Mongoose Impasse R2780 Mountain Bike Review of 2018

mongoose impasseMountain biking has become a favorite pass time for more individuals over the past decade. Apart from it being a hobby, the workout from cycling off-road is a plus by any standard. However, before buying a mountain bike it is imperative that you know what you want and what for.  Some of the mountain bikes available in the market can be a hoax. Fortunately, there are good ones as well. The Mongoose Impasse R2780 Mountain Bike is one of the favorite models.

It boasts of an aluminum frame that has dual suspension. Thus smooths the ride, especially on rough terrains. The frame is in itself lighter and facilitates maneuverability. Although this bike can be ridden off road, extremely rough terrain is not advisable. This is because the fork is not equipped with adequate cylinder cushioning in a bid to save production costs. It also features an impressive wheel set of 29” that can comfortably accommodate tall riders. The headset is Threadless and it has alloy rims which are sturdy and strong.

Safety is of utmost importance and the Mongoose Impasse R2780 Mountain Bike comes with superb braking system. The alloy mechanical disk brakes, both on the front and rear, provide the braking power needed whether you are on the road or off. This is especially useful in high speed cycling and downhill trails. With 21 speeds any newbie will be able to enjoy this Mongoose machine without much struggle. The SRAM shifter offers a smooth gear change, coupled with the Shimano rear derailleur and MTB front derailleur the experience is heightened.

The Mongoose Impasse R2780 Mountain Bike has a lot to offer and it comes at a relatively affordable price considering that most mountain bikes are pretty expensive. This bike has a pretty low price and offers more or less the same experience for those who want to train and exercise as well as hobby cycle. It is the purpose of this review to give you an in depth analysis of the Mongoose Impasse R2780 Mountain Bike in six different categories, namely: the features and specs of Mongoose Impasse R2780 Mountain Bike, the benefits of Mongoose Impasse R2780 Mountain Bike, the pros of Mongoose Impasse R2780 Mountain Bike, the cons of Mongoose Impasse R2780 Mountain Bike, the missing link to Mongoose Impasse R2780 Mountain Bike and the final thoughts.

Features and specs of Mongoose Impasse R2780 Mountain Bike

Any product worth investing in needs to have some impressive features. A mountain bike is no different. Quality features always carry the day if you are looking to enjoy your cycling experience. Some bikes have the look but cannot withstand conditions when put to the test. Mongoose Impasse R2780 comes with a number of features that are sure to keep the cyclist looking forward to another run on the machine. This section identifies the features.

  • This bike features an aluminum suspension frame that enhances comfort and maneuverability.
  • It has dual suspension with amazing shock absorbing power for road and off road terrain.
  • It also has an amazing 29” wheel set with alloy rims. The wheels are best for tacking different terrains and makes the bike easy to maneuver.
  • The headset and stem features quick release mechanisms.
  • Both the rear and front wheels feature alloy disc brakes that offer top of the notch braking power even in high traffic situations.
  • This bike also comes with 7 rear cassettes and 3 chain rings in the front which makes it a 21 speed bike.
  • It also has durable alloy pedals
  • It features a Shimano rear derailleur and MTB front derailleur.
  • The shifter is an SRAM twist shifter that can smoothly change from one gear to another
  • It comes in predominantly two colors of black and silver.
  • The overall weight of the bike is a little over 44lbs and has a dimension of 57” *9” *31”
  • Thanks to its large size the Mongoose Impasse R2780 can accommodate taller users of more than 5’7” comfortably.

mongoose impasseBenefits of the Mongoose Impasse R2780 Mountain Bike

Buying a product takes more than just having fancy features and specs. Most cyclists ask what they tend to gain by buying one mountain bike over another. The Mongoose Impasse R2780 has a lot to offer in terms of the benefits. The features give more than just aesthetics. Here are some of the benefits to look forward to.

  • Affordable: The Mongoose Impasse R2780 is quite affordable considering it is a mountain bike. The price is very low and many will consider this a great bargain.
  • Smooth ride: As stated this bike comes with dual suspension with an aluminum suspension frame that means great shock absorption as you cycle even off road. Just be sure to keep of extremely rough terrains.
  • Enhanced safety and control: The alloy disk brakes on both the front and rear help keep the cyclist safe even in high speeds and down sloppy terrains. The cyclist will also have more control on when and where to stop.
  • Accommodating: Another benefit is for taller riders. With its dimensions this bike can accommodate tall riders from 5’7” or taller. The 29” tires make it more comfortable and the wide frames give more leg room.
  • Easy assembly process: This bike is not assembled when delivered, but it can be easily assembled. If the instructions are followed to the last bit, it takes a maximum of 20 minutes to finish.
  • Non exhausting: Thanks to the dual suspension a cyclist can enjoy the experience without getting exhausted in the process even off-road.
  • Easy maintenance: It’s not just easy to assemble and use, it is easy to carry out maintenance thanks to its quick release feature. The front thread less headset doesn’t hurt either.
  • Stylish: Although the bike comes in predominantly two colors, the overall design of the bike is stylish and can have a sleek look in an urban setting on the trail.
  • Multipurpose: The Mongoose Impasse R2780 maybe is a mountain bike but it can serve as a training and an exercise tool. Even those who cycle as a hobby or are starting out in the cycling world can find a friend in this beauty.
  • Durable: Aluminum is not just a light material it is also strong and sturdy. This makes this bike a very durable option that is also easy to store and carry around.
  • Best for entry level: With its 21 speeds and dual suspension this bike is considered best for entry level riders who are not planning to be in any professional competition. It can also be used during training.

Pros of Mongoose Impasse R2780 Mountain Bike

It is not just the features and benefits that a cyclist can look forward to, there is also the advantages and pros. As a cycling enthusiast or just an inquisitive mind, you want to be aware of all the positives.  One of the major reasons why the Mongoose Impasse R2780 Mountain Bike is a favorite with most is the advantages that stem from it. And just like the benefits it enhances the experience of the user. Some of the pros of this bike include:

  • Dual suspension: One top reason to invest in this bike is the full suspension feature. It absorbs the shocks when off the road and with the suspension frame you can enjoy a comfortable ride.
  • Impressive braking power: With both the front and rear covered, the breaking power of this bike is phenomenal. It comes with dick brakes on both the front and back wheels, giving you stoppage power whenever you need.
  • Great shifting: Shifting from one gear to another is a breeze with the Mongoose Impasse R2780. Thanks to the SRAM twist shifter changing speeds while cycling can be accomplished without so much as a bump.
  • Enhanced wheel traction: The wheels of the Mongoose Impasse R2780 Mountain Bike are not jut large, but also have great traction for those slippery and wet roads.
  • Easy to assemble: It is easy to assemble the Mongoose Impasse R2780 Mountain Bike even though it comes not assembled. It can be done from home with readily available tools.
  • Cost effective: Most mountain bikes go at a higher price. With the Mongoose Impasse R2780 you can a bet on a bargain because the price is very low.
  • Large and sturdy suspension frame: Another advantage of this bike is the large suspension frame that boast of its strength. Taller riders can feel at home with this bike since it has more legroom and strength to accommodate them.
  • Quick release framework: The Mongoose Impasse R2780 comes with a quick release mechanism front and a threadless headset that makes it easy to make replacements and carry out maintenance.

mongoose impasseCons of the Mongoose Impasse R2780 Mountain Bike

We like to believe that with such great review, the Mongoose Impasse R2780 Mountain Bike is the next best thing as far as mountain biking is concerned. Well, not so fast. Just like all the bikes on the market, there are some downside too. The Mongoose Impasse R2780 has some impressive features and even better benefits and advantages. That, however, doesn’t mean that it has no flaw. There are some negatives to this bike that threaten to minimize its performance.

Do not get me wrong. It is a great bike worth investing in.The purpose of this review is to give you a realistic breakdown of the bike you want to invest in, and the disadvantages are part of it. It’s not to dissuade you from making a purchase but purely to make you understand what you are getting into. The following section of the review gives an overview of what flaws to expect.

  • The suspension fork and dual suspension feature has proven to be a plus. However, too much suspension can be drag. Cyclists may have to overcompensate when peddling. A lockout feature would have helped. New riders are most affected but will eventually get used to the rigidity.
  • Although this is a mountain bike, it is not the best option for extremely rough terrain. It works best for roads and some mildly rough terrains. This is why most users deem it as an exercise option and not for competitions. The bike is overall great, but some of the parts used cannot withstand the pressure of rough riding.
  • The price tag on this bike is alluring. However, to get a mountain bike with the same means you have to settle with substandard parts. Some of the parts including the frame, suspension and the shifters are not the best in the market. Most cyclists would prefer brands such as Shimano but that would mean more money for the consumer.

Missing links to Mongoose Impasse R2780 Mountain Bike

Another downside to the Mongoose Impasse R2780 is the missing links. Just like the disadvantages, this has the potential to reduce the performance of the bike and like the cons, they cannot be a reason not to invest in this bike. Luckily, these are just flaws that can be dealt with without spending too much in terms of money and time. These missing links include:

  • No water bottle holder. When cycling it is important to rehydrate but with no water bottle holder it can be a challenge. Fortunately, you can have the same installed in a bike shop near you at minimal costs.

Final thoughts on Mongoose Impasse R2780 Mountain Bike

If you are looking for an affordable entry level bike, then the Mongoose Impasse R2780 Mountain Bike is the one for you. With dual suspension and sturdy aluminum frame you can be sure to enjoy your cycling expeditions as well as get some much needed exercise. Just make sure you follow the instructions or take it to a bike shop and have a professional get the tuning right. My verdict is that the Mongoose Impasse R2780 is an awesome bike that is worth every penny you spend on it. Click here to check out this bike.