Ortlieb Back Roller Classic Bag Review of 2018

ortiliebWho does not like a German product? I mean, they are durable, good looking and among the best quality products in the entire world.The Ortlieb Bag is no exception. It has a wide array of benefits (and misdoings also; it would be a lie not to point that out) which I will get  to in a bit.

The Back Roller Classics (sounds somehow similar to a band name I know) all operate in the same way. They close by rolling up and with a clip, a strap shuts it. It is a very basic mechanism but the simpler it is, the better.

Here are the biggest of the many advantages this panniers have:

1. Ease of Use.            ortilieb2

It attaches and removes easily because the hooks open and close when you lift the handle for carrying it. This makes it greatly ideal for bikers who do not have much time to access their bags than they have for racing.

2. Large Capacity.

This Ortlieb Back Roller Classic Pannier can carry the volume of up to 40 litres. While some may argue this is not comparable to bags that have more capacity, I think 40 litres is pretty much what you would want to carry at any one time, whether by hand or putting it on your bicycle.

3. Tough and Waterproof.

Bags nowadays can be such sub standard things. They wear out fast (and no one wants to be seen with a bag full of patches) and become baggy, no pun intended. However, this is not the case  for this Ortileb design. It is built to last and will still serve you as good one year later as he day you first bought it. Furthermore, no one wants to go for a picnic then when it starts raining, your snacks and sandwiches in the bag get wet and suddenly that girl you were trying to impress is not so impressed.

4. Large Internal Pockets.

If you are in need of more space, this Ortlieb design takes care of your need by offering you an array of different sizes of large internal pockets. This can come in real handy if you are not the routine kind of guy. If everyday you have to pack something different in your bag, then this is exactly the bag for you.

5. Easy to Clean in the Inside.

The pannier is very easy to clean on the inside. You can get to all the corners and wash that stubborn dust away for a cleaner bag. The outside to, can look as good as new, if scrubbed with a degreaser.

Some of the few points that disappointed me in the make of this bag were that it had no external pockets but I later came to realise that it was waterproof. No one needs external pockets when making a weather sealed product, and a pannier at that. Also its shape could be a disappointment for some of the consumers. The pannier is wider at the top than it is at the bottom. However, this will only be a setback if you intend to carry large square shaped packages.

It is a bag that will carry your large packages and still feel light at the same time. With the huge ortilieb1array of features, you are guaranteed a long lasting product that will serve you for years.

The Ortlieb design is visually appealing and unlike many such products it is built to last. The fact that it has such a large storage capacity makes it all the more lovable and fun to use. It is largely ideal for cycling and picnics. Bikers will find this bag a pleasure to use because it will carry all of their biking gear comfortably. If you are a lecturer also, and you plan to take your students for a picnic,  the Ortlieb Back Roller Classic Pannier proves to be the ideal bag because it can carry a huge pack of snacks for the students. It is also very affordable, going for under 200$ . Most other products that serve the same purpose go for 250$ or more. Costing you 100$ less makes it the real deal. You can find it here

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