Garmin edge 500 review of 2018


Garmin Edge 500


Millions of technological developments paved the way for a better and more convenient way of living. Today, turning the television on or opening the curtains can be done by simply punching in a few keys in any of our devices such as remote controls, mobile phones, laptops, etc. Human interference is limited if not fully eliminated because of the continuous developments in terms of tools and equipment that are meant to make any person’s life easier. The only negative effect of the continuous advancements is that people are somehow encouraged to become lazy as these devices can do actual work for them. Aside from other factors, we can also pinpoint that this is one of the reasons why there is an increasing number of people who are becoming obese. Due to this problem, we can see a lot of individuals who are becoming more health conscious and are trying to find ways to stay fit.


Cycling is just one of the sports that is getting more attention from people who are looking for a new and fun activity that they can do. Aside from purchasing your very own bike, cycling suit, a helmet and all the gears needed in case of a flat tire it is also important that you purchase a device that can help you monitor your overall performance. With the hundreds of products sold for this purpose, the most popular and saleable item is the new Garmin Edge 500 . Everything a cyclist wants and needs to know are readily available as soon as they install this one-of-a-kind product.  garmin-500-screen1


The Garmin Edge 500 has hundreds of features that will be of great help to any cyclist. First of all, it can measure your distance, speed, calories burned and time, as well as precisely gage your climb and descent with the help of the barometric altimeter installed. It also houses a big memory that can record up to 180 hours of cycling that can be reviewed and compared with your previous activity. A state-of-the-art GPS receiver is also mounted in the product in order to get signals faster. One can also enjoy the following features; the Garmin Connect wherein you can analyze and share data with an online community, the Virtual Partner that will allow you to train against a digital person, the Courses which helps you compete with previous events, the Auto Pause which uses a timer that can stop and resume based on your speed, the Auto Lap which helps you automatically start a lap, the Auto Scroll that shows different data pages while riding, the Advanced Workouts which will give you the chance to create different kinds of workouts, the Time or distance alert which alarms once you reach a certain goal and the Interval training where you can set up rest and exercise intervals.


In order to improve its product and be the best in this kind of industry, the company has developed more functions (as compared to its previous models) to answer to customer’s wants and needs. First, they have installed an ambient temperature and an enabled power meter that works hand-in-hand with a third party ANT to show users power output in terms of watts. This will inform any person how well they performed regardless of any riding condition they may have face. Secondly, the product only weighs at about 65g or 2oz and measures 48 x 69 22mm.  It is very handy and can be easily installed in your bike. Thirdly, one can enjoy any of its 41 options, which can be spread into three pages depending on any users preference.


Any person is given an option whether to purchase the heart rate monitor, which sold separately for a very reasonable price. This will allow you to track your hearts beats per minute and will give you an advance calorie computation. It will also give any user the important information whether they are training within the correct heart-rate zone in order for them to reach the fitness level they want to achieve.


The only downside that I see in this product is that they have eliminated a few functions that I believe are very significant while training which are the maximum speed and the sunset time. Also, this specific product does not also show the key locations you have been to. This can only be seen once you upload it and use its database -the Garmin Connect.


The Garmin Edge 500 comes in two different colors, which are silver/ black and blue. On the other hand, the packages that come with a heart rate monitor and speed/cadence sensor are sold in blue and red. Every set comes with one unit, a bike mount, an AC charger, USB cable and Owners Manual. Several kinds of accessories such as mounts, cables, cases, covers, adapters, batteries, fitness sensors and fitness parts are also sold separately.


Regardless if you are a professional cyclists or just an ordinary individual who wants to start this kind of hobby. Whoever you are and whatever your purpose may be, it is greatly recommended that you purchase this one-of-a-kind product, the Garmin Edge 500. This will surely provide all the necessary information’s you need when you are riding your bike. Click here for more details about Garmin Edge 500.

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