Northwoods Springdale Womens Hybrid Bike Review of 2018

womens hybrid bikeCommuter bikes are in demand and manufacturers are working overtime to meet the demand not just in quantity but in quality. The cyclist is always looking for something new that can fit their budget, but still maintain the quality in terms of features. When it comes to comfort bikes the criteria is still the same. The features should be made to provide comfort for the ride as they cruise down the road or taking a recreational ride through a rough terrain.

With the customer in mind manufactures have made it their sole mission to come up with the best with affordable price tags. The dynamics that make up the hybrid bike market is vibrant and the competition is on a new level, which is good news for those in need of affordable and quality bikes. Comfort aside, durability and safety should not be ignored as well since you will be commuting for some time and you want to be safe while you do so.

One of the brands of hybrid bikes is Northwoods Springdale Women’s Hybrid Bike. This is a bike, especially designed for ladies who love commuting and taking leisure rides in different terrains. It is built with strength, but for comfort and comes at an affordable price for those not looking to spend too much on purchasing.

This review will look at the Northwoods Springdale Women’s Hybrid Bike in depth with the sole purpose of analyzing it features to give a clear picture before you go out shopping for the perfect bicycle. You will be able to answer the what’s in it for me question while at the same time understand the underlying feature of the bike. The main focus will be on four areas: the features of Northwoods Springdale Womens Hybrid Bike; the benefits and advantages of Northwoods Springdale Women’s Hybrid Bike; the pros of Northwoods Springdale Womens Hybrid Bike; the cons of Northwoods Springdale Womens Hybrid Bike; the missing links of Northwoods Springdale Womens Hybrid Bike and; the final take on Northwoods Springdale Women’s Hybrid Bike.

The Features of Northwoods Springdale Women’s Hybrid Bike

One thing that makes the Northwoods Springdale Women’s Hybrid Bike stand out is its exceptional features. The numerous benefits that have been infused into this bike make it worthwhile and gives it value for your money. The individual features have been tailor made to fit the needs of those who value performance and comfort. Below we shall discuss the features of the Northwoods Springdale Women’s Hybrid Bike and how they contribute to the overall performance and experience of the rider.

  • The 16-inch frame of the bike is composed of aluminum, which makes it lightweight.
  • The Northwoods Springdale Women’s Hybrid Bike comes fitted with 700c rims and 26 inch tires best for off road terrains.
  • The bike comes with pull brakes, linear, that are superb when it comes to stopping power when the need arises.
  • It comes fitted with Shimamo rear derailleurs which promise an exceptional 21 gear shifting capabilities and a smooth ride irrespective of the terrain.
  • The bike has rear and front fenders that helps in protecting you as well as the bike from mud and splashes from dirty water puddles.
  • The bike weighs around 20 kilos which is light considering the type of bike you are dealing with.
  • For comfort the bike is designed with an upright riding position with the handle bars positioned in a way that the rider does not have to lean forward as they ride.
  • The dimensions of the bike are 72*25*36 inches in terms of height, width and depth respectively.
  • The cushioned leather seats have quick release clamps for easy adjustments to the position of the saddle.
  • The main color that comes with the bike is white which is a favorite with ladies plus the inclusion of a rear rack in case there is need for added storage.
  • There is a dual suspension for a smooth, enjoyable experience.

womens hybrid bikeThe Benefits of Northwoods Springdale Women’s Hybrid Bike

What’s a product without benefits? After all good quality dictates value for money. The Northwoods Springdale Women’s Hybrid Bike does not disappoint as it comes with a number of benefits that will have you taking rides any time you get the chance. Thanks to the features that the manufacturers worked hard to implement for improved performance and experiences, cyclists can reap big benefits. The section below focuses on those benefits.

  • Low cost: One of the major benefits of Northwoods Springdale is the fact that it is affordable for those who love riding but cannot afford to spend a lot.
  • Strength: Even with its lightweight nature, the Northwoods Springdale still has the strength needed. This is another benefit with this bike, the strength, thanks to the aluminum frame, alloy rims and 700c wheels. All these features ensure that the bike can withstand different shocks and weight.
  • Comfort: No matter the type of bike you are using, comfort is one of the key things you look for. The cushioned seats and dual suspension give the rider comfort while they are on the bike. The handle bars also give the rider an upright position which is critical for comfort.
  • A great braking system: Nothing beats a great breaking system when it comes to commuter and recreational bikes. The alloy pull brakes allow the rider to make sudden stops when the need arises. When on the road, in traffic this plays a major role.
  • Improved Stability: When it comes to stability Northwoods Springdale has a lot to offer. Thanks to the 26” tires and the alloy rims a cyclist is assured of being stable despite the different terrains.
  • Accommodating: Women of different weights and height can use this machine. The size of the bike can accommodate women of 5’4” and above which is an added bonus for those who consider themselves taller than average.
  • Great for on and off road: This bike can handle different terrains as it is comfortable to ride this bike on the road and other terrains that may not be as smooth as paved roads.
  • Stylish design and structure: The Northwoods Springdale comes in a classic, stylish design with a touch of modern. The white color makes it even more attractive to the ladies.
  • Ease of assembly: On delivery the bike comes with a user manual which makes it easy to put together compared to other bikes of the same stature.
  • Durable: The frame of the bike consists of aluminum and alloys. A cyclist is assured of durability and longevity, not constant visits to the bike shop.
  • Great gear shift: The bike includes a rear derailleur which makes it easier and smooth to change speeds while taking a ride.

The pros of Northwoods Springdale women’s hybrid bike

Northwoods Springdale comes with not just great features, but also desirable pros and advantages that make your cycling experience something you always look forward to. This part of the review lists down some of the notable pros of the Northwoods Springdale.

  • Ease of assembly: The Northwoods Springdale can be easily assembled. This can be attributed to the straightforward user manual that comes with delivery. As long as the instructions are followed to the later it is easy.
  • Cheaper: The bike is built with economical materials, especially the frame and in the end the cost of the bike comes down. The bike can be purchased at a very low price which means that you are left with more money to spend on other things.
  • Improved safety: The inclusion of features such as pull brakes made from alloys makes bicycling a safe affair. They work well in different circumstances, no matter the terrain.
  • Great 21 speeds: As a cyclist, a great bike usually means different speeds and shifters when you need them. Northwoods Springdale comes with 21 different speeds that can be effortlessly changed when you are riding.
  • Enhanced comfort: Another pro that makes the Northwoods Springdale the bike to choose is the comfort. The saddle is cushioned and has quick release capabilities for easy adjustments. The structure of the bike is made to give the rider a comfortable upright posture as they ride.

womens hybrid bikeThe cons of Northwoods Springdale women’s hybrid bike

Perfection is what we aspire for in products, but this is not possible. The Northwoods Springdale womens hybrid bike has a number of impressive feature that carries with it great benefits. Unfortunately, there are flaws that  give drawbacks from its path to perfection. There are cons that are attributed to the Northwoods Springdale women’s hybrid bike and these do not in any way mean that the bicycle is not worth your investment. These are just common flaws found on most bikes and the discussion on them is just so you can make the right decision. The following are some of the cons that come with the Northwoods Springdale women’s hybrid bike.

  • Complex assembly process: As much as the general assembly of the bicycle is easy the instructions are complex and some users have found it difficult to put it together. You may have to contact a professional to have your bike assembled which can be time consuming and not to mention the additional cost.
  • Missing parts and tools: There have been reported cases that some of the parts of the bicycle are missing and the tools for the putting the bicycle together not in the delivery package. This means you have to purchase the missing parts from the local bike shop or order it elsewhere.
  • The bike can be weighty: As mentioned the bike is approximately 20 kg in weight. For a commuter who carries the bike up and down a flight of stairs, it can be a chore.
  • Designed for women: The feminine design of the Northwoods Springdale women’s hybrid bike is not that accommodating for men. The best option is to purchase the men’s version of the Northwoods Springdale hybrid bike.
  • Limited users: The bike is best for cyclists who are taller than 5’4”. Riders who are shorter than this will have a hard time riding the bike with its 72 inches height.
  • Twerking is required: Some minor twerking is essential to make sure that the bike is at optimum performance capacity. Due to the absence of quick release wheels it is difficult to make necessary adjustments to the functioning of the wheels.
  • Problematic tube spares: In case there is a need for a spare tube there are limited stores that offer the tube. You have to do your research to find a compliant store or order it online from the manufacturers.

The Missing Links of Northwoods Springdale women’s hybrid bike

Now that we have analyzed all the great features, the benefits, pros, advantages and cons of the Northwoods Springdale womens hybrid bike, it’s time to slow down a bit and analyze the some of the missing links that is part of the Northwoods Springdale. There are features, or non-thereof, that work against the optimum performance of the bicycle. It is important to note that these are just missing links that can be filled in with homemade or cost effective solutions. Here are some of the missing links that can be mitigated with a little bit of creativity.

  • Missing instructions: Assembly can be difficult if you cannot find the instructions or you find it difficult to understand it you can look for online tutorials to help you through the entire process.

Final take on the Northwoods Springdale women’s hybrid bike

If you are a lady commuter who loves cycling to work, then the Northwoods Springdale women’s hybrid bike is the one for you. It is an affordable option with a strong aluminum frame. You so not have to stress on safety as it comes with linear pull brakes to regulate those 21 speed options. The bike is designed with the aim of providing comfort with the upright position of the handlebars, cushioned seats and smooth gear shifts. The Northwoods Springdale may not be the perfect option but it is one of the best bikes for those recreational and commuting rides.Click here to check out this bike.