Kinetic T-2700 Road Machine Smart Trainer Review of 2018

kinetic-t-2700The Kinetic Road Machine Smart Trainer is one of the best intermediate level trainer models that Kurt Kinetic has released into the market in the recent past. The indoor trainer is a progressive fluid resistance machine, meaning that it is able to generate resistance by spinning a blade through a chamber that is tiled with a fluid and all that integrated with a 6.25-pound flywheel to produce optimal acceleration and momentum.

Unlike the other more costly models in the market, which give you a direct measurement of power, this intermediate machine gives you an estimate of what the actual power is. One of the beautiful features that you will like and enjoy about this trainer is that it is fitted with a computerized sensor known as in the red. The sensor is used to measure the speed at the rate of 12 times per every rotation the wheel makes and utilizes the figures to compute a power value that is built around Kinetic’s virtual power curve. As an indoor trainer, you are able to measure your personal training progress over a given period of time and engage in training that is based on power output.

Moreover, you are entitled to enjoy a flexible data and information set up system that enables you to share information and all that in a very user-friendly manner. The trainer is also very stable and it works very well with different wheel sizes within the ranges of 22-29 inches.

What is more admirable about the whole system is that its fluid chamber is not prone to leaking like many other models within the trainer’s category and price range. The power curve is also very stable allowing you to enjoy undisrupted workouts.

It matters concerning long-term value for your money, the manufacturer has cushioned you with an unconditional life-term warranty so that you can have a safe fall-back to resort to. As an intermediary level indoor bike trainer who has opted to go beyond basic indoor training machines, you will always be guaranteed of smooth, quiet and progressive workouts as you prepare for the big day ahead.

As this review unfolds, we shall take a thorough look at the following areas of this trainer: the salient features of Kinetic T-2700 Road Machine Smart Trainer; the benefits and advantages of Kinetic T-2700 Road Machine Smart Trainer; the pros of Kinetic T-2700 Road Machine Smart Trainer; the cons of Kinetic T-2700 Road Machine Smart Trainer; the missing links of Kinetic T-2700 Road Machine Smart Trainer and; the final take on Kinetic T-2700 Road Machine Smart Trainer.

Salient product features of Kinetic T-2700 Road Machine Smart Trainer

Kinetic T-2700 Road Machine Smart Trainer is a fabulous indoor training tool that is designed with commendable features. These features are intended to facilitate the enjoyment of the trainer’s inherent benefits to you, as an indoor trainer user. Moreover, these salient features are the ones that equip the indoor trainer to function and perform as per expectation.

The list below provides you with comprehensive coverage of some of the salient features that will enable you to remain a happy user of this trainer and continue enjoying value for your money.

  •       It gives you complete indoor power training through the availability of Kinetic fluid trainer, Kinetic Smart and in Ride respectively. The availability of this sensor ensures that you will not need to install any other additional sensors on the bike as you train.
  •       The Kinetic Road Machine Smart trainer is fitted with a Bluetooth connectivity portal that enables you to enjoy a sharing and set-up that is free from traditional hassles that were common in the previous models. You can use this sharing portal to transfer and share dates and other information with other apps such as Training Peaks and Strava.
  •       It has an in Ride App that now allows you to use the trainer with iOS devices.
  •       All the data sharing and set-up of the trainer are very easy to use.
  •       It is a firm and stable machine that gives you maximum performance.
  •       The trainer is suited to work with wheels that have different sizes ranging between 22 and 29 inches.
  •       The machine has a build that features a stable fluid chamber system that does not change its power curve as you train.
  •       The trainer’s fluid chamber is also stable, and it is not vulnerable to leaking the way many of the trainers within this price range do.
  •       The bike trainer comes with a steel skewer.
  •       The manufacturer cushions you with a long-term fall back to resort to because the machine comes with a life-term warranty that is not conditional.
  •       The bike trainer offers you quiet training sessions, and this quietness means that you can do your workouts without interfering with the serenity of your family members who may be resting in the adjacent rooms.
  •       The bike trainer also offers you very smooth and progressive resistance that resembles that one of the road because of the leak proof fluid system that the machine is built with. In addition, its fluid mechanism allows you to enjoy greater levels of resistance as you continue to ride faster.
  •       The trainer also has rubberized knobs that enable you to enjoy a tighter and better grip of the machine as you go in with your training.
  •       The trainer gives you a decent range of resistance that runs from 5 watts to 2,000 watts respectively.
  •       The indoor trainer also allows you to enjoy an individualized power and heart rate zones that enable you to do your workouts at the level of fitness that you can handle at every given moment in time.
  •       The machine can measure power, cadence, heart rate, speed, calorie burn, and distance.

kinetic-t-2700-1Benefits and advantages of Kinetic T-2700 Road Machine Smart Trainer

Kinetic T-2700 Road Machine Smart Trainer is an indoor bike trainer that is loaded and designed with a wide range of benefits and advantages. These many benefits are a product and function of the key and outstanding features that Kurt Kinetic deliberately invested inside this indoor trainer. The list below provides us with a complete coverage of some of these many benefits.

  •       The bike trainer has a sturdy frame that enables you to enjoy greater levels of stability as you train.
  •       The indoor bike trainer also features a strong and stable fluid chamber that does not leak and hence you can conduct your workouts without any worry of interference.
  •       The trainer is designed to work with bikes of different wheel and tire sizes.
  •       The indoor trainer gives you a high level of resistance that mimics the one you would expect to get from real road training.
  •       The trainer is shipped with a life-term warranty that is free from all forms of inhibiting conditions. This unconditional guarantee ensures that you enjoy real value for your money since you always have a place to resort to.
  •       The inRide technology of the trainer ensures that you can share vital data and information freely and with other types of apps. Additionally, the technology is built in a user-friendly manner and it is easy to use.
  •       The bike trainer allows you to enjoy quiet training sessions without interfering with the peace and tranquility of your family.
  •       The trainer does not heat up during training moments and hence you have no need to worry about being disrupted.

The pros of Kinetic T-2700 Road Machine Smart Trainer

Kinetic T-2700 Road Machine Smart Trainer is full of and fitted with many pros and commendable strengths that set it apart from and ahead of many competing brands within its intermediary level bracket. Listed below are some of the pros of the indoor bike trainer.

  •       The machine gives you a smooth and progressive resistance that is a result of Kinetic’s patented fluid resistance unit that does not leak.
  •       You enjoy greater levels of serenity as you train because the trainer does not make noise.
  •       With the inRide technology that the trainer is fitted with, you don’t need the services of any other on-bike apps. This technology allows you to freely share data and information with other apps.
  •       The bike trainer comes with a non-conditional life-term warranty that gives you value for your hard-earned money.
  •       You can use the trainer with bikes that run on different tire and wheel sizes.
  •       You can enjoy composed training because the trainer does not overheat.
  •       The trainer’s build and frame are sturdy and firm so as to give you better performance.

The cons of Kinetic T-2700 Road Machine Smart Trainer

To this far, we have gone through all the strengths and benefits that are available in this indoor trainer. We have taken a complete analysis of all the main features, pros and benefits of the machine. At this point, we are going to take a critical examination of the other side of the coin and look at some of the flaws that are found in this machine.

  •       The inRide technology that the trainer comes with is limited to working with IOS devices only. This limitation means that if you have a Windows or Android device, you will not enjoy the benefits of the app.
  •       Some users have raised issues with the ability to sync the app and they have had to use their computers instead.  However, the number of those users who raised this issue is very insignificant and besides, they had no other serious complaint to raise against the trainer. On the contrary, some of them were still confident enough to recommend the machine.

kinetic-t-2700Filling the missing links in Kinetic T-2700 Road Machine Smart Trainer

Just like every other trainer in the market, Kinetic T-2700 Road Machine Smart Trainer has its own fair share of missing links. That is why we are taking this critical and objective analysis of these missing links so that you can make the necessary adjustment to live with both the strengths and the weaknesses of the bike trainer.

It is only after you have understood how to resolve and manage these few missing links that you can progress and enjoy all the benefits of the trainer. Listed below are some of the missing links of this trainer and how you can resolve and live with them.

  •       The main missing link that can be raised against this bike trainer is the updated version of the inRide technology that Kurt Kinetic installed in the machine. The manufacturer designed the app to work with IOS devices alone and hence limiting its use with other devices that run on other platforms such as Android and Windows. Since the Kurt Kinetic has not formally communicated regarding their intention to launch trainers that can use inRide on Android and other operating systems, it will be prudent to get an iOS device to use because they are plenty in the market and affordable.

The final take on Kinetic T-2700 Road Machine Smart Trainer

From the above coverage, it is time for us to wrap up everything and call it a day. First of all, Kinetic T-2700 Road Machine Smart Trainer is an indoor trainer that is best suited for users who want to upgrade form the hassles that go with cheaper and entry level trainers.The machine gives users a better experience in terms of resistance and overall quality compared to what they used to get while using entry level trainers.

Second, this trainer delvers in many areas and at a decent price it gives you real value for your money. Additionally, the machine comes with a long-term value for your money in that it offers you a life-term warranty that is not restricted by many unnecessary terms and conditions.

The trainer may have a few shortcomings here and there, especially regarding its inRide technology, but compared to other decent features and strengths that it has, it still functions well to satisfaction. The biggest complaint among users of the machine is that the app is limited to working with iOS devices only hence other platforms are locked out. But aside from this little hiccup, this is a great trainer and I strongly recommend it. Click here to check out this bike trainer.

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