Schwinn Meridian adult tricycle Review of 2018

Schwinn Meridian adult tricycleSchwinn has over 100 years of experience in bike manufacture and you can be sure that when it  comes to quality you won’t be disappointed. In recent years Schwinn has worked toward perfecting their bicycle models, especially in achieving comfort for the different ages that prefer cruising with a bit of exercise. If you are cycling enthusiast with a preference towards tricycles, then you would want to take Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle for a spin. The tricycle makes life easy thanks to the numerous features that make up the trike.

The tricycle comes with upright handlebars that spare your back from unnecessary strain when cruising around. The low aluminum frame makes it easy for anyone to slide and in and ride off. The frame is also lightweight and easy and less strenuous while riding. Thanks to the single speed there is no need to deal with gear changes as you ride. The 26” and 24” trike also comes with hand brakes for the rear rims and pull brakes for the front which reinforces safety.

There are two choices when it comes to the size of the of the wheels of the Schwinn Meridian adult tricycle the 26” and 24”. If you prefer bigger wheels then the 26” wheels are for you otherwise the 24” is also a great option. When it comes to stability Schwinn does it best with the sturdy alloy rims and the steel spokes that leave no room for rust.

When it comes to assembly the Schwinn Meridian adult tricycle is a no brainer as it is easy to assemble and for those who do not have the skills to do so can get help easily. The tricycle comes with a lot more and this review aims to give an overview of what you can expect once you have made a purchase. The following analysis gives a more detailed look at this tricycle in a number of ways and they include the specs and features, benefits, pros and cons and the missing links.

Features of Schwinn Meridian adult tricycle

The Schwinn Meridian adult tricycle comes with a wealth of features that make the riding experience worth the while, especially for those who love a simple ride around town while getting some exercise. The mechanical design is not just for performance but also the comfort of the rider. This section of the review goes deeper to analyze each individual feature that comes with this trike.

  • This is a three wheeled machine that requires no balance so even a new rider can find it easy to start cycling.
  • This trike comes with single speed. This means there is no need to deal with different gears as you ride along the road or anywhere else.
  • The wheels come in two sizes of 24” and 26” both have its advantages. It will depend on the rider’s preference.
  • It is fitted with alloy rims and steel spokes which brings stability and strength as you ride the Schwinn Meridian adult tricycle.
  • The frame is made from aluminum, which makes it light and durable at the same time. The frame is also low so that the rider can be able to slide in without exerting so much effort. Though the frame is lighter than other trikes of the same caliber, it also strong.
  • Schwinn Meridian adult tricycle includes front V brakes and rear pull brakes, which means safety for in case of emergency braking.
  • The handle bars are swept back for the rides to sit in an upright position as they ride which means comfort and less strain on particular parts of the body.
  • It weighs 70lbs and 66lbs for the 26” and 24” respectively. The smaller size is for those with a smaller body build.
  • There are fenders on both the rear and front wheels for protection against splash and mud.
  • The saddle is padded for added comfort and includes quick release for easy adjustments depending on the rider’s preference.
  • There is a folding rear rack that is convenient for carrying your shopping bags, school books or even pets if you want to.
  • For aesthetics this trike come in a classy design that includes two colors: red and blue.

Schwinn Meridian adult tricycleBenefits of Schwinn Meridian adult tricycle

This trike comes with loads of benefit that will leave you craving for the next time you will take a ride. Thanks to the numerous features of the Schwinn Meridian adult tricycle you can enjoy great benefits as well as value for the money invested. This part inspects some of the benefits to savor.

  • Comfort: One of the most notable benefits of the Schwinn Tricycle is the comfort it presents. The upright structure of the trike and the padded seat with QR which makes it easy to adjust to meet your comfort.
  • Easy to assemble : Another benefit of the Schwinn Meridian adult tricycle is the assembly process being simple and the part to be assembled are few as well. It only takes a few minutes to have it up and running. Even for the old it does not have to be a task. All they have to do is to look for help from someone who can understand the instructions.
  • Accommodating: Thanks to the two wheel sizes available and the strength of the frame it can accommodate users of different sizes and height. For the shorter user, the 24” wheel trike is the best version while the 26” is best for taller and heavier users. Older users will find the height of the 24” more comfortable than the 26” one.
  • Effective braking: Adding to the list of benefits is the greater braking system that is easy to use when the need arises. The front V brakes and the rear linear pull brakes work very efficiently to stop when you have to, plus you will have more control over the direction the workings of the trike.
  • Better stability: Stability is the synonymous with the Schwinn tricycle as it comes with components such as steel spokes and alloy rims that offer stability. The three wheels do not hurt as well since balancing tricks are not necessary.
  • Great looks: Schwinn meridian is not just gorgeous in terms of the design, but the colors are also beautiful with blue and red being the most predominant. These are mostly beneficial for ladies who prefer color in most products.
  • Convenient carriage space: The bike has some space to carry things around as you ride from one place to another. The folding basket at the rear can be also allow attaching other carriers such as baby carriers.
  • Cost effective: Last but not least is the affordable price tag. The trike is very cheap and it is one of the most affordable trikes with great specs and features. Any cyclist on a budget will find the price tag easier to manage.

The Pros of Schwinn Meridian adult tricycle

There are many pros that come with the Schwinn tricycle that will keep you captivated from the time you first take this beauty to the road. This section of the review will take you on a journey to discover the pros of Schwinn Meridian tricycle.

  • Great safety features: With the Schwinn Meridian tricycle safety is at the foremost when it comes to the overall design of the tricycle. The brakes are one of the features that stands out in terms of the safety. They can easily stop when you have to, plus the frame is strong enough to withstand the everyday shocks on the tricycle.
  • Affordable: If you are looking for a tricycle that that has great features at a pocket friendly price, then Schwinn is the one of the best choices out there. With its strength and durability the price of this tricycle is very acceptable.
  • Rust resistant: Thanks to the aluminum frame, alloy rims and stainless steel spokes,there is no worry when it comes to rust. All these materials keep the trike in good shape no matter the weather.
  • Very stable: As the name suggests this is a three wheeled machine that means that stability is not an issue since the extra tire offers stability and balance is not a problem as well. The 24” and 26” tire do not hurt as well as they offer even more stability.
  • Best for beginners: The third wheel serves as more of a training wheel for adults. For any beginner balance is always an issue, but with the Schwinn Meridian tricycle that is a thing of the past. All you have to do is assemble and you are good to go.
  • Carries various weights: Schwinn Meridian tricycle carries up to 300 lbs which means it can accommodate even those that consider themselves to have weight issues.
  • Fast: The 26” option of the Schwinn Meridian tricycle is great when it comes to speed thanks to the bigger tires.

Schwinn Meridian adult tricycleThe Cons of Schwinn Meridian adult tricycle

The Schwinn trike is great; thanks to all the features that bring about the pros and cons. However, there is the bad side of the same, as nothing can be as perfect as we want them to be and so this particular product has its fair share of cons. Most of these you can live with but it is best to be prepared. The following section lists some of the cons that you may have to deal with once you have the tricycle in your possession.

  • It is bulky and heavy: Lest we forget this is a three wheeled machine and in some cases may turn out to be too large for your door frame. Another problem with the bulkiness is for those who live on the top floors of apartments. If you have to carry the trike up and down the stairs, then you may end up frustrated and not to mention tired. Make sure to buy one that can easily fit your door.
  • Not best for rough terrains: This is a single speed trike which means you can enjoy its full benefits only if you are on a smooth terrains. On rough terrains you will have to exert great effort to get to where you want to go. The tires as well do not have the any form of traction enablers.
  • Missing parts: On delivery some customers complain about missing parts, though this is not an exclusive even for Schwinn.
  • Some twerking is required: Once you have assembled the trike there will be needed to make some adjustments in order to avoid noisy and non-functioning parts such as the brakes and fenders as well as the trike breaking down unnecessarily.

The Missing Links of Schwinn Meridian adult tricycle

Yes, unfortunately the Schwinn Meridian adult tricycle has some missing links as well. As we have already ventured into the “pretty things” that make up this beautiful machine, it’s time to look at the “ugly” that is, the missing links. Fortunately, these missing links can be dealt with simply homemade solutions. Let’s take an in-depth look at these flaws.

  • Noisy rear end: Sometimes after assembly there are some noises that can be heard as you ride. In most cases it is caused by a loose part of the trike such as fenders. To deal with this you have to establish the origin of the noise and tighten the loose parts. If you are not sure what to do, you can ask for help from someone you know or take it to a bike shop for proper tuning.

Our Final Take on Schwinn Meridian adult tricycle

There you go. All the fine features that make up the Schwinn Meridian adult tricycle and the flaws as well. This trike has a great feel in general for those looking for a way to enjoy cycling without facing the dangers of falling off especially those new in the cycling world. The simplicity of the single speed and the comfort of the saddle and handlebars are an added advantage. The very low price make it perfect for those who are not willing to break the bank to enjoy a cycling experience. My final take on this beauty is that it’s worth every penny if you are looking to enjoy a simple ride. Click here to check out this tricycle.