Golden nuggets to help you use cycling to lose weight safely and effectively


17136213163_7ca100ea34_zObesity is one of the most dangerous consequences of the irresponsible and reckless lifestyles that this generation has adopted. While there may be a few cases where obesity is a hereditary condition, over 95% of the current cases of obesity are directly related to the recklessness and laziness that are associated with modern lifestyles.

At the moment, obesity is taking a great toll on the lives of millions of men and women across the world. The consequences of obesity and its related complications cut across different areas of life.

The first area that this menace is devastating is the physical health of the millions of men and women who are affected by it. Millions are suffering from and succumbing to obesity-related heart diseases and other complications. In addition, many more others are suffering from emotional devastations that arise from obesity.

Second, we are witnessing millions of people suffering from low self-esteem due to the effects of obesity. Millions, especially women, are no longer seeing themselves as worthy human beings due to the “round shapes” that obesity has sentenced them to.

Third, we are seeing families and governments spend billions of dollars trying to cure and address obesity-related complications. In the US alone, the government spends more than $ 20 billion every year to deal with obesity and its related complications. On the other hand, individuals are losing billions paying to get back in shape as they try all sorts of “miracle quick-fixes” that have flooded the market but with no real solution insight.

Lastly, marriages are suffering and even breaking due to the inability of couples to perform their bed duties effectively. Many women are being abandoned by their husbands who are not just citing incompetence in bed, but some of them are complaining of having virtually “lost” the once-attractive wives they had.

However, the list should not get longer than this. It is now time to look for a solution to this world-wide threat that is shaking families and societies. The aim of this article is to explore one of the most natural and easiest means of ensuring that you or your loved ones do not become part of the fatality statistics. This simple solution to losing weight is biking.

We are going to examine how you can use biking as one of the proven methods of keeping fit and maintaining your weight within safe limits. In this article, we shall examine how biking can be integrated into your lifestyle menu for weight management. We are going to look at the contribution of biking in the context of other lifestyle habits and not as a miracle stand-alone quick fix. This means that if you neglect the other lifestyle habits that we shall examine, you will not be able to reap the best out of your cycling sessions.

If you follow the steps and integrate all these lifestyle habits into your riding sessions, you will avoid most of the unnecessary mistakes that many people make. You will be better placed to avoid the frustrations that many people get into because you will have real and measurable expectations and hence you will enjoy every energy and effort that you will invest in the entire training program.

Some of the areas that we are going to look at are as follows:Set your weight loss goals;Get the right training gear; Choose how and when to incorporate cycling into your daily schedule; Choose where to train; Understand that biking is not an isolated quick-fix;Get some good breakfast;Dress appropriately;Avoid supplements;Take it slow but steady;Don’t starve yourself while riding;Reduce your junk food step by step;Do the sprint for the last moment; Take good care of your bike; Safety first;Look at other benefits beyond just losing weight;Weigh yourself before breakfast; Don’t eat after 8 pm and; Take a lot of water.

Set your weight loss goals

Before you get out and put your feet on the pedals on that bike as a tool for facilitating weight loss, you need to sit down and set goals. You have to ensure that you set realistic and achievable goals that will motivate you to go through the program. If you don’t have anything that you need to hit, then you are most likely going to hit at nothing.

Make sure that you set goals that are consistent with your needs and also time-bound. For instance, if you need to lose 40 pounds, you cannot goals that will see you lose 10 pounds after the first week. Your goals will become your guideposts so that you can know when and whether you are nearing your overall target or not.

8968146519_1e004e9317_zGet the right bike and gear

When you need a bike that will help you in your weight loss program, you need to ensure that you get the right one. It is highly advisable that you buy a good bike from a specialized bike shop. This will give you the opportunity to get the right advice you need regarding the right specs that will serve your weight loss program well. Don’t get tempted to buy a cheap bike from an online vendor who has no specialized understanding of bikes.

When choosing a training bike for such a purpose, you will need to choose a bike that has lighter tires so that you can get greater room for improving on your speed and agility.

Aside just getting the right bike for your training sessions, you need to get the right gear that you will need to use with the bike. You will need to make a good investment in good and comfortable cycling clothes that are easily breathable and also waterproof in case you are caught out by the rain while training. Getting the right kind of clothes will go a long way in ensuring that you enjoy your riding sessions.

Choose how and when to incorporate cycling into your daily schedule

One of the reasons why people are trapped in the web of obesity is that they take in too much into their bodies but they hardly have enough time to exercise. When engaging in the process of weight loss through cycling, you need to factor in the time that you will need to invest in the training program.

Irrespective of whether you are a family person or not, you have a life that makes a demand on your time. You need to decide when you will incorporate your training program into your daily routine. All this will depend on the kind of life that you lead. For instance, you can decide to incorporate the sessions into your daily trips to and from work. If commuting will not fit in your daily schedule, you can fix it after work or even during the weekends.

Whatever the time you will choose, just make sure that you fix the sessions in a manner that does not interfere with your core operations and life responsibilities.

Choose where to train

Another golden nugget that will facilitate a successful weight loss program through biking is choosing the best and the most appropriate venue for training. This dimension of the training will determine and influence other factors in the training mix and that is why you need to make this decision carefully.

When it comes to the venue, you can choose between indoor or outdoor training. All this will depend on other factors such as the kind of schedule that you have. For instance, if you have a tight schedule and you can only get time to train in the night, then you will need to choose an indoor training venue. This will mean that you will need to buy a bike trainer so that you can enjoy your indoor sessions.On the other hand, if you have a more flexible program, you can choose an outdoor training venue.

Still on matters of venue, you can still choose to do the training on your own at home or in a group at the gym. If you are sure that you will not be able to maintain the daily discipline that you need in order to lose weight, you can opt to enroll in a spinning class at the local gym so that you can benefit from group motivation as well as from the external supervision that comes from the gym instructor. This option will mean that you will have to spend more money in order to get that excess weight off but if that is the best way that will work for you, and you are comfortable with the cost implications, go for it.

Understand that biking is not an isolated quick-fix

One of the initial mistakes that you need to avoid as you integrate biking into your weight loss program is to stop seeing biking as a stand-alone and miracle quick fix for all your weight-related issues. You first need to understand that obesity is a complication that develops over time with a few lapses and omissions in lifestyle growing slowly into mountains of health problems.

With the above understanding, you need to look at your bike as a finger on a fist that you are using to box away obesity. This means that if the rest of the fingers are neglected and not engaged properly in the fight against weight, then the battle may as well be lost from the very beginning.

This should be your initial orientation so that you don’t have unrealistic expectations and end up neglecting other important lifestyle habits that are supposed to complement and bolster your biking sessions.

16647187768_e6173271fa_zGet some good breakfast

From the previous nugget, we have seen that biking should not be undertaken as an isolated tool, but rather as a finger on a jab that is stretched to fight obesity and enable you to remain fit. One of the most risky mistakes that many people make is to try and take on to the bike early in the morning on a hungry belly so that they can lose weight faster.

But this kind of move can be very counterproductive in the end and it can also abort the entire process. The reason here is simple: Breakfast is the first meal of the day and your body needs it in order to perform all other duties, including cycling.

If you try to cycle on an empty stomach, you will be hurting yourself because you will not have the energy that you need in order to cycle. This is because your body is designed in such a manner that when you deny it food, including breakfast, it will save everything that it needs for some other time in the future and when that time comes, it will make a demand for it.

What is more worrying about this mechanism is that the greater part of what it will be saved during such early morning sessions will be the very same fat that you are trying to burn! Are you seeing that skipping breakfast will only help hide away the very same thing that you want to flush out? So be smart and take the right kind of breakfast that is free from too much fat but just balanced enough to give you the right amounts of energy that you need to hit the road.

Dress appropriately

Another thing that you need to take care of is your dressing code as you race with the aim of managing your weight. Many people,especially those who are not professional cyclists usually assume that for you to lose a lot of weight and in a faster manner, you need to overdress yourself so that you can sweat and hence lose weight faster. But all that is far from the truth because you are not fighting sweat or water in your body.

On the contrary, you are riding to reduce weight, which means you need to focus on what your body needs to lose and not water whose loss has no direct relation with weight or its loss. In fact, when you overdress yourself so that you can sweat more with the aim of losing weight in the process, you are only engaging a reverse gear and below is the reason why.

When you sweat too much, you lose too much fluid in your body. This means that you will be losing the very same body fluids that your body needs to do the following:

  • Continue cycling so that you can lose the weight that you need to and;
  • To burn the unnecessary calories that you are riding to remove from your body.

So you can see that in the process of trying to cut down on weight, dressing inappropriately will sweep you off the same feet you need to stand on as you battle weight! Remember and imprint this at the back of your mind: You are not riding to lose water, but to burn calories and cut down on unnecessary weight!

Avoid supplements

Another area that you need to take care of is to guard yourself against the popular and abundant props that are doing rounds all over.This is a very serious temptation that many people fall into thinking that it will help to complement or even speed up the process and effects of weight loss through riding. The truth of the matter is that there is no single supplement that has the ability to help anyone to cut down on weight for more than six months!

All these “miracle” pills and other equivalents such as trimming belts are quick fixes designed by greedy manufacturers to take advantage of desperate people,and especially our women.With over 95% of all obesity cases being linked to lifestyle trends, you cannot tell me(leave alone prove it) that you can fix all that within a few weeks. If you want to achieve and enjoy the fruits of losing weight through biking, you need to integrate it with other lifestyle habits that will complement the process and also sustain the outcomes.

To drive the nail deeper into the coffin of the supplement myth and vanity, it has been proven that these so-called slimming supplements end up flushing out the excess fats from the body as well as the essential fats that your body needs!This means that if you are applying biking as a tool to cut down on weight,you will lose the same fat-based energy that you need to cycle and lose weight. In addition, these supplements are known to flush out essential minerals that your body needs to remain healthy.

The above facts mean that you will end up losing your health in the long-term, and weight for a few weeks or months. So to keep off from such frustration, just avoid all quick-fix props and take longer to cut on weight and enjoy the benefits for long as well.

Take it slow but steady

We have seen that it takes time for weight to develop and become an excessive burden to your body and life. That is why you also need to appreciate the fact that you will need time to fight off excess weight from your life. One of the mistakes that many people make out of desperation is to assume that the new riding program that they have embraced will give them instant results.

Based on the above assumption, many people tend to overdo the riding with the intention of wanting to achieve faster results.But the truth is that for you to get the best results that you will live with and enjoy, you need to take time. If you have not been riding on a regular basis or at all, you will need to start off with fewer sessions. As time moves on, you can move on and increase the number of sessions that you take per week. You will also need to increase the intensity of the riding so that you don’t end up hurting your body and stop the sessions, paving way for the same weight to come back.

As you do all this, you should not expect miracle results, but you need to position yourself to celebrate every milestone achieved. Remember the golden rule that: Anything you overdo, you will undo it and in the process, you may as well end up undoing yourself. So keep it slow, steady and progressive and with time, you will achieve what you need.

8545288903_989d870a8a_zDon’t starve yourself while riding

This is another trap that many people fall into in the process of trying to speed up the process and results of losing weight through cycling. You need to understand that as you engage your bike, you need to engage another gear called healthy eating habits. Do not try to engage fasting as a complement to riding unless you want to pray and hence don’t fast and ride!

What happens when you try to fast or engage some other sort of hunger strike is that you are only setting yourself to bigger frustration. The reason is that you will be creating a situation where you will be building with one hand while the other is demolishing. This is because when you deny your body food, that hunger is just suppressed and it is just a matter of time before everything resurges and the body will start demanding everything that it had missed and all that in arrears.

This means that as you get to the road and start biking, you need to carry some healthy snacks so that you can keep eating in between the cycling sessions.The snacks will reduce the amount of hunger that you might have at the time you will be done with your training sessions so that you are not tempted to eat too much, including eating junk food. This habit will keep yourself safe from the temptation of overeating, which is another easy way of regaining the same weight that you are trying to fight.

Reduce your junk food step by step

If you are coming from a background of addiction to some sort, weigh-adding junk food and drinks, you need to pay closer attention to this section.Failure to heed the words of this section may make you end up in the same situation that we have described above; where you build with one hand while the other hand is tearing down.

For those who want to cut down on junk food and drinks, you need to take the slow but steady path. No matter how bad you want to lose weight using your bike, you need to ensure that you eliminate all junk foods from your life slowly but steadily.

The reason why you need to take the slow path is that any attempt to suddenly stop the junk will result to accumulated and suppressed craving for the same foods and drinks. This will mean that in the process of time, you will find yourself being overwhelmed by all that craving leading you to go back to them with “revenge” because you had missed them for too long. So to ensure that you bolster your riding sessions with healthy eating habits, try to integrate them slowly because the eating disorders that you are battling took many years to form and hence you will need some time and patience to undo them.

14579137212_0e510a3f2c_zDo the sprint for the last moment

To this far, it is unnecessary to delve into the importance of details of burning of fats through cycling. But this section will address some dimension of this process. Every time you are riding, you need to make sure that you preserve your best energy for the last moments of the exercise.

The reason here is that the faster and more rigorous use you ride, the more energy you will release in order to burn more fats. That is why you need to pull out your best energy reserves towards the end of your training so that the process of burning fat can go on even after you are done with the riding sessions. This will ensure that you burn more fats after you are through with training than you would have done if you finished your training on a slower and less rigorous note.

Take good care of your bike

As you train to lose weight, you need to take care of your training bike the same way you take care of yourself. You need to make sure that you maintain your bike in its best functional state so that it can serve you better. By maintaining your bike properly, you will be taking care of your own safety as you ride on the roads.

You will need to see to it that you take your bike for regular routine maintenance so that you can be sure of working with a safe machine. Ensure that the chain system is working properly and also you need to pay special attention to the braking system of the bike to ensure that it is reliable every time you are on the road.

Safety first

Building upon the previous nugget, you need make sure that you pay attention to all the other safety requirements as you take to the road. First, you need to carry a basic tool kit and at least one spare inner tube if you are going to train away from home. Second, you need to make sure that you don yourself in the right kind of approved helmet so that you can keep yourself safe in the face of an accident.

Other safety measures that you need to take while on the road are wearing bright clothes that are visible in the dark or bad weather. Lastly, you need to make sure that you keep your bike’s lights on during the night so that you can remain visible.

Look at the other benefits beyond just losing weight

Another nugget that will help you in the process of weight loss through biking is by looking at the other benefits of biking that come in as a cluster. It is true that conquering weight is not an easy task and it can be daunting. At times you will wake up and you still find yourself staring at the same tummy that you are trying to scale down and flatten.

One of the best ways to stay motivated even as you wait to see the weight disappear is to look at the other benefits that accompany the training. For example, as you begin to train, you will notice that your muscles will begin to grow strong and firm. This needs to serve as a motivator because you will need strong muscles to keep riding until you have scaled down the mountain of weight.

4492264402_6765a4d47f_zWeigh yourself before breakfast

This is another good way of keeping you motivated during this uphill task of losing weight. When you realize that one particular morning that you have shed off a few pounds, you will get the morale to continue with the program, all the way to the finish line.

Don’t eat after 8 pm

You need to make adjustments not just regarding what you eat, but also when to eat. Make sure that you don’t take food after 8 pm, the reason being that if you do, your body will begin to work on that food and convert it into the very thing that you are trying to eliminate and that is fat.

Drink a lot of water

The last nugget that you will need to pay attention to as you use biking as a tool to fight off weight is that you need to take in a lot of plain water. Water is very important in this process because it helps in the weight loss program by reducing your craving for food. If you are not a big fan of water, you need to avoid substitutes such as diet soda because it makes you feel hungry and want to eat more and more. The only other safe substitute for water that is proven and that I can recommend is one: water! Now grab a bike and put your feet on the pedals. If you don’t have one you can find some tips and guidelines on how to buy a bike in this article.



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