara Sugiyama flat bar fixie bike

The Takara Sugiyama bike comes with a lot of pros that make the bike irresistible to any cyclist, no matter what intentions you have with the bike. The review below focuses on just that.

  • Easy setup: The first pro is the setup. Setting up this bike from the box is no rocket science as it can be easily assembled just by following a few simple instructions. No need to hire a professional to do the work.
  • Cheaper than most: Unlike most bikes of its quality and functionality, the Takara Sugiyama is cheaper. Look no further if you are looking for cheap quality.
  • Flexible: Another benefit to this bike is the ability to deal with different terrains without affecting the bike. Since it’s  fitted with large tires it helps in handling the different terrains.
  • Safety: There is nothing more important than safety as ride your bike. With this bike you will be able to feel safe with the alloy side pull brakes the steel frame and the reflectors on both the pedals and tires.
  • Rider friendly: The flip flop feature on the Takara Sugiyama bike is one of the most rider friendly feature on the bike as it allows a choice between fixed gear and freewheel depending on the preference of the user.
  • Enhanced comfort: Riding with comfort is one of the pros that comes with Takara bike. From the great grip on the handles to the flat bar structure which helps in posture management.
  • Aesthetics: The combination of blue and black on the bike gives it an attractive look that most buyers look for when in the market for a new bike.

The cons of Takara Sugiyama flat bar fixie bike

So far it has been positive reviews on the Takara Sugiyama bike, that is; the features, benefits and pros.  Despite all that glam, there is a down side of the bike. Like most bikes from different makes there are problems. The review below entails all the cons that the Takara Sugiyama flat bar fixie bike has.

  • Tire size: This is usually a pro but the problem with larger tires comes in when you are cycling at high speed. Too much effort will have to be applied to keep up. This is because wider tires tend to slow you down on rough terrain.
  • Weak tire tubes: The Takara Sugiyama bike is known to have weak tires, which tear easily. This situation is compounded when the bike goes on trips to the rougher terrains.
  • Sudden braking: The brakes can be tricky in that you have to slow the paddling in tandem with the pace you brake. If you have no knowledge of this, you may end up braking too fast leading to “over-the-bike” crash. If you have no confidence on how to use the brakes, slow the bike down by peddling slower.
  • Posture reduces speed: While the posture is best for comfort it can be an impediment for those who prefer high speeds. The high speed cycling requires the rider to lean forward and this can be a problem with the Takara Sugiyama.
  • Inadequate sizes: The sizes available in the market are only suitable for the athletic and professional riders. In case of a rider with a smaller body type of 5”5’ and below the sizes available are too large.

takara sugiyamaThe missing links of Takara Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixie Bike

Despite all the good features of this the bike there is still room for improvement. As discussed above, there are a number of great benefits and advantages that are derived from the bike. However, some of the same features can work against the general productivity of the bike. That is not to say the bike is not good enough to invest in but there will be a need to make some minor twerks for you to enjoy to the maximum the features offered by the bike. Reviewed below are some of the missing links of the Takara Sugiyama bike and some of the home made solutions you can apply.

  • The tires can be a bit problematic for a rugged terrain. The tires can give in if it does not have enough traction. In such cases it is advisable to change the tires when you want to venture out onto a pothole filled road or on mountain rides.
  • The handle bars may have a great grip, but they tend to be hard once you ride the bike for a long time. This can be fixed by purchasing extra handles that offer extra comfort.

The final take on the Takara Sugiyama flat bar fixie bike

The Takara Sugiyama flat bar fixie bike is a favorable bike, especially for those who are urban riders. The most notable feature is the flip-flop hub, which is a favorite for those who ride in heavy traffic. What makes the deal even better is the quality coming at a lower price anyone can afford. Don’t worry about compromise on the quality as it still remains the same. To top it all off you ride in comfort with a feeling of control thanks to the flat bar design and the absence of Derailleurs.

Safety is assured with the Takara Sugiyama bike. The brakes on both the rear and front tires work very well and are effective, especially in instance you need to make a sudden stop. The steel frame keeps you stable and assures the durability of the bike. However, there are a number of short comings ranging from the lagging speed, to the weak tires. Fortunately, these are not enough shortcomings to take away from the power and beauty that comes with this bike. There is no major reason not to make an investment on this bike. Does not matter whether you are a fitness freak or just an enthusiastic cyclist you will not be disappointed with the Takara Sugiyama Flat bar fixie bike. Click here to check out this fixie bike.