Motan M-150 Electric Folding Bike Review of 2018

Electric folding bikeMotan M-150 electric folding bike is a good bike with high superman push. It is well built and very comfortable. I find the bike very convenient for both the young and elderly riders. I am convinced that it is the best Electric bike due to its power and reliability.

If you are looking for a bike for adventure, Motan M-150 electric folding bike is what you should be looking for. The bike will take you to places where the traditional breed of bikes would never. It can comfortably take you to long distances at powerful yet comfortable speed. You might not believe the power with which it takes on hard trails as you ride.

Some of the things I like about the bike

  • High-level performance and speed: Motan M-150 electric folding bike is a 750 W motor powered bike. Being powered by batteries, it takes on different terrains and distances with exceptional performance. With an allowance for pedaling should the charge run out.It can do a speed of up to 25 MPH both on motor power and peddling. The pedals are easy to work on giving out high-level performance. You can, therefore, consider it for getting yourself to an event without getting late.
  • Display lighting: I am not a night time adventurer, but I found this bike very well lit at the display. It features an automatic light for night visibility. It also ensures clear viewing of Mileage and Speed. I found this very useful as you can control your speed and monitor your mileage for, among other reasons, servicing. Therefore, if you love night adventures, here is a bike that you might like.
  • Gadgets charging support: The bike also features a USB charger port to allow charging of your gadgets as you ride along. This is important because we riders like to take our electronic gadgets with us and it’s obvious that if they run out of power, they will be of no use. This feature, therefore, ensures that you will have convenient use of your gadgets with no fears of them going off when you most need them.
  • Portability & Lightweight: The bike is designed to have a Collapsible frame, top-tube, and pedals, which makes it very portable.  As such, it is very easy to store or carry in the car, store, or garage.Again, the bike is amazingly lightweight. It weighs below 70 pounds with a very maneuverable cockpit. This makes it easy to navigate it without feeling much weight on your hands.
  • Easy to put together: Being a folding bike, it may concern you that you will need some high level of expertise to put it together. Surprisingly it will only take you less than 20 seconds to set it up. The Collapsible Top-Tube, Frame and Pedals easily unfold without professional assistance. The instructions on its set up are very easy to follow too, therefore, giving you an easy time even though you never used the bike before.
  • Carrying capacity: MOTAN M-150 750W Electric Bike is ideal for individuals measuring 5’4″-6’4″. The seat post is adjustable with a quick release. This makes it a convenient ride for both tall and short users. It is not only good for lightweights, but it can hold perfectly riders weighing around 300 lbs. It is, therefore, a great option for riders who weigh around this much. Most of the traditional bikes usually wear out fast or break some parts when subjected to too much weight.
  • Versatility: This is a bike that you can use for different purposes. It is very portable as I had stated earlier and very fashionable. Combined with its excellent performance on different terrain at comfortable speed makes it convenient to use for different purposes. This means one can use it for activities like hiking, general riding for adventure, transport and even riding to work and official events.
  • Powering and cabling: Yes, it is an E-Bike. It is powered by a 750W high-speed motor. This is a special kind of power that can take on various terrains including snowy surfaces. The powering is from Samsung lithium cell battery that’s contained in a removable and sealed pack. The battery is powerful enough to enable you take on just any terrain with ease.I was concerned about what would happen if the batteries lose the charge. Luckily, it is possible to still peddle the bike up to over 20 MPH in case that happens with only the motor power.When fully charged, the bike can go at a speed of 25 MPH covering over 40 miles. The battery charging period is about 4-6 hours depending on its status and it uses a 2.5A US Standard Smart Charger which is readily available.I find this electricity powering feature very great. It makes one less tired and can take long distance rides. The cables are covered and have little contact with the rider.
  • Fashionable design: I love this bike’s design. I have received many compliments from friends and strangers, and any bike lover will love it too. Actually, it is arguably the coolest bike on the market. It is made with a fashionable and eye-catching design. The colors blending of orange and black give it an attractive look.

Electric folding bikeOther useful components

In addition to the aforementioned key features, there are other components that give Motan-150 E-bike a head start over the traditional bikes. It is made of aluminum parts which are very durable. They include the Travel Suspension Fork, Folded Frame, black handlebar, Black Folded Pedals.

Other parts, for example, the frame and the brake discs are made of alloy. This ensures that they are not only durable but also free from atmosphere reaction leading to rust. Alloys usually retain the original attractive color with reduced fading rates.

The seat is made of soft saddle attached to a quick release seat post of 30 cm. It is, therefore, very adjustable and comfortable to sit on even for long distance ride.

For speed control, it has a perfect braking system. This means that you will have a better control of your bike and you will ride confidently knowing that braking will be easy in case of an emergency.

Given that Motan M-150 E-bike is a very powerful bike, as it also features the famous Shimano Pro Freewheel with 7 Speeds, you must ensure that you always have a reliable braking system , for your safety and that of other riders.

What I didn’t like:

  • The seat: One of the biggest complains by users is the saddle seat. Even though the bike can support large-bodied and heavyweights, it can barely support taller bodies. Most riders like riding at a standard seat level, i.e., not so high, not so low. However, tall riders above 6’0 might find it hard using this seat at the lowest seat set-up. The seat post is, however, adjustable.
  • Road vibrations: It is possible to ignore vibrations when riding especially on rough terrain. But at times it can be too much, thus it is important I mention them at this point. These vibrations may cause unplugging of devices that may be charging on the display or hand blisters. In smooth surfaces and terrains like tarmac roads, the vibrations do not exist. To counter the vibrations one might be necessitated to use padded riding gloves. This might not be a major issue as some people would consider it a part of the adventure.

Why buy Motan M-150 electric folding bike?

You will agree with me that though all bikes serve the same purposes, there are others that will give you more utility. No one would want to invest their cash on a bike that doesn’t give them equal the value. For it to be worth the price, it must fit your requirements. Motan M-150 electric folding bike is undoubtedly worth your money. I have compiled some of its key elements that would make you chose the bike over any other.

  • Durability: Most of the body parts are made of aluminum or its alloys. Aluminum is a very durable metal and it is resistant to rust. The alloys are easily lubricated to prevent rust and enhance performance. The seat is made of leather with quality padding for durability and comfort.
  • Attractive design: Most people appreciate well-thought designs. If you are one of them, then this bike will surely catch your attention. Other than the general design, the black and orange colors give it a very eye-catching and fashionable appearance. This makes it usable for different events and occasion.
  • Smooth ride and decent speed: I have always found rides fulfilling if they are smooth and of decent speed which is exactly what this bike provides. For a bike to deliver these two aspects, its design, components and the entire system must be very dependable.You can ride on comfortable and speed with just the motor power and it might be a little faster when peddling with the level one assistant. The Maximum Speed the bike can go is up to 25 MPH/45-55 MPC. This e-bike is structurally designed to allow you to ride on any trails and it performs exceptionally on difficult trails. The tires are thick and with front shocks that guarantee you a perfectly smooth ride.
  • Exercises and fitness: The bike gives you a special form of gym experience. It is possible to pedal the bike even at high speed. At the speed of 20-22 mph, you can barely resist pedaling as the feet are already moving very fast. When the bike takes on tough terrain especially during hikes, it allows one to exercise as you pedal.For people with limited mobility, the bike allows them to turn over the pedal with little or no effort when riding uphill.
  • Portability: If you are looking for a bike that you can easily and conveniently carry along to different areas, Motan M-150 electric folding bike is what you should try. It has Collapsible frame, top-tube, and pedals, which make it very portable.  It is therefore very easy to store or carry in any car. Also, as mentioned before, it is lightweight, and this adds to its portability.

Electric folding bikePros of Motan M-150 electric folding bike

  • Has thick tires and front shocks for comfort
  • High performance with superman push
  • Takes on different trails
  • Has a comfortable and steady speed
  • Fashionable and eye-catching design
  • Very versatile hence usable for different occasion and events
  • Can support large bodied users and up to 6’0 tall
  • Automatic display at the display to view speed and mileage
  • Has a charging port
  • Very durable
  • Easy to set up for use and portable
  • The cables are well covered

Cons of Motan M-150 electric folding bike

  • The only issue I have with the bike is that it might not be too comfortable for extremely tall and large individuals. However, the seat is adjustable, and this means you have a chance to at least make it work for you.

Riding tips:

  • Speed: There is always the enthusiasm and extra confidence when it comes to a well-performing bike. This may prompt riding at a dangerous speed. It is, therefore, important to control your speed to manageable limits. Also, ensure that your brakes system are regularly checked to control speed effectively.
  • Maintenance: Ensure that all movable parts are regularly and timely lubricated to ensure quality performance. Most movable parts of Motan M-150 electric folding bike are made of alloys hence they are not prone to rust, but you should give them proper maintenance to promote durability.
  • Proper riding gear: The road vibrations are inevitable especially if you are taking on rough terrain. The hands will be taking the greatest impact. Therefore, investing in a well-padded pair of riding gloves will be wise to prevent blisters and sores on your palm.


Overall, I would judge the Motan M-150 electric folding bike as an excellent bike. With very little complains concerning its performance and structuring, I would recommend it to anyone interested in buying a versatile bike for different uses. With guidebook on its set-up and maintenance, it is very easy to manage and operate. My personal experience on its utility allows me to rate it as the best electric bike on the market today. Click here to check out this bike.