Retrospec Bikes Speck Folding Bicycle Review of 2018

spec bike1The ability for people to move from one location to another easily and swiftly is an ancient desire in the hearts of human beings. It is because of the gravity of this need that inventors have made relentless efforts to search for the most suitable means of meeting this mobility need throughout successive human generations. One of the best inventions that these efforts have come up with is the birth of the bicycle.

However, the invention of bicycles is not a static event but rather a progressive process that has kept on changing in order to accommodate the changing needs and wishes of users. That is why we have the folding bike as one of the fruits of the efforts that have been taken to ensure that people don’t just have bikes that can conveniently carry them across different territories but also bikes that they can conveniently carry around. It is because of this that modern bike lovers cherish the benefits of these folding bikes to the extent that even in the face of smart cars and planes, they still retain possession of these bicycles in their daily life activities.

Whether they are cycling for the purposes of refreshing, or travelling to their various job centers or checking on their families across town, folding bikes remain valuable tools and companions in the lives of many modern city and country dwellers. That is why having a model that is engineered with the ability to be transported easily across land and water is a sign of proper response to the changing needs of bicycle lovers and users.

It is because of the above factors that Retrospec Bikes ,a strong force in the bicycle manufacturing industry, crafted  this  beautiful and elegant  folding bicycle so as to capture ad take care of every  component  of style, convenience, elegance and pride all wrapped up in one awesome machine called Retrospec Bikes Speck Folding Bicycle This is a bike that is embellished and fortified with salient features that are geared and tilted towards the accommodating and meeting of the needs of riders who traverse various territories across the land and water with both speed and convenience.

It is therefore the scope and purpose of this article to give you a complete examination and review of this folding bike in order for you to  make a well informed choice that will give you a biking experience that deserves every single coin you pay for this bike. As this review progresses, we are going to examine the following areas: the salient features of Retrospec Bikes Speck Folding Bicycle; the benefits and advantages of Retrospec Bikes Speck Folding Bicycle; the pros of Retrospec Bikes Speck Folding Bicycle; the cons of Retrospec Bikes Speck Folding Bicycle; the missing links of Retrospec Bikes Speck Folding Bicycle and; the final take on Retrospec Bikes Speck Folding Bicycle.

spec bike3Salient product features of Retrospec Bikes Speck Folding Bicycle 

Retrospec Bikes Speck Folding Bicycle is a wealthy mobility tool that is engineered with wonderful features that catalyze the dissemination of its benefits to folding bike fans. The same way it is the tradition of and expected from all products, the salient features of this folding bicycle are the ones that enable the bike to pass on all the benefits deposited in this bike to all its lovers. The list below provides you with a thorough exploration of the salient features that will enable you to continue enjoying the numerous benefits that are associated using this folding bike.

  •        The bike s fitted with a hand-built aluminum frame
  •        It only take a mere 15 seconds to get the bike with folding handlebar tube, top-tube, and pedals
  •        The bike is fitted with an alloy crank 48T chain ring
  •        It has a 16T rear coaster brake cog
  •        It has  sizeable 20-inch folding rims
  •        It is fitted with Kenda commuter tires that are designed for that special purpose
  •        It s fitted with NECO black headset
  •        It has straight alloy handlebars
  •        It is fitted with ergonomic Kraton rubber grips
  •        It has a comfortable saddle designed for longer and uninterrupted riding
  •        The bike has folding pedals
  •        It is fitted with a KMC chain
  •        It comes in a variety of colors that offer you a wide pool of choice e.g. matte black, matte coral ,glossy white, cream and matte navy
  •        It is a lightweight machine that weighs only 23 lbs
  •        It is fitted with wide 20-inch wheels
  •        The bike is fitted with an aluminum fork
  •        The bike’s size after folding is 30” x 22” x 10”
  •        The folding bike is fitted with an alloy seat post

Benefits and advantages of Retrospec Bikes Speck Folding Bicycle 

Retrospec Bikes Speck Folding Bicycle is a road master that is loaded and endowed with a wide array of benefits and advantages. These numerous benefits are a product of the key and unique features that the maker of this bicycle deliberately deposited inside the folding bicycle. The list below provides you with a thorough coverage of some of them.

  •     The bike comes at a very pocket price and given all the features and  convenience that it offers you, this bike is a great long-term investment worth your every coin
  •     The folding bike is esthetically rich in design and appearance
  •     It comes in a wide variety of colors that give you a greater lee way of choice
  •     The bike is fitted with a rear coaster brake so that you can have a greater level of mastery and control in the face of emergency and hence you get you enjoy an enhanced level of safety
  •     It is fitted with folding pedals

The pros of Retrospec Bikes Speck Folding Bicycle 

Bikes Speck Folding Bicycle is a loaded and fitted with numerous pros and strengths that set it apart from and ahead of many competing brands in the market. Listed below are some of the pros of this folding bicycle.

  •     The bike is endowed with a simple but very awesome and elegant  design
  •     The bike is a very excellent catch for a lightweight single speed machine
  •     The bike is fitted with an adjustable handlebar that makes it possible for you to sit in a more erect and comfortable position as you ride
  •     It is very fast to fold the bike since it takes less than 20 seconds to finish folding
  •     The road master is designed with string tires that are customized to disperse  large amounts  of water as you enjoy your ride and this ensure that your riding experience is not marred by dirty water
  •     In order to enhance the level of comfort that you enjoy while riding, the bike is fitted with an ergonomic saddle that is comfortable for use

spec bike6The cons of Retrospec Bikes Speck Folding Bicycle 

Up to this point, we have examined every strength and benefit of this folding bike. We have taken a thorough look at the outstanding features, pros and benefits of Retrospec Bikes Speck Folding Bicycle.At this point, it is ripe time that we have a critical analysis of the other side of the coin and examine some of the flaws that are found in this folding bike. It is because of this that this section is entirely committed to taking a balanced and  objective look at some these weaknesses  so that you can make a sound and advantageous  decision that has balance and a string basis in clear and verifiable facts. So, continue reading the remaining paragraphs below so that you can understand what you can anticipate and how to make every necessary adjustment and adaption to bear with these cons as you progress to higher levels of folding bicycles.

  •     On some occasions, the locking mechanism gets stuck
  •     At times the handle can be stiff
  •     Some of the parts are cheap
  •     The pedals of the bike are not the best quality since they wear out faster
  •     It is fitted with single gear, which can prove to be a limitation to those riders who are addicted to speed
  •     Even though that is not a big deal, it is recommended by the manufacturer that you first take the bike to a bike shop for it to be fine tuned for safety purposes  and verification  that all parts are in their right place before you start riding the bike
  •     The pedal back has some issues with folding
  •     The length of the bike’s crank is slightly smaller and hence it cannot comfortably accommodate taller riders
  •     Because it is fitted with rear coaster brakes, it may take a user who is not familiar with this kind of braking system some time to adjust and get used to it
  •     The bike does not come with fenders and hence it is not the best option to use in muddy terrains
  •     It does not come with a rear rack
  •     It is mostly suited for casual riding
  •     The bike’s locking system can at times be inconveniencing because you need to keep the wheels in their locked position using a strap
  •     It is recommended  for use on flat roads and smaller hills only

spec bike4Filling the missing links in Retrospec Bikes Speck Folding Bicycle 

After having a comprehensive analysis of the different benefits and strengths of this bike, it is very needful that we a slight diversion and take an objective look at the few shortcomings that this folding bicycle has. However, these missing links are not an indication that this folding bicycle deserves to be discarded or sent to the garbage heap.

The main reason behind us taking this critical, but objective examination of these missing links is to help you to understand that the folding bicycle has its own share of flaws that can be fixed as you continue progressing towards higher levels of folding bikes. It is after you have understood how to resolve and manage  these few missing links that you can move on to enjoy all the benefits and advantages that we have examined in the past paragraphs of this review.

  • Since the bike is fitted with rear coaster brakes, it can take a user who is not used to this kind of braking system some time before they can comfortably to adjust and get used to it. But this is not a big issue since this is something that can be dealt with through dedicated practice so  that you can master the use of coaster brakes
  •     The bike is best suited for leisurely and casual riding upon flatter terrains and little hills. This issue can be resolved by simply sticking to the recommendations of the manufacturer. If you want greater speed to deal with  steeper terrains, you can order for other models that have more than one gear
  •     The bike does not come with fenders and hence it is not the best option to use in muddy terrains. This issue can be deal with the following ways: first, you can either restrict its usage to those terrains that are free from mud splashes or; you can take it to a local bike shop and get fenders fitted onto it

The final take on Retrospec Bikes Speck Folding Bicycle 

Up to here, we have taken a thorough examination of all the dimensions of this folding bike. By starting our verdict on this bike at the good and positive side of this bike, the machine is very beautiful and sleek and it offers many riders a great entry experience. Second, this bike offers great value for money in that it is among the few solid and yet highly affordable folding bikes that you can get.Third, this folding bike is ergonomically designed to give users of different heights a comfortable riding experience.

Even though it may have a few shortcomings here and there such as its suitability for casual ride on flatter terrains and small hills, it still stands out as suitable entry level folding bike. That is why it is a recommendable choice for everyone who would like to venture into the world of folding bikes. Click here to check out this folding bike.

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