Pedego City Commuter Classic E-Bike Review of 2018

Commuter bikes have made their presence known over the years. Gone are the days where computers depended on cars and subways to get to their preferred destinations. Plus, the healthy living campaign has really given a boost to the cycling industry. Suffice to say companies have been forced to come up with new ways to keep the day to day cycle interested.

Pedego is one such company. With their new (relatively) City Commuter Classic Electric Bike , they are willing to bet that the industry is far from its peak. Any avid urban cyclist would appreciate the modern feel of the bike’s design as well as the neutral colors it comes with. However, if you are one who prefers colors that stands out, then you can well appreciate the blue options.The classic city commuter bike is a high step, though you can also purchase the step through version, depending on your preference. It has a comfortable upright posture with a leather seat as well as handle bars. Just to be clear, the leather is fake.

The sturdy aluminum frame, puncture resistant tires and mechanical disk brakes assure a safe ride. It is also fitted with chain guards and fenders. The Pedego classic commuter e-bike is versatile thanks to throttle and pedal assist options. A cyclist can switch between modes and speeds with ease as there is an LCD display that not only shows the speed and mode but the mileage, battery life and watts. Even at night you can be able to monitor these factors since the digital display is backlit.

The rear rack can be very useful for those who want to carry books as well as other items. There is so much more to the Pedego commuter classic city e-bike as well shall see later on. The price is pretty high,over 3 digits. Pricey, but from the features it is clear to see the investment is worth it, at least from the manufacturers point of view.

Pedego city commuter classic electric bike is one of the bikes has proven it is here to say, if the confidence of the Pedego manufacturers is anything to go by. The following  review will give an idea as to what to expect  in these six areas: the features and specs of Pedego city commuter classic electric bike, the benefits of Pedego city commuter classic electric bike, the pros and advantages of Pedego city commuter classic electric bike, the cons of Pedego city commuter classic electric bike, the missing links to Pedego city commuter classic electric bike and the final thoughts on Pedego city commuter classic electric bike.

Features and specs of Pedego City Commuter Classic Electric Bike

From the brief description above it is clear to see that the Pedego City Commuter Classic Electric Bike is not just your everyday commuter bike. It comes with an impressive array of features and specs. One thing is for sure,with a price tag like the one on this bike you can expect quality. This part of the review will identify the different parts of the this masterpiece.

  • This bike features 6061 aluminum frame, hydro formed,with a classic design.
  • It also features Avid BB-7 mechanical disk brakes that offer optimum braking and safety.
  • This bike is fitted with Shimano twist shifter, 7 speed Acera rare derailleur.
  • It comes with pedal assist as well as throttle with 5 power levels. You can easily switch from one mode to another.
  • This bike also features a 36v 10 amp bike with a 36v 15 amp or 48 lithium battery upgrade capacity. Which can cover between 18-27 miles depending on the battery.
  • 3 amp charger that takes approximately 4 hours to fully charge.
  • It also features a 500 watts brushless motor (geared hub) which apart from being discretely small is also stealthily quiet.
  • This bike also comes with a backlit LCD screen that displays the distance covered, the power, battery charge available and speed.
  • It is also fitted with puncture resistant Schwalbe tires, which have reflector stops for night travel.
  • The saddle is cushioned and is covered with leather while the seat posts have suspension.
  • It comes with a rear rack, fenders and chain guard.
  • It weighs up to 55 lbs.
  • Comes in two main colors: black and blue steele.

Benefits of Pedego City Commuter Classic Electric Bike

When it comes to the Pedego City Commuter Classic Electric Bike the features are not just for show but to give out benefits. The quality components of the bike offer the best in terms of what the cyclist can benefit from the bike. Any rider will appreciate the quality of the components.

  • Efficiency: The Pedego City Commuter Classic Electric Bike is efficient thanks to the powerful battery and two pedaling modes.
  • Comfortable: It is also designed with a comfortable riding position. Coupled with the suspension on the seat post and balloon tires you can count on improved comfort on the road
  • Light: Compared to other bikes of the same caliber,  Pedego City Commuter Classic Electric Bike is quite light.The discrete motor also makes it more lighter than most electric commuter bikes.
  • Easy to use: This bike is easy to use, especially the cycling mode. It can be easy to switch from pedal assist to throttle
  • Safe: Thanks to the reflectors on the rims of the bike night travels are much safer. With the chain guard and fenders your cloths are safe from mud and reaps. The mechanical brakes also have a powerful stopping force that adds to the bikes secure nature.
  • Competitive warranty: Pedego offers a very competitive warranty with 2 years on the tire and 3 years for the battery among others.
  • Covers more ground: With the battery options available, Pedego City Commuter Classic Electric Bike can cover up to 50 miles with a single, fully charged battery. That is more than some, if not most, electric bikes can cover.
  • Durable: The Pedego City Commuter Classic Electric Bike is a durable bike. The aluminum frame and puncture resistant tires are testimony to this fact.
  • Stylish: While most electric commuter bikes have a bulky appearance, Pedego City Commuter Classic Electric Bike is stylish and has a futuristic appearance that most lack. The earth color tones are also a plus to the overall appearance.
  • Great for speed: Apart from the  Pedego City Commuter Classic Electric Bike having an impressive battery, its motor is also something to write home about as it offers speeds of up to 30 miles per hour.

Pros of Pedego City Commuter Classic Electric Bike

Looking at Pedego City Commuter Classic it is easy to tell that it’s more than eye catchy to an avid rider. In fact, there are a number of pros and advantages that it comes with. It stands out not just in terms of its appearance, but also the pros that usually leave a cyclist, experienced or otherwise, looking forward to the next trip on the machine. Here are some of the pros.

  • Quality components: One of the things Pedego can pride itself in is the quality of the components it uses on its bikes.Though it is considered a pricey option, the  Pedego City Commuter Classic Electric Bike can justify the price tag with quality components from Shimano and other well know brands.
  • Two cycling modes: Pedego City Commuter Classic Electric Bike comes with two pedal options: pedal assist and throttle. You can switch from one to the other through the dial on the handle easily. With the five power options for the throttle a cyclist can choose to pedal or simply sit back and enjoy the ride.
  • Great tires: The tires of the Pedego City Commuter Classic Electric Bike have puncture seal capabilities and they are balloon tires that offer more shock absorption.
  • Impressive breaking system: The Avid mechanical disk brakes are a quality brand that offers efficient stoppage power whenever the need arises. In an urban setting the need for quality brakes cannot be stressed enough.
  • Quality chain system: The chain system of Pedego City Commuter Classic Electric Bike is fitted with a chain guard that not only protects the chain but the cyclist as well. Your clothes will not get caught between the chain and the cassettes.
  • ‘Stealth’ motor: One other impressive advantage of this bike is the near invisible motor. With most electric bikes you will either hear or see the motor. However, with the Pedego City Commuter Classic Electric Bike you can nearly notice its existence since it’s so small and extremely quiet.
  • Fenders and kick stand: A cyclist is completely safe from the mud and splashes. Thanks to the fenders you reach your destination without much care of either of the two. The kick stand offers a way of parking your bike while not in use.
  • Lighting: Pedego City Commuter Classic Electric Bike comes with LCD lighting for both the front and back so safety is at the forefront especially at night.

Cons of Pedego City Commuter Classic Electric Bike

So far we have dealt with some of the positives that come with this awesome piece of machinery. From the looks of things this bike does not disappoint, or does it? One thing is for sure, it is man made and that means it is prone to error. So yes, this bike comes with some disadvantages, but that does not mean that it is not worth investing in.Just be prepared to deal with some of the ills it comes with.

  • Expensive: As stated before, this bike is very pricey. There are other electric commuter bikes which are cheaper with quality components. The 4 digit number can be too much for some.
  • Too thin tires: Though the tires have an impressive 26-28 inch in diameter the width at 2 inches leaves a lot to be desired.
  • Lacks suspension fork: This bike lacks a suspension which should have gone a long way in boosting the shock absorption and offering a smoother ride.
  • Added weight: The total weight of the bike is approximately 55lbs and the battery takes a big chunk of that at around 9lbs. It leaves the bike unbalanced and affects the maneuverability of the bike.
  • Less intuitive: If you are used to the conventional bike as opposed to an electric bike with pedal assist it will take some time to be in tune with the pedelec mode.

Missing links to Pedego City Commuter Classic Electric Bike

The Pedego City Commuter Classic Electric Bike is great for commuter who want to enjoy a ride and some fresh air even in an urban setting. However, it does come with some negatives to it. There are some flaws associated with this bike that may need some twerking to have it fixed. These are known as the missing links. These flaws are being discussed here not to discourage a potential buyer ,but to help you identify them so that it can be improved on for your enjoyment. Some of these missing links include:

  • The saddle is not too comfortable. Though it is padded, the seat lacks the comfort it should offer when cycling. With time it brings about numbness. To mitigate, add some cushions to the seat or buy a better and comfortable seat.
  • The motor can be noisy if it is not tuned as it should. Make sure to follow the instructions clearly or visit a bike shop to have it done by a professional.

Final thought on the Pedego City Commuter Classic Electric Bike

The Pedego City Commuter Classic Electric Bike has its upside as well as its down side but it has proven to be a machine after every commuters heart. You can easily use it to go to school or at work either by pedaling or have the bike do all the work for you. At the end of the day you get to your destination. The price is a bit on the higher end, but the performance are more than makes up for it. Though it is bulky than some, it gets the work done and still lasts longer thanks to the quality components invested in it. Go ahead and give it a try. You will not be disappointed. Click here to check out this electric bike.