Guidelines for Bicycle Safety


bike-safety-mainIf you love riding bicycle, learning and understanding bicycle safety tips will aid you to enjoy your hobby with a highly reduced injury risk. Making use of the following guidelines may prevent you from many difficulties and some serious injuries.

Search and Choose the Right Model

The market offers a wide variety of models of bikes. So before you buy, choose one that meets your needs and profile.

Avoid Walking in the Opposite Direction.

Some people have the impression that walking in the opposite direction the car is safer because of better visibility on the car. However, this is an erroneous impression and is much more dangerous, because the relative speed of the car is much greater. The chances of accident are also great.

Avoid Large Avenues, Sidewalks and Pass when the Signal is Red

Always try to walk on streets with lower flow of cars. It is always safer for the cyclist. When choosing the route, try to think as a cyclist who is not as car or motorcycle.
Sidewalk was made for pedestrians, so only body to ride on the sidewalk pushing his bike. Remember that children, seniors and other pedestrians can scare or even hurt when a cyclist takes up the sidewalk. Not to mention that their security is also put at risk, because you can be hit by cars coming out of garages. Pass through a red light is a valuable rule for cars, bikes, pedestrians and cyclists. Imagine if a car comes at high speed while the rider passes the red light? It will be a shock for both, at best, or result in a serious accident.

Be Communicative

Communicate their intentions whenever you want to turn or stop, through gestures. Use eye contact to clarify situations or avoid the priority if you prefer to have a haughty attitude, as do many motorists.

Alternative Route

Discover, analyze and trace paths fleeing large avenues and busy streets. Car is hard to see, but the neighborhoods offer a lot of little streets calmer, routes that are perfect for cyclists – and you will arrive safely at their destination. Nothing a good survey maps do not help resolve.


When you park your bike, lock and secure with choosing an appropriate location. Give preference to crowded places and shopping, that so more people will look for your bike.


Do everything to be seen. Please flag with their hands and maneuvers his direction. Look both ways before crossing, even if the street is one-way.


If you drink, do not pedal. Drink does not match safe direction.


Be aware of the pollution. Breathe through your nose and not the mouth. At the traffic lights, try to stay ahead of the motor vehicle and never behind their exhausts.


Avoid getting to leaning on the curb; check your space on the roads. By law, cars must maintain a distance of 1.5 meters from the bike. So do not hide, but always use common sense. Do not force a situation against a car or bus.


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