Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike Review of 2018



Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid BikeBicycles have always been a man’s thing since time immemorial. From the days of our father even until now, bikes have continued to hold a strong position of connection and association with men. That is why every manufacturer who wants their business to remain afloat needs to come up with relevant and fashionable models that are customized to meet the modern man’s biking needs.


Having this realization in mind clearly inscribed in the conscious mind of many bike manufacturers, we now have innovative and savvy models customized for Adam and his sons. Among the companies that have discovered and responded swiftly to this realization and reality is Schwinn, an accomplished bicycle manufacturer that has dominated and shaped the skyline of America’s bicycle industry since 1895.For this reason, Schwinn has come up with the innovative Discover men’s Hybrid Bike.

Unique Features of Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike

Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike is a customized road tool that comes loaded with a rich array of features and specs that are tailored to make it men’s preferred bike of choice, all of it oozing with dignity and pride. Below is a list of some of these features:

– A strong hybrid with aluminum city frame

– Shimano TX-31 rear derailleur designed to shift gears

– A ProMax linear pull-brakes tailored to give you greater control

– A comfortable padded saddle with suspension seat post

– Schwinn suspension forks for optimum response and comfort

– Fenders

– Rear gear carrier

– Bike type-road

– Schwinn alloy crank set

– A 21-speed SRAM grip shifters

– Adjustable stem

– ProMax alloy linear pull-brakes

– Sweptback handlebar

– A 700c wheel size

– Sweptback upright handlebar with adjustable stem

– Weighs 46 pounds

– Comes in a man’s color, black

– Product dimensions: 53.9 x 7.5 x 31.9 inches

Salient Benefits of Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike

It is a traditional requirement for every invention that goes out in the market place and calls itself a product must confer benefits to its intended users. If that particular product fails in this basic function, then it needs to be blacklisted from the list of products.

Having been fabricated and customized to suit and meet the dynamic and unique needs of the modern man,Schwinn’s Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike is a machine that is loaded and teeming with many benefits and advantages. All these benefits make it a preferred biking companion of many men. The list below highlights some of these benefits.

  • Affordable: good business judgment and prudence require that every seller and manufacturer should price their products in such a manner that all their target-clientele can comfortably afford them. When a great product is overpriced, it will end up benefitting neither the seller nor buyer. This is the reason why Schwinn came up with this bullish and affordable machine. Starting from less than $300, any man can comfortably afford this powerful machine.
  • A strong and long lasting frame:  the Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike is fabricated and tailored to achieve a balance between strength and lightness.
  • A strong braking system: braking is one of the primary features that form the safety of every bike. This benefit gives you power of control over the bike as you cruise through the streets. Better bike control simply means that you have another feather added to your hat of safety, thus benefiting both you and other road users.
  • A wide-spectrum option: besides its ability to carry heavy weight riders, Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike is also created with tall riders in mind. This makes it a universal favorite amongst men who are endowed with varying heights.
  • A heavy weight champion: this machine is also tailored to accommodate dudes with heavy body frames. The bike can comfortably accommodate a father, a child and other luggage.
  • Big 700c wheels for a smoother ride: the Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike comes fitted with huge and strong wheels that are instrumental in maintaining smooth riding. They have a strong grip that ensures your safety is not compromised as you ride.
  • Comfortable saddle customized for A King: because Discover is a man’s thing, Schwinn customized its padded saddle in such a way that it is particularly comfortable for men.
  • A stone that kills many birds: the Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike is a multi-purpose tool and asset in a man’s life. Whether you need to do some exercise, commute to your workstation or even visit a buddy /family member, the bike is a suitable companion that accompanies you to all these places.

Finding the missing linkSchwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike

It is a common fact that every human invention must have its fair share of imperfection .That is why it is not strange for an awesome product like Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike to have its own share of shortcomings. Such imperfections are not a blanket disqualification of the validity or efficiency of the bike .On the contrary, they are an opportunity for continual improvement and hence consolidative measures can be taken by users to fix them, instead of throwing out the baby with the dirty water.

The only notable shortcoming of this bike comes with a shallow operational manual that may at times cause you to pay a mechanic to handle its assembling.However,this hiccup can be dealt with by  visiting the Schwinn website for instructional videos.

Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike- A Suitable Companion Tailored for Life and Business

Universal business practice requires that every product must offer a solution to problems and meet human needs in real life. Given all the handsome features and benefits this bike has, it is a matter of natural justice to call it a life solution that cuts across professional and private life. The list below highlights a few of them.

  • Arrive on time: every dimension of life and business is dynamic. With the Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike, it becomes much easier, convenient and faster to cruise around town. Swifter mobility gives you a time advantage because you can achieve more with the little time you have and access the even the narrowest alleys in town. This is a benefit that many other means of transportation may not offer you at the same cost.

The implications of this are that with Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike, you have one big stone designed to kill several birds. At your own pleasure and pace, you can commute, go shopping, do some few office errands and still visit your boys on the other side of town while you beat the snaking traffic jam.

  • A worthy investment in health and wealth: biking has been proved to be an effective and convenient means of exercise. It is a traditional rival for the gym yet without incurring any extra cost.

A good number of recent studies have indicated that cycling enhances blood circulation. Besides, it also helps in the production of collagen in the skin, which in turn helps to reduce the formation of wrinkles and facilitates healing processes.

Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid BikeThe Pros of Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike

 Below is a list of the pros that are inherent in the Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike:

Sublime quality

Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike is a representation of sublime quality. The bike comes with high quality parts and accessories that promote its standing in the big league of men’s bikes.

It is pocket-friendly

Putting into consideration all the salient features that come with it, at the decent price tag attached to it, it passes for a very affordable and worthwhile asset.

A cozy saddle

The Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike is fitted with a man-friendly saddle that is well cushioned to offer you maximum comfort as you ride.

Easy to assemble

This is another pro of this bike. Even though most men are naturally wired  for “ spanner and grease” kind of technical jobs, this  bike ,however does not require too much assembling work . That is why Schwinn had this in mind and designed the bike in such a way that it does not require any kind of rocket science to assemble it and hence you make good savings on your precious time.

A stable and solid shock absorbing system

This system acts as a buffer against muscle strains, especially around the sensitive areas around the back such as the spine. This is intended to ensure that as you ride through bumps and rough roads, you are protected from unnecessary and avoidable health issues.

It lasts long

This bike is a strong model that is built to last longer.

It comes in various sizes

Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike is a very accommodating machine. It is suitable for men of all body sizes.

The Cons of Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike

Even though this bike is a solid model targeted at men, it has a few cons attached to it. The list below highlights for us some of the cons of Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike.

– It has weak and plastic fenders that look cheap

– The packaging still begs for a lot of improvement

– The bike’s instruction manual is too shallow and general which means you may end up paying a mechanic to assemble it for you

ConclusionSchwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike

In conclusion of our review of Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike , we are in a more advantageous position that enables us to make sound and informed conclusions in regard to this bike.As we subject this bicycle to a basic product feature criterion below, every buyer or potential buyer will be in an advantageous position to make a well informed decision that is backed by sufficient facts. Let us take a look at some of them and find out if truly this bike deserves the place it occupies in the lives of men who have invested their cash into it.

  • General product safety: to this far, we have not had any safety concerns or issues raised about this bike. This translates into saying that the bike passes this vital and basic test of safety. The reason behind this is that all products need to fulfill their original purpose, but they also have to do it in a manner that is safe for their intended beneficiaries. For that reason, they should not cause any kind of injury or harm unless it is resulting from abuse,negligence or mishandling by the user;
  •  Efficacy: when it comes to matters to do with performance, the bike gets a high score because it effectively meets the primary needs of every man who has invested their money in it. This is an important  feature because a product that fails to fulfill  the purpose that it was manufactured to perform does not deserve  any buyer’s coin or attention;
  • Long-term value for money: in regard to this sensitive matter, the Schwinn Discover Men’s Bike scores highly and passes this crucial test because it is a durable and stable machine that is also affordable to a great number of male bikers. Furthermore, this matter  is  also concretized by the fact that it is a cost effective task to maintain the bike; and
  • Cost effectiveness: when it comes to matters money and pricing, the Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike gets a good score. Affordable pricing is an important factor that deserves the consideration of both users and sellers as well. The reason behind it is that affordability does not only carry financial implications, but also logical and moral ones. Every seller who offers their products in the market expects them to be bought.

However, it is not prudent to offer products whose price is beyond the reach of   their intended buyers and users. Starting from less than $300, you can afford your own Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike and this is a boon not just for the user, but also the manufacturer.

Based on  the above criteria and analysis, it  is necessary for us to state  that Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid  Bike is truly a worthy and viable investment in any man’s life, the  few shortcomings  it has here and there notwithstanding. Click here to check out this bike on Amazon.


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