Sixthreezero Men’s in the Barrel 26-inch Beach Cruiser Bicycle Review of 2018


in the barel3Bikes have been some of the most treasured tools in the lives of men. Just like cars, men love bikes and the biking experience is one of those things that an average man will not love to miss. Whether it is riding for pleasure, or commuting to work or visiting with their buddies, biking remains an essential part of men’s activities. That is why having a bike model that is designed with the male needs and pleasure in mind is a great step forward for any bike manufacturer.

It is with this in mind that Sixthreezero, a renowned giant in the bicycle manufacturing industry, has come up with this awesome male-conscious model that encompasses all the dimensions of simplicity, convenience, style and elegance all wrapped up in this great machine called Sixthreezero Men’s in the Barrel 26-inch Beach Cruiser Bicycle. This model is an ideal companion for those guys who are endowed  and blest with height as well as those who may not be so much “vertically endowed”. These are just a few of the outstanding points of uniqueness that the bike offers, so stay put as we carry on with this review in order to learn more.

Outstanding product features

Sixthreezero Men’s in the Barrel 26-inch Beach Cruiser Bicycle is a rich machine that is designed with awesome benefit-promoting features. As is the nature of all products, it is the salient features of this bike that enable it to have and confer to bikers all the numerous benefits that it has. Below is a comprehensive list of these salient features that will enable you to get your name on the list of its satisfied users.

Greater comfort: it has an upright frame that enables you to ride in an upright manner. Its seat and grips are soft and are inclined towards the biker’s hands.

Higher levels of adjustment: you can lower, raise and even tilt the handlebars and seat in order to accommodate different individual needs.

Wider handlebars: they are 28.5 inches in size and this feature enables your hands to be positioned in a comfortable and a more relaxed position for your back, shoulders and arms as you ride.

Wider speed options: the bike comes in either single or 3-speed options. So if speed matters to you, then this bike also matters to your choice. This gives you greater control over flat and hilly landscapes. The bike can do between 3-22 miles per hour, all depending on the speed option you settle for.

Wider tires: this model comes with 2.125-inch tires that are designed to provide sufficient cushioning, enabling you to enjoy relaxed and easy riding on all manner of surfaces.

A 3-speed Shinamo internal system: this system allows to shift gears easily and quickly without the need for you to move or pedal.

KT Coaster brakes: designed to give you greater control over the cruising of the bike and hence enhance your safety as you ride.

Rubber block pedals: they are designed to add to the comfort of your riding experience.

Steel frame: this gives it the necessary strength that it needs to perform its duties as well as contributing towards it durability.

Steel head set: designed with strength and stability in mind.

A soft and spring saddle: this enables you to enjoy flexibility and comfort as you ride.

26-inch alloy wheels

Stainless steel spokes: designed for strength and durability.

Dual suspension: designed to give you greater comfort as you ride through bumpy surfaces.

Weighs 40 lbs :

Minimal assembly required: it comes 85% already assembled.

Warranty: the bike comes with a 12-month warranty. This gives you a long-term value for your money. You also have a 30-day period to return the bike should you find it necessary.

Forward pedaling: this feature allows you to keep the seat closer to the ground with grater leg extension. This enables you to have a more relaxed riding posture and experience.

Benefits and advantages of Sixthreezero Men’s in the Barrel 26-inch Beach Cruiser Bicyclein the barel4

This bike comes loaded with numerous benefits and advantages. These benefits are functions and results of the unique features that the manufacturer strategically packaged inside the bike. Below is a comprehensive coverage of some of these benefits.

Long-term value for your money: since this bike comes with a 30-day return option plus a 12-month warranty, you don’t have to scratch your head worrying about those obvious “just in case…” issues.

Strength and stability: the bike is made of a strong steel frame and headset. You can rest assured of a machine that will not disappoint you the next day.

Speed matters: the bike gives you the option to choose the level of speed that best suites you. This leaves you with a choice to make between a single and 3-speed model. This in turn means that you can cruise comfortable on flat and uphill terrains.

Greater comfort: its frame is designed in such an upright manner that you can ride more comfortably. Moreover, it comes with a customized soft and padded saddle as well as a dual suspension system so that you are always guaranteed of comfort throughout your ride.

Designed for all surfaces: this bike offers you’re the privilege of comfortable rise upon different surfaces.

Safety measures: the bike has a strong braking system. This goes a long way in contributing to the safety of your riding and other road users because you have a stable and better control of its movements.

A wider spectrum of accommodation: this bike is designed to accommodate riders of different heights. It is easily adjustable to accommodate various height levels.

No assembling hassles: unlike many bikes which require too much assembling, this model comes almost fully assembled. You only need a minimal assembling of around 15% and you are done without having to attain any genius assembling skills.

A life and business buddy that meets needs

All inventions are designed with a basic intention of meeting needs in people’s lives. Sixthreezero Men’s in the Barrel 26-inch Beach Cruiser Bicycle. is one such tool that is designed to offer multiple solutions to real life and business issues. Below is a list of some of them.

A reliable time saver in business: time is a precious and priceless resource in business. With the usual traffic jams of major cities, billions of hours are lost every year due to almost impassible jams. With a great bike on hand like this, you can easily cheat and snake through the endless jams and be able to do your business within town without wasting time. Be it picking or dropping customer orders, you have a mobility advantage over most of the other road users.

Unlimited access: another advantage that this machine has overmotor vehicles is that you can access the deepest recesses of the city and estates. You can comfortably ride up to the door step of your desired destination.

Easier and faster mobility: mobility is one of the primary aims of all transportation machines. Whether you want to meet your buddies or family, you are always guaranteed of arriving at their doorsteps on time.

Relaxation and recreation: besides performing numerous official duties, this great bike is a great tool of relaxation and recreation. Taking time to ride through the suburb streets and stretching yourself in the evening is one of the most beautiful relaxation opportunities that Sixthreezero Men’s in the Barrel 26-inch Beach Cruiser Bicycle offers.

in the barel2Filling the missing links

Well, after a long narrative of benefits upon benefits, it is necessary for us to take a small diversion and mention a few missing links in this bike. However, these missing links are not a vote of no confidence in such a great product like Sixthreezero Men’s in the Barrel 26-inch Beach Cruiser Bicycle. This is because these missing links can be fixed so that you can continue enjoying the numerous benefits of this bike.

The chain cover rattles: this little hassle can be resolved by adjusting the cover in case it is not properly aligned or replacing the cover.

Noisy gear change: this can be addressed by first ensuring that the gear cage is well lubricated or by checking it to ensure that it is in its proper functioning condition.

Remember these missing links were raised by the review of one user only. All the other customer reviews give the bike an impressive average rating of 4.7 stars out of a possible 5.

A machine designed to solve problems

All inventions are intended to solve issues and problems in people’s lives. This bike model is one such machine and below are some of the problems it solves.

Pro health: it is an established fact that biking is one of the most effective forms of holistic exercises. This is because as you cycle, every part of your body is engaged in the process and blood circulation is enhanced. This kind of exercising is a good booster to the overall health of your heart and circulation system. This in turn contributes to the overall health of your body and bear in mind that your health is your greatest wealth.

Pro wealth: since biking is a form of a “mobile gym”, it saves you a lot of time and money that you could have spent in the gym. This also means that good health that has been boosted by biking will spare you unnecessary expenses trying to manage and treat obesity-related complications. Moreover, it is not just the money that is saved; your health is priceless because sickness involves pain and also wastage of time in bed and the worst part of it is that seeking medical attention is not a responsibility that you can delegate!

So what does this mean? You have a two edged sword that defends your wealth and health.

The pros of Sixthreezero Men’s in the Barrel 26-inch Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Below is a list of the pros of this bike:

Long-term value for your money

It is durable

It is a strong and stable bike

It is highly adjustable

It is a comfortable machine to use

Ease of assembling

A wider option of speed

It is suitable for use on different surfaces

It cruises through different geographical terrains

It accommodates riders with different heights

The cons of Sixthreezero Men’s in the Barrel 26-inch Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Below is a list of the cons of this bike:

– A rattling chain cover

– Noisy gear change

Conclusionin the barel1

After taking a long and winding journey through the features, benefits, pros and cons of Sixthreezero Men’s in the Barrel 26-inch Beach Cruiser Bicycle, it is time for us to wind down our review. At this juncture, we have sufficient raw material in hand to make an informed and unbiased conclusion as to whether this is a product worth its salt or not.

Taking a closer look at the superb features of this bike, there is no reasonable ground to doubt its ability to perform as per expectation. Second, the benefits that this bike confers to its users at its level of simplicity are impressive. Third, the bike offers its users a great value for their money since it comes with a 30-day return policy and a 12-month warranty, which is a generous and commendable gesture from the manufacturer. Fourth, the testimonials of users give it an average 4.7 stars out of a possible 5 stars rating .The few critical reviews posted about it are a drop in an ocean of 5 stars ratings which constitute more than 80% of all the ratings. Lastly, the bicycle meets all the basic safety requirements for road usage.

With all the above in focus, it is a worthy and genuine gesture to state that Sixthreezero Men’s in the Barrel 26-inch Beach Cruiser Bicycle is a great men’s bike worth its salt and every dollar a man can invest in it. Click here to check out this bike.

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