LifeCore Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer Review of 2018

 LifeCore Fitness Assault Air Bike TrainerExercising has become a daily routine for most individuals, but the hustle of their day to day lives keep them from taking outdoor bike rides and that is where upright exercise bikes come in handy. These indoor machines have been more than helpful for most cyclist enthusiasts. Upright exercise bikes, since their inception, have grown in popularity. Whether it be at the local gym or at home the benefits of these bikes makes it worth analyzing on a deeper level.

A look at the evolution of the upright exercise bike industry will reveal improved innovation with each new model that hits the market. This a testament of how the manufacturers are investing in order to outdo each other. The competition is welcome news for users as your exercise regime can be easily met. The only problem is that you will have a hard time choosing from the variety of bikes available in the market. However, this review aims to make that part much easier.

When it comes to fitness training LifeCore does not disappoint. The introduction of the Assault Air Bike Trainer by LifeCore has revolutionized the fitness industry with its upright exercise bike. Not only does this bike offer the great exercise, but is unique in terms of the variety of workouts you can receive. How? The rest of the article will address that.

LifeCore Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer is more than just your regular upright bike with great features. This review will delve into what makes this bike stand out, what the consumer stand to get from it and what are some of the flaws to deal with. Specifics are: The features and specs of LifeCore Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer; The benefits of LifeCore Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer; The pros and advantages of LifeCore Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer; The cons of LifeCore Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer; The missing links of LifeCore Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer; and The final take on LifeCore Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer.

The Features and specs of LifeCore Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer

LifeCore Air Bike is endowed to a number of features like some other upright exercise bikes while others are unique to it. Thanks to these features users can reap a lot of benefits and find enjoyment in their workout plans. They range from subtle things like strong steel frames to unique features such as the air resistant fans. This section of the review will list some of the feature of this bike and give an in-depth analysis of the LifeCore Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer.

  • Comes with a 27 inch fan wheel for air resistance during workouts as opposed to the magnetic resistance that is common to other upright bikes.
  • The bike also comes with a great resistance system that promises durability even with numerous workout sessions.
  • It is fitted with an LCD screen that is used to monitor the heart rate, calories, time, watts, speed, distance and rev/min.
  • For comfort the bike is fitted with an adjustable padded leather seat. The seat can be adjusted six ways, including upwards, downwards, forward and backwards.
  • When it comes to the program the LifeCore Assault Air Bike comes with two options of either an 8 pre-set programs or customized for those who prefer a program that is tailored specifically for them.
  • The frame of the bike is made from strong steel that makes it sturdy, strong and durable as well as stable during any workout regime.
  • The bike is also fitted with foot pegs for workouts that focus on the upper body and not the lower sides.
  • For the upper body workout the bike comes with moving arms that can be used in tandem with the fan wheel for both upper and lower body workout or alone with your legs on the foot pegs.
  • The frame also comes with a 5-year warranty.

 LifeCore Fitness Assault Air Bike TrainerBenefits of LifeCore Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer

Just like all products, consumers always look for what they will benefit from it. The LifeCore Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer comes with an array of benefits that make it worth the investment you put into it. There is no doubt that as someone who enjoys workouts in whatever level will always look forward to the next time they get chance to be on this upright bike. The list below is of the benefits that make up the LifeCore Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer.

  • Infinite workout levels: The 27” wheel fan is air resistant which basically means that you cannot exhaust the workout options. The more you peddle the more resistance you receive and the higher the challenge. With this point the name Assault fits right in.
  • Upper body workout: Thanks to the moving handlebars the workout comprises of upper body workouts which most upright exercise bikes do not have. A user can combine both the upper and lower body workouts or choose to simply focus on either the upper or lower workout.
  • Monitor your workout progress: With the LCD monitor you are able to monitor a number of things during the workout such as your heart rate, your cholesterol levels, regulate the speed and the revolution per minute.
  • Great workout program: There are 8 pre-programed workout routine that comes with the bike. However, the user has the option of creating their own workout programs if they deem the pre-programed workouts not suited for them.
  • Comfort: The padded leather seats are very comfortable if the user is planning to be on the bike for a long period. The seat can also be adjusted to fit the comfort of the user during workouts.
  • Excellent chain system: The air resistant fan wheel and sealed or cartridge ball bearings work together for a smooth and quiet workout regime.
  • Cost effective: Another benefit that comes with the LifeCore Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer is the price which is generally cheaper than other upright bikes. The price is very low and we can say it is pocket friendly.
  • Stable and steady: The frame is made from steel and the fan wheel offer a stable base. During workouts stability is essential for a great session.
  • Good weight capacity: Apart from stability the frame offers strength and support for up to 350 lbs. Users who weigh up to this capacity can use the bike comfortably.

The pros of LifeCore Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer

Despite there are being numerous brands and competitors out there, LifeCore Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer comes with pros that promise to leave you yearning for more. This part of the review looks at the pros that you can enjoy from this bike.

  • One of the pros of the LifeCore Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer is the fact that the bike can be easily assembled after purchase or delivery. There is little to no need of hiring a pro to put the machine together for your enjoyment.
  • The LifeCore Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer is a versatile workout helper. Thanks to the air resistance fan wheel and the movable arms. The user can comfortably challenge him/herself with the customized workouts.
  • The steel frame is strong and can support as much as 350lbs. It is durable and there is very low need for maintenance to keep it in top shape.
  • The price tag is also something to smile about. For those looking for an upright bike at very low price, then this is the perfect choice.
  • This machine is also built to withstand a commercial setting since it incorporates a monitor to track your progress and the strength does not hurt.
  • Comfort makes the deal even sweeter. The padded seats upright sitting position among other features makes LifeCore Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer more than just any upright bike.
  • Apart from the upper and lower body workout the bike offers a great cardio.

LifeCore Fitness Assault Air Bike TrainerThe cons of LifeCore Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer

Just like its other counterparts, it’s not all rosy with this product. The features that come with LifeCore Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer makes it a force to be reckoned with as they give life to the benefits and pros discussed above. Unfortunately, there is the other ugly part which is the cons. These are some of the flaws that are not unique to this bike but others as well. They are just flaws you can live with and are part of this review to help you understand and know what to expect once you buy the bike as part of your home gym or even for commercial purposes. To get a deeper sense of understanding of the cons and what they mean to you as an individual who values a great workout plan and process continue reading to find out more.

  • The handle bars are always moving and it can be difficult to work exclusively with the lower body.
  • This is not the best bike for beginners as there are no instructions to help them start out. Any new exerciser needs to know what to do as a beginner. The instruction manual of this bike assumes that you know what you are doing.
  • The bike comes with standard pedals with no grips for your feet and can sometimes slide off while you are peddling.
  • The resistance is limitless, but cannot be programmed into the bike manually, especially if you have a specific figure for your workout.
  • Another con to this bike is the fact that the monitor cannot  be backlit. This is a problem for those who do not have a well-lit gym or workout room. For those with eye problems it can be even more problematic because you have to strain your eyes in order to read the data on the screen.
  • To some users of the bike the saddle is not comfortable. Some complaining that it is too high or too hard for their workouts.
  • The bike is usually delivered, but with that comes extra costs. This cost is even greater with distance. In the end you have to part with a lot more money to have your bike.
  • Another flaw is the compact nature of the bike which means you cannot fold it if you want to relocate it. Due to its bulky nature, moving it can be a daunting task.

The missing links in LifeCore Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer

The LifeCore Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer is a beautiful machine with a great deal of benefits and advantages. With this said there are a number of shortcomings that also come with it. However much we may wish for perfection whatever is made from human hands and mind will not miss a few links that would have otherwise made it perfect. Not that this bike is not worth a second look at but there a few things you will need to make certain adjustments and minor modifications in order to enjoy what the bike has to offer fully. These are the missing links to the LifeCore Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer.

  • The handle bars are not stationary and make it hard for an exclusive lower body workout without engaging the upper body. To deal with this all you have to do is to simply sit and keep your hands off the arm bars while you work on your lower body. And if you find that challenging, you can choose to place your hands on the arm bars very lightly.

The final take on LifeCore Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer

The LifeCore Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer is a bike worth spending not only your money but also your time on. You are bound to get enough workout indoor if you have no time for the outdoor trainings. At the same time track your progress while you do so. The air resistance fan makes it an endless challenge. While this is not the cheapest exercise bike in the market the assault air bike trainer is one of the cheapest of its kind. In general, you will not be disappointed when you make a move to purchase this bike. Click here to check out this exercise bike.