Schwinn 170 Upright Bike Review of 2018

schwinn-170-upright-bike1For anyone who seeks to enter the world of stationary bike training, Schwinn 170 Upright Bike is one of those favorite options from which you can choose. The bike is a great enhancement of its predecessors in the entry level category.

Moreover, it comes with very commendable features that enable riders to enjoy the benefits of the bike and also value for their money. Keep on reading this review article so as to understand what you can expect and enjoy as you make a decision to get your own stationary training machine.

Salient features of Schwinn 170 Upright Bike

The Schwinn 170 Upright Bike is loaded with many features that are intended to give workout lovers the best value for their money. Some of the features of this bike are discussed further in the remaining sections of this paragraph.

  •   Height: It is built with a height of 55.6 inches
  •   Weight:  It has a 62.8 lbs weight capacity
  •   Max user weight: 300 lbs
  •   A sturdy frame: It ensures that the bike is built to last and perform better
  •   High speed: This feature ensures riders can attain higher train speeds
  •   A high-inertia perimeter weighted flywheel: It facilitates a stable workout platform
  •   It has25 levels of eddy current brake resistance so as to offer users a broad scope range of training intensity options
  •   It has a large contoured and thick padded saddle with fore and aft that can be adjusted to achieve your fitness
  •   It has adjustable handlebars that have forearm rests so as to give you a comfortable cycling position
  •   The training bike has ergonomically positioned heart rate sensors that facilitate relaxation to your heart as you ride
  •   It has contact hand sensors that monitor the heart rate
  •   The machine comes with a 3-piece crank that enables you to enjoy greater support
  •   It comes with a media shelf where you can place your MP3 player and book so that you can remain entertained in-between your training sessions
  •   It also comes with an in-console speakers that have an MP3 input port and USB charging
  •   The upright bike has an adjustable 3-speed fan, which keeps you cool as you engage in your workouts
  •   It is fitted with transport wheels that make it easier and faster to move the bike around and store it easily
  •    The training bike has a DualTrack two blue backlit LCD window system
  •   It also features a Bluetooth and USB connectivity to Schwinn ConnectTM and MyFitnessPal that enables you to download workout data
  •   Schwinn’s  machine also features 12 profile apps which include 4 fun rides, 4 mountain rides, and 4 challenges
  •   You will also enjoy 9 heart rate apps which can be customized to suit your needs
  •   Moreover, it features 2 fitness test programs that come in handy when measuring physical fitness progress
  •   You also get to enjoy 4 user profiles designed for the storage of personal info and training data
  •   The bike also has 1 recovery test program used in measuring the speed of your heart’s recovery
  •   The bike starts swiftly
  •   It has an excellent warranty. The bike’s warranty has a 10-year frame, a 2-year parts warranty, 1 year warranty for electronics, and 3 months for labor
  •   It is very easy to assemble the bike since you only need an hour to set it up

Benefits of Schwinn 170 Upright Bike

The Schwinn 170 Upright Stationary Bike is rich in benefits that are designed to give users value for their money. Without tangible benefits passing on to others, the bike will stop being a product because it will not meet user needs and hence fulfill its purpose. That is why I have devoted this entire section to the sharing of the benefits that you will enjoy as you make a decision to be a proud and satisfied owner of this training bike. Below I have listed some of the advantages of this machine.

  •   Preset workouts: This bike is enriched with 29 workout routines and it can support up to 25 resistance levels. Nine of these apps are controlled by heart rate, making it possible for efficient training. Moreover, the manufacturer has also included apps for starters and intermediate level trainees
  •   Online connectivity: Users can connect the machine to My Fitness Pal and Schwinn apps in order to get online data tracking. The information is then saved from the bike console to a USB device
  •   Power usage sharing with other devices: The USB port can charge phones and any other smart device
  • Data on the console: The bike’s console screen  can provide 13 kinds of data, contrary to what you may get from other competing brands in the market which give you lesser data. In addition, it has provision for four user profiles.
  •   An adjustable console: You can adjust the console and its forearm to achieve your desired ergonomic fit
  •   A comfortable saddle: The bike has a huge saddle that can be adjusted; and it is also well-cushioned to give you maximum comfort. In addition, there is room for a user to substitute their seat with another one if they are not satisfied with the one the bike came with
  •   Excellent pedals: They are designed to give you a comfortable ride owing to its adjustable straps. The 3-piece design of the bike enables riders to customize everything to suit their personal needs and preferences. You can now exchange their pedals to other standard bike pedals or SPD
  •   Heart rate receiver: The bike also features a wireless heart rate receiver; however, you need to buy chest straps separately
  •   Speakers: With this bike, you never get bored. The reason here is that it comes with speakers onto which you can attach your MP3 player and enjoy your favorite music
  •   A water bottle holder: As you ride, you can quench your thirst and remain hydrated because you have a decent place where you can keep your water
  •   A workout fan: The bike is fitted with a fan that ensures you are always cool as you train. Moreover, you can select three speed levels
  •   Quiet operation: The bike has a balanced drive that operates quietly even when you are shifting from one level of resistance to another the machine remains quiet
  •   Transport wheels: The bike has small wheels that are used to carry the machine around
  •   Storage space: The bike occupies little space due to its smaller size
  •   Ease of assembly: The bike is easy to assemble and it takes less than an hour to you can set it up
  •   A reliable warranty: One of the greatest advantages of the bike is the kind of warranty with which it comes with. For example, you enjoy a 10-year for your frame, a 2-year warranty for  parts, a 1-year warranty for its electrical components, and free service for the first 3 months

schwinn-170-upright-bike3Pros of Schwinn 170 Upright Bike

This section is devoted to the sharing of the pros of this training bike. The remaining sections of this paragraph are going to give us a clear understanding.

  • Affordability:  The first pro you enjoy even before you begin to experience any other advantage. The bike comes at a very friendly price. Such a reasonable pricing is good for entry level users who may not be unable pay a higher price or they don’t want to test a training bike at a higher cost
  •   Better entertainment: The bike has speakers that allow you to continue enjoying entertainment while you ride. You can take advantage of the bike’s speakers and drive away boredom
  •   Enjoy refreshment: Another pro of the machine is that it allows you to enjoy your refreshment because it comes with a bottle holder
  •   Freshness and a cool riding: It comes with a fan that is intended to keep you cool while you train.
  •   You enjoy serenity: As you train, you no longer need to worry about disruptive noises. The design of the bike has a well-balanced drive that ensures that you enjoy quiet rides
  •    Easy to transport: It has transportation wheels that enable you to carry the bike easily
  •   Lesser storage space: Also, the bike does not occupy much of your storage space because of its smaller size
  •   Easy to assemble: It only takes between 30 minutes and one hour to set up the machine
  • Long-term value for your money: Aside from enjoying a lower buying price, you can also enjoy a long-term value for your money. Its warranty for frame runs for 10 years and you also enjoy a 3-month free service from the day of purchase
  •   A better console: The training bike has a console that features two backlit screens used to display your training data. It is also easy to read your data even in areas that are poorly lit. Moreover, the presence of two screens ensures you can view your data in case the other screen is covered by any other item such as a book
  •   Bluetooth connectivity: Another pro of this machine is that it comes with a Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to transfer your training data using Schwinn ConnectTM or MyFitnessPal.
  •   Ease of monitoring your improvements: The bike also gives you the power to monitor how well you are progressing as you move on with your training sessions. You can now use the Bluetooth connectivity discussed in the previous point to do that
  •   A large and comfortable saddle: The bike is fitted with a saddle that offers you a greater level of comfort. This comfort is a result of the seat’s ease of adjustment and its ample and soft cushioning
  •   Adjustable handlebars: This machine also has handlebars that you can adjust to suit your height so that you can enjoy greater comfort

schwinn-170-upright-bike2Cons of Schwinn 170 Upright Bike

In the previous sections, we took a deep analysis of the features, benefit and cons of Schwinn 170 Upright Bike. At this level, we are now going to shift our attention to the cons and shortcomings of Schwinn 170 Upright Bike. However, all the cons listed below have come from buyers who didn’t buy the bike from the company’s website, reputable online retailers, or a specialist bike shop. Some of them are listed below as follows.

  •   Poor packaging: Some customers have complained about receiving their bikes with some parts missing
  •   Defective parts: Another complaint  users have raised is that some of them received the machine with parts that were defective

The missing links of Schwinn 170 Upright Bike

This section covers some of the few missing links that the bike has. In addition, we are going to examine them in a redemptive manner so that you can know how to avoid them. Listed below are some of them.

  • Bad packaging: A few buyers have raised complaints about receiving their bikes with some parts missing. However, the customers who raised such complaints did not buy the bike from the company’s website or its outlets. It is therefore important for potential buyers to purchase their bikes from credible  bike shops, trusted online resellers, or from the company directly
  •   Defective bike parts: Another issue that some customers have raised against the machine is that some of the bikes come with defective bike components. To avoid such problems, it is wise for you to buy the bike from Schwinn directly or from reputable online and offline outlets

Our final take on Schwinn 170 Upright Bike

The Schwinn 170 Upright Bike is one of the best training bikes in the market and it is suitable for those users who don’t want to spend too much money on a bicycle. At a very low price, you can get a decent starting machine.

Additionally, the bike has many commendable features that make training easier for different types of users. Given the benefits that come with this machine, and the low price at which it comes, the bicycle gives customers great value for their money. That is why we recommend this machine for every person who needs a solid and affordable bike that balances between affordability and uncompromised quality. Click here to check out Schwinn 170 Upright Bike.

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