Ridley Fenix FE701BM Road Bike Review of 2018

Ridley Fenix Road bikes are designed and manufactured in different shapes and sizes and the competition when it comes to brands is very fierce. The road bike industry is making headway in coming up with great machines with improved specs and ergonomically designed frames just to make the experience of the user better than ever. This competitive nature is great, but can also be overwhelming to those looking to purchase a new bike for the road. However, there are ones that stand out in terms of quality and affordability.

A great bike means strength and durability and that is what the Ridley Fenix FE701BM Road Bike has to offer. This bike is well known with its strong aluminum frame which is hydro formed and has a fork made from carbon fiber. A rider enjoys comfort and sturdiness while riding; thanks to the Belgian wheels thick enough to cushion off some of the bumpy terrain encountered on the road. With this bike you can race as well as enjoy a ride down the road.

The Ridley Fenix FE701BM Road Bike is ergonomically designed for the sake of comfort. The head tube is taller than most so that you do not have to lean too much as you are riding. If you are a fan of speed this bike comes with 22 different speeds for your enjoyment.

The aim of this article is to give you a thorough review into the world of The Ridley Fenix FE701BM Road Bike. With this review, you can make an informed choice on what you want and if you can find it in this piece of machine. After all you expect value for the money invested in a product. The rest of this article is meant to cover the different angles that make this bike and they are: the specs and features of Ridley Fenix FE701BM Road Bike; the benefits and advantages of Ridley Fenix FE701BM Road Bike; the pros of Ridley Fenix FE701BM Road Bike; the cons of Ridley Fenix FE701BM Road Bike; the missing links of Ridley Fenix FE701BM Road Bike and; the final take on Ridley Fenix FE701BM Road Bike.

The specs and features of Ridley Fenix FE701BM Road Bike

Before the purchase of any product the first thing to consider is the specs and features that come with it especially if that product is a bike. The Ridley Fenix FE701BM Road Bike is loaded with many unique features that are made mainly to give the rider a great experience. The company behind this marvel took its precious time to identify the needs of the users and eventually incorporated the same into creating these features and fitting them into the bike. The list below identifies these features and specs and aims to describe each one of them in detail for easier understanding and appreciation.

  • The bike frame is made from butted aluminum that is hydro formed. The fork is made from carbon fiber. This offers strength and agility for the user as they ride.
  • The wheels are Belgian 4Za which are great for stability on paved roads and even those that are a bit on the bumpy side.
  • The bike uses Shimano dual pivot brakes that form a perfect breaking system.
  • Both the front and the rear derailleur are Shimano 105, with the front being FD-5800-L and the rear being RD-5800-L with 11-speed
  • The bike comes fitted with a taller head tube which means that the rider can be assured of comfort as they make their way down the road at whatever speed.
  • This bike also comes with Shimano 105 STI 22 speed drivetrain. You can enjoy great speeds and smooth gear change thanks to the Shimano components such as the derailleur and cassettes.
  • The saddle is a high density form which makes it very comfortable as you ride around town or any paved road.
  • The bike has only one choice in color and that is black.
  • When it comes to the size you have the option of 57cm which is medium, 59cm which is large and 61cm which is extra-large.
  • It comes with an 11-year mileage warranty

Ridley Fenix Benefits of Ridley Fenix FE701BM Road Bike

If there is one thing that consumers look for from a product it is the benefits they can get from all the feature that it has. Ridley Fenix FE701BM Road Bike is one product that comes with a number of benefits to satisfy your curiosity and keep you looking forward to the next time you are on the road and on that bike. The list below offers a number of the benefits to reap from this road tool.

  • This bike offers strength and stability thanks to its frame and fork, which are made from aluminum and carbon fiber respectively. So you can cruise down the road without fear of falling off.
  • When it comes to the speeds you can be sure that you have a range to choose from. The bike comes with 11 speeds to enjoy from.
  • The ride is smooth and exceptional thanks to the Shimano components such the derailleurs and cassettes which allow smooth transition from one gear to another without too much effort from the rider.
  • You can be sure to enjoy a comfortable ride as the seat and head tube are positioned to offer comfort as well as efficacy.
  • The Shimano dual pivot brakes offer you more safety and control, especially if the road is heavily trafficked.
  • Road bikes are meant for paved roads and tarmac but this particular bike can handle a less smooth road thanks to the great wheels.
  • You can use this bike to serve your need for a workout, compete or simply take a leisurely ride on the road.
  • The 11-year warranty is very competitive and the purchaser tends to gain big time if in terms or the health of the frame and fork of the bike.

Pros of Ridley Fenix FE701BM Road Bike

The Ridley Fenix FE701BM Road Bike comes with a number of pros as well. This bike makes cycling for beginners and pros alike something to look forward to. The pros are not just a list, but a statement that the manufacturers are hoping to make. The following segment will focus on those pros.

  • Comfort: The seat and head tube have been ergonomically designed to make sure that the comfort of the ride is assured. The seat has enough cushion even for long rides and the head tune is tall enough to keep it comfortable without compromising on the performance.
  • Ease of assembly: Once the bike has been ordered and delivered to the user the rest of the assembly work is not that tasking. Just a few twerking on some of the parts such as the breaks and cassettes and you are good to go. No need to call in an expert.
  • Great chain system: The chain and the Shimano gear components work great together in that the user can change speeds without even feeling a bump. The chain works great while you are peddling as it does not jerk while are building momentum and speed.
  • Quality components: Shimano is one of the best company in terms of quality when it comes to the various parts of bikes. The Ridley Fenix FE701BM Road Bike has done well for itself by including these parts as part of their components and general features.
  • Ease of use: Once you have the bike assembled you have no other reason not enjoy the ride as the bike use is quite straight forward. As long as you have followed the instructions correctly and the proper twerking has been done then the ride starts.
  • Stable braking system: Thanks to Shimano again The Ridley Fenix FE701BM Road Bike boasts of a great breaking system. The Shimano dual pivot is a top notch brake and works when you want them to. So even if you are in the middle of the road and there is a need to break suddenly you have no reason to fear as these brakes work.
  • Smooth gear change: Shimano gears, cassettes and derailleurs work together for the best experience as far as gear change and speed are concerned. These components ensure that there is nothing the rider will feel when the gear changes except the ease to maneuver the winding road.
  • A smooth ride: The Belgian tires are not just for show, but they provide a smooth ride in a less perfect roads. The tires are wider than those of other road bikes, making it easy to ride without exerting so much effort in the process.

Ridley Fenix The cons of The Ridley Fenix FE701BM Road Bike

So far the review has been great with all the positives that define this bike. Great features and specs, wonderful advantages and even better pros. However, there is the negative part to this review as well. There is no product out there in the market that has no flaw, no matter which way you choose to look at it. The Ridley Fenix FE701BM Road Bike is no different as it has some cons that work against it at some point. To be fair this bike does not hold any exclusivity to these flaws as they are common in most road bikes available in the market. That is not to say that this bike is not worth a second look, because it is. It’s  just information you need to know before any purchase so that it can be easy to make the right decision. The rest of next section aims to highlight some of the flaws you are likely to encounter once you have the Ridley Fenix FE701BM Road Bike in your possession.

  • It is not that affordable: The price tag on this bike is one thing that can be a turn off for most who are looking for a bargain. If you are not ready to spend extra money on it then this bike is not for you. There are other road bikes of the same quality that are more affordable.
  • Missing parts: On delivery there are parts that are missing. The most obvious of these is the pedals. Most consumers feel disappointed with this since they are paying a pretty buck to be in possession of this bike and missing parts does not inspire confidence.
  • Not accommodating: The Ridley Fenix FE701BM Road Bike comes in three different sizes which are 57cm, 59cm, and 61 cm which translate to medium, large and extra-large. None of these are comfortable enough to people who have smaller body frames of 5’3” and below.
  • Needs twerking: These adjustments can be a problem for those who do not understand the perfect calibration for the different components of the bike. In the end they end up with a squeaky bike or the parts not functioning as they should. Some have to spend more just to have the bike assembled in the correct way.

Missing link to Ridley Fenix FE701BM Road Bike

The Ridley Fenix FE701BM Road Bike is also a victim of missing links. These are those pesky issues that can be solved with some homemade ingeniousness. Here is one that stands out and how to fix it.

  • The seats have been cushioned but not enough to keep you from getting numb. To alleviate this issue, you can just place some cushion on the seat before you head out for a ride.

Final thoughts on Ridley Fenix FE701BM Road Bike

The Ridley Fenix FE701BM Road Bike is one amazing bike. The features come together to form the perfect team for you to enjoy a variety of benefits. The price aside, the solid frame is great and sturdy, the brake offers safety when you need it and the speed is to die for. Comfort is key and this bike offers that and more thanks to its design. The overall performance is satisfactory which is pretty good. So the final verdict for this tool is that it is worth every penny despite some of the flaws we have visited above. If you are looking for a road bike, try the Ridley Fenix FE701BM Road Bike. Click here to check out this bike.