Right Bicycle Accessories for Safe and Friendly Ride


000_par6331707_600Riding a bicycle is a fun way of getting in shape and also has a great time. Nowadays many people choosing the perfect bicycle and that’s very important. But equally important is having the right and suitable accessories to go with your bicycle. They will help keep you comfortable and safe during your ride, which is really important.


Before everything else, you must have a helmet. Even though some don’t like how these look, it is important. When you are riding with cars around, the possibilities of having troubles where you get knocked down and have a head injury is quite high. It’s always best to have a good and quality helmet to protect yourself.

Head Light and Back Light

If you are planning any type of night riding, it would be smart to have a quality headlight. A good high beam bicycle light will give plenty of light to see the street ahead and alert any oncoming traffic. The better quality lights basically need a battery that is re-chargeable. The same goes for having a back light. These aren’t as more expensive but are great ideas to have as the better light you have the less possibility of cars not seeing you.

Water Bottle and Water Bottle Holder

Comfort and ease is not a bad thing take into consideration either, especially if you’re going to be riding your bicycle very much. This is where items like water bottles come in. A water bottle holder appears to be such a small thing, but it means a lot. And if you love mountain biking, a great way to carry water could be a point of safety, even though for a challenging ride you may require more than just what one small water bottle can hold.

Riding Wears and Uniforms

Another item you can buy is reflector striped shirts or shorts possibly. So when you ride at night when you move your arms and legs the reflectors will improve off the lights of the cars or trucks and you will be seen and not road kill. You may generally buy any kind of light or reflector tool at any bicycle stores in your area.

Bicycle Lock

It is easier for other people to take these away if these aren’t protected. One of the best methods of protecting your bicycles is by locking them. Among the many different kinds of products in the marketplace, you can go for the chain lock or cable lock. Chain and cable locks are well-accepted, but the standard of their effectiveness would depend on the effectiveness of their materials. The bicycle cable locks is really a good idea for you to keep your bicycle protected while you are leaving it behind for a little while.


Naturally maintaining your bicycle in good condition is also essential, not just so you can stay in good equipment but also because it helps to keep you safe, so find a good bicycle work shop in which you can take your bicycle into regularly to keep it well tuned.

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