Giordano Rapido Single Speed Road Bike Review of 2018

A light starting point


goirdano rapidoJust as driving, we were not born biking or owning bikes, especially for those of us who were not born or raised in countries where bikes are revered and plenty such as Holland or India. However, the market offers very many options that one can choose from as they join the biking club. It is on this basis that Kent, a world-renowned bike manufacturer, has come up with an excellent and affordable solution that will give you a soft landing into the exciting world of biking.This landing pad is the Giordano Rapido Single Speed Road Bike


Salient Features of Giordano Rapido Single Speed Road Bike


This Italian Road Bike comes with some beautiful and admirable features that an average rider and biker will find helpful and convenient. Below is a list of some of these basic features:

–  It is endowed with a durable steel and aluminum  frame;

–  It has a strong steel fork;

–  It comes with  decent and elegant alloy rims;

–  It come fitted with steady black Kenda  tires, 700×32;

–  It has a light but strong frame;

–  Single speed;

–  Its crank is steel with 3 piece 170 mm;

–  Pedals come with an alloy cage and toe clips;

–  It has an alloy seat collar;

–  Has a steel seat post;

–  It is fitted with alloy side pull brakes;

–  It has a flip flop rear hub;

–  Has a steel kick stand; and

–  It weighs 25.5 pounds.

Core Benefits of Giordano Rapido Single Speed Road Bike

At times beauty doesn’t have to be packaged with complexity and pomp.Giordano Rapido Single Speed Road Bike may not have been designed with all the pompous elegance and complexity but its designers packaged it with potential and features sufficient to meet real biking needs in the lives of many people.

Despite the fact that it’s a starter bike that is simple, it is loaded with benefits and advantages that will give every one of its users real value for their money. Below are some of these benefits that make this bike worth its salt:

Pocket-friendly: It comes with a reasonable and friendly price tag ranging between $200-$ 400.This is not to mention that its parts are also readily available and at a reasonable price;

Upgradable: though it is considered a starter bike, the beautiful side of it is that you can elect to upgrade its basic features. You simply need to take off its current components and merge them with new ones in order to upgrade;

Freedom to choose:  due to its flip flop hub, you can choose to ride it as a fixed gear or free wheel single speed mode;

Designed to endure: its strong frame is suited to endure that harsh terrain of inner city roads and alleys. This advantage is a great feature especially  in the developing world where the road network is not fully developed;

Light but very strong: its frame is durable and yet it doesn’t come with the inconveniences of unnecessary weight;

Easy to start off with: you don’t need a whole load of experience to enjoy riding this bike. Its basic features make it an easy-to-use solution for all kinds of users;

Easy to assemble: its parts come in a well organized box. It doesn’t require Solomon’s wisdom for any adult to assemble these parts. It’s as easy as fixing a bulb in your living room;

Stronger tires: it comes with Kenda tires, which are thicker and stronger than many conventional tires and they are built to resist and endure the pressure encountered in imperfect road conditions;

A fast machine: unless you were planning to join a biking competition, this bike is fitted with enough speed to swiftly move you around town;

A customizable machine: since the bike is not a ceiling but a start point, it comes teeming with potential to upgrade most of the parts  to suite your personal preference  in case you feel you  have  “out grown” some of them. This means that you don’t need to discard it simply because some few parts are no longer appealing to your taste.

A beautiful baby inside dirty watergoirdano rapido

 We all are familiar with the saying that goes that: “you don’t throw away the baby with dirty water”. We have looked at the beautiful features and benefits of Giordano Rapido Single Speed Road Bike
Hitherto, it may seem that the bike is a perfect and flaw less solution, but it is not. However, the few short comings it has here and there do not make it a bad product because they can be fixed without having to sweat blood.

–  Handle is not all that tight and you may fall if you are not careful: this problem can be solved by taking safety measures  and precaution by making sure that you tighten the handle’s stem;

–  The tires may get flat quite often (from the inside): you can deal with this hiccup by making sure that you get adhesive stickers for the inside of the rims. All bike shops stock them at very affordable prices and they will last you for a good number of years, close to a whole decade and hence there is no cause for alarm;

–  The braking system is not all that stable. It is therefore advisable that you ensure that the brakes are adjusted properly so as to avoid unnecessary mishaps;

–  The wheel bolts at times come off slowly while riding. This means you have to tighten the wheel bolts properly;

–  Plastic brake lavers. This too can be resolved by simply replacing them with metal ones in case a user feels they don’t like them; and

–  It is fitted with some parts that “smell cheap”. For instance the bike’s saddle is hard and may not offer much comfort if you are travelling for longer distances. However, this is not a major issue because everyone who buys this bike does so with clear knowledge that it is not an end but a good starting point in biking.


Giordano Rapido Single Speed Road Bike- A Solution Designed for Life and Business

 It is a universal law and requirement that every product in the market must address a need and solve real life problems. This also applies to Giordano Rapido Single Speed Road Bike. After going through all its benefits and feautes, it is crystal clear that this bike is a problem solver in many ways, both directly and indirectly.

Below is a highlight of the solutions that Giordano Rapido Single Speed Road Bike brings to daily life and business:

Convenient and faster mobility: as simple as it may sound, the primary solution that this bike offers is convenient and faster mobility. Life is mobile and the need to move from one point to another has always been a human need since time immemorial. Moreover, it has the ability to “cruise” through city alleys and narrow road networks that motor vehicles may not access and hence it offers you mobility up to any kind of door step;

A mobile “health kit”: besides offering convenient and faster mobility, it comes in handy as a tool to facilitate good health practice. Riding is medically proven to be one of the best and most holistic forms of exercise. Since Giordano Rapido Single Speed Road Bike is a basic machine, you will have to use your body energy to ride it. This means that the rate of blood circulation is higher and every part of your body is involved, from head to toe. This translates into a personal and free “mobile gym” hence saving you not just the money and time you would have spent in the gym but also unnecessary health complications(especially  cardio-vascular and obese-related issues) that are associated with the idleness of modern life;

Pretty business errands: it may not sound a big or “smart idea” but the truth is that Giordano Rapido Single Speed Road Bike can be used as a more convenient, cheaper and faster means of doing business. Since most large cities experience heavy vehicle traffic, a bike is an easier tool to help you beat the jams and get to the other side of town faster and more economically since there is no fuel or time being wasted in traffic jams.

These errands could range from paying bills, to dropping or picking customer orders,      or even doing some office shopping. What results out of these uses can be summed up as one cluster benefit called: SAVINGS -in terms of time, energy, effort and money.

The Pros of Giordano Rapido Single Speed Road Bike


giordano rapido1–  It is a product of a renowned and efficient bike manufacturer that has endured and passed the test of time. Though brand name  alone is not a sufficient reason to choose or endorse a product, the legacy and track record of the manufacturer has a valid and significant role to play because every resource is just as good or as bad as its source;

–  Since it is not complicated, the time you spend managing it is minimal compared to other bikes, especially racing or mountain bikes. This translates into having more time on hand to enjoy your bike;

–  Universal flexibility and ease of usage. This is because anyone ,ranging from a biking veteran to a rookie, can comfortably enjoy and manage this bike;

–  General affordability. This may sound too obvious but it is a milestone boon to many bikers who may not afford the higher echelons of bikes;

–  Good speeds that can easily be controlled and managed easily; and

–  An ideal solution and tool for navigating through busy city life;


The Cons of Giordano Rapido Single Speed Road Bike
A few users who are mindful of high-end prestige and elegance do not feel that Giordano Rapido Single Speed Road Bike gives them that “smell of class” that they think they deserve; and

It is also notable that this bike’s handle bars are heavy to a great extent although the average frame of the bike still remains  light due to its aluminum frame;



When all is said and done, we can bring down the curtain on our review of Giordano Rapido Single Speed Road Bike and come up with a logical and objective conclusion in regard to the suitability of this bike. Using a simple product feature criterion below, every user or would-be-user will be able to decide wisely based on concrete facts:

goirdano rapidoProduct safety: Giordano Rapido Single Speed Road Bike passes this crucial and fundamental test of safety. All products must not just serve their intended purpose but should do so in a manner that is safe to their intended  BENEFICIARIES, and it should not leave behind a trail of  victims;

Efficacy: on this matter, the bike scores well because it meets the basic needs of every user who buys it. This is a key pass because a product that cannot perform the functions it was designed to perform is  NOT A PRODUCT in the first place;

Long-term value for money: again on this matter, it passes the test because it is a durable option purchased at an affordable price. This factor is also bolstered by the fact that it is economical  to maintain the bike; and

Affordability: the bike passes this test too. This factor does not just have monetary implications but also logical and moral implications. Every manufacturer who floats his goods in the market expects them to sell. But it is absurd to float products whose target-beneficiaries CAN’T AFFORD to buy them. It is therefore a two-way form of justice for good products to bear a good price tag.   Going for just $ 200- $400 Giordano Rapido Single Speed Road Bike scores high on this crucial matter.

So based on the above criteria, it is fair to pronounce Giordano Rapido Single Speed Road Bike a viable and good bike, its few short comings notwithstanding.Click here to check out this bike.

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