Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike Review of 2018

takara kabuto 2The Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike is one of the most favorable options for commuters who are seeking a quick, affordable way around the city. The bike offers an option to either cruise around for just a relaxing ride or to  off on a biking adventure and even to cruise through the heavy traffic in the city. This single speed bike gives the freedom to escape the delays and unnecessary costs that is associated with a motorcar or taking the bus or train.

The Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike is beautifully designed with an overall green and blue paint job. The handles are also intricately done so that you end up with a stylish design that looks sleek and stylish. The bike has a flip flop hub that allows you to interchange between using it as a fixed gear bike or to run it in a standard freewheel single speed mode. The frame is had crafted and is built to withstand pressure both by the user and that comes with roads that are in less than favorable conditions.

Why Own a Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike

Owning a Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike gives users an easy transportation option for days when they cannot handle the delay that comes with waiting in long lines of traffic or the cost associated with commuter trains buses or even taking a cab. Here are a number of reasons why buying a Takara can be such a great investment.

Easy option for commuting; there is no need to worry about the long lines of traffic or the disappointment of getting to work late. Using the Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike makes maneuvering through traffic easy. There is no fare to worry about nor is there a need to think about the cost of gas prices or enduring hours of exhaust fumes while waiting to get your day going while being stuck in traffic. This bike presents an easy and affordable option for getting to and from your destination on time and in a comfortable mode. The bike has a number of features including

–       Welded steel frame and fork that is sturdy and long lasting adding to the bikes performance and longevity.

–       Alloy side pulling brakes that are functional and reliable. The braking system on the Takara Single speed bike provides reliability when you need to stop. Performing such an important function means that bike owners will need to trust the reliability of the Takara brakes. Though some customers attest to the brake being too soft, once adjusted this problem can be easily corrected.

–       Steel Kickstand and seats built with sturdiness in mind. Travelling is no issue when you are travelling via a bike that has been designed with comfort and durability in mind. The seat is sturdy and will hold up your weight pretty well. The kickstand is also smartly designed to hold the weight of the bike when you need to just make a quick pause.


Easy to Install/Setup; The bike comes with all the necessary devices needed for its assembly. Even for someone who is a beginner, the set up process is fairly simple and can be done if the instructions are followed as they have been specified. Users won’t need to worry about getting confused during the setup process as the process is very straightforward. There are no complicated tools needed in order to fir everything together and get it up and running. The tools needed for the setup of the bike is a handy wrench which will help you to keep all your screws tight and in place. Once all the relevant parts had been safely brought to your doorsteps upon your order being delivered, you can follow the simple assembly instructions and begin riding and enjoying your new bike.

Affordable; The affordability of owning a Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike goes beyond just the actual cost of purchasing the product. While the product is in and of itself of a low cost, you will save long after you have bought it and have completed your assembly. You get the chance to save money that would have otherwise been spent on bus fare, gas bills or for taking the bus or train. Owning your bike means that the only money that you spend is what it costs to make the initial purchase.

Durable; Anyone who own one of these bikes will tell you how reliable and long lasting they are. If takara kabuto bikeyou are thinking about owning a bike
the Takara single speed is without a doubt a great investment. For the price at which you are getting it, it is guaranteed to outlast other similar make bikes of a different brand. Many users have been outright resentful of the fact that the bike is so heavy when comparing it to other road bikes. The weight might be a turn off but it is actually one of the contributing factors to why the Takara is such a durable and reliable product. The design incorporates a number of steel parts that are all welded together, making it seem heavier than you might have liked. It is this weight that allows the bike to have such a sturdy frame and make it such a reliable option for wielding in and out of the busy city streets. The steel frames will not be likely to wear and tear any time soon.

Smooth Ride with a High Speed Option; The Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike provides a comfortable ride as you ride through to your destination. With seating that is comfortable and functional, you will have a great riding experience. The flip flop hub design provides an added feature that most users will appreciate. It is quite a change for users who might have previously had an experience with fixed gear bikes. The steel frames can be much more added weight than is desired but it does not in any away impede the overall performance of the Takara Single Speed road bike. The performance of the bike can be tweaked once you make certain adjustments.

The design of the Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike is a bit different from regular bikes, including sizes and the overall comfort of the ride that is offered by such a machine. There are many ways in which the Takara bike can be used to make your life much easier than you imagined. Whether you are using it for your regular day to day commuting to work or school or if you have invested it in your business, you will definitely benefit from owning one.

–       If you are a student you can commute to school easily without having to worry about traffic or cost of taking a cab or bus to and from campus. You can save the cost of transportation after you have invested in a Takara bike leaving you with more money to spend on other things you might not have been able to afford.

–       Using the Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike makes delivery a breeze especially if you are working in a busy area. Having a quick and reliable delivery option for small packages is helped greatly by this bike that is designed with speed reliability and durability in mind. No need to worry about having any lengthy delays or having to wait in heavy traffic lines.

–       Great for going on an outdoor adventure. Exploring the outdoors is great especially when you have a bike that is reliable. You can cruise along paths that allow you to explore nature. Not only does the Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road bike allows you the freedom to have a relaxing experience but it is also a great step up from walking along paths that you might not have explored so extensively on foot.

There are a number of Pitfalls that might dissuade potential users from investing in this bike but once they have been understood, they can be easily resolved. Some issues that a user might encounter include;

Weak Braking System

The breaking system might not seem to hold well but this does not mean that they are in any way inferior. Maybe, all they need is a little adjusting. We all understand the importance of having reliable breaks as if they should fall short in any way, it can lead to accident or injury. Adjusting the brakes a bit to ensure they are nice and tight will boost up the safety of your bike.

Low Grade Tires

Tires are one of the most important parts of your bike. It is after all where the entire body of the frame rests on. The part more likely to wear and tear easily and the part where most of the weight is directly rest on. The tires on this bike model are not as sturdy as they appear and might not be suitable for off road or rough terrain. If you are just simply commuting it might be a favorably reliable option but if you plan of going off and on adventure, different tires on an already suitable bike might be the best option for you. The tires found on the Takara bikes tires are larger than what you normally find on a regular road bike. It does sit on the road well and provides a great riding experience.

Noisy Pedals

Many other customers are reporting that the pedals can be a little noisy and attribute the issue to a faulty crank. While the crank can cause an issue of similar natures, the squeaky pedal can be corrected by just simply tightening them. Sometimes products can be a bit loose when we think that they have been assembled securely. Have your tools handy to double-check all the bolts and screws that you have installed and tighten them just to be sure.

Ease of Mobility

All in all the investment in a Takara bike is definitely a plus. It sure makes a number of things much simpler. One of the biggest challenge of commuting in the city include having to wait a king time to get from one place to the next. Sometimes it might take too long to get a cab/taxi. This bike gives the freedom of being mobile. You won’t need to wait on anything or anyone in order to get things going.

Keep Healthy with Biking

takara kabuto 2The Takara bike allows you to exercise without even realizing that you are actually burning calories while on your way to work or a recreational trip. With a busy schedule and a highly demanding lifestyle, exercise often gets overlooked. Going cycling is one of the most rewarding forms of exercise. You get the opportunity to explore your surroundings while at the same time, staying fit.

Lower Transportation Cost

Transportation expenses can be one of the most expensive items on your monthly budget. The Takara offers an affordable option that allows you to keep on saving. There are a myriad of things that you will no longer need to worry about. Some of these include car maintenance, hefty insurance bills, the large you would normally pay for commuting daily and a host of other related charges that can incur with the other transportation options that are available.

Having a bike with a reputation for being a high performance transport plus reliable, affordable an study provides a great deal of indirect benefits. There is no chance of adding exhaust to an already polluted environment and at the same time, you are also helping to reduce congestion. The world will seem a much easier place to explore when you own a Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike.

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