Fortified theft -resistant 8 speed commuter bike Review of 2018

commuter bike Commuting comes with its fair share of challenges and one that immediately comes to mind is its security. Most of the time you are going to have to leave the bike unattended while you attend to other things, be it at the office or elsewhere. Another issue is the weather changes. The likelihood of dealing with rust and soaked seats is a problem for those who love to cycle to work or a local store. This is where Fortified theft -resistant 8 speed commuter bike comes in.

This commuter bike is great for any commuter, whether you are an amateur or a pro in the cycling world. One thing that stands out for this bike is its security feature which it can really be useful when you are in a town or a public place. The security bolts are fitted not just on the wheels, but the seat as well to keep off burglars. No matter how you see it security is the most important thing to hope for in whatever product purchased. When it comes to weather resistance you will be surprised with how well this beautiful machine can carry itself in different weather condition. It is rust resistant thanks to the aluminum frame and chain. To top it all off the saddle is water proof, so  there is no need to worry about it being soaked.

Apart from the fact that it is secure and weather resistant, the Fortified theft -resistant 8 speed commuter bike is lightweight aluminum, which makes it one of the lightest commuter bikes in the market. Let’s not forget the flat-proof feature which spares you from the unpleasant trips to a repair shop. In cities with varying terrains then the 8 speed can work really well for you.

This bike has lots to offer and you can bet there is plenty more to look forward to. Fortified bikes made sure that there are enough features to reap benefits from, and then some. Granted, you want to have all the details of this bike before you take that all important step and order. The aim of this review is to give you an in-depth analysis by dissecting this bike into individual components and see how they work for maximum user experience. We shall look at the features of Fortified theft -resistant 8 speed commuter bike, benefits of Fortified theft -resistant 8 speed commuter bike, pros of Fortified theft -resistant 8 speed commuter bike, cons of Fortified theft -resistant 8 speed commuter bike, missing links of Fortified theft -resistant 8 speed commuter bike, and the final thoughts on Fortified theft -resistant 8 speed commuter bike.

Features of Fortified theft -resistant 8 speed commuter bike  

Looking at the feature you have to give it up for Fortified. They went out of their way to do enough research in order to offer an experience worthwhile. The Fortified theft -resistant 8 speed commuter bike come loaded with features that make the use of this bike easy as well as safe and secure. Those are just some of the benefits you can look forward to from the features and we shall tackle that later on in the review. First, let’s explore the features of Fortified theft –resistant, which is contained in the list below.

  • This bike come with 6061 aluminum frame and fork, which is guaranteed of durability and agility.
  • It also fitted with security bolts from KMC, which is rust proof. These are located on the wheels, seat and handlebars.
  • The tires are 700*32C and puncture proof. This makes the ride smooth and uneventful
  • The chain is aluminum and rust buster from KMC.
  • This is an 8 speed bike that is especially best suited for hilly terrain. It makes it easy to tackle the changing terrain without exerting so much effort.
  • This bike come with Shimano Altus derailleurs for easy and smooth gear changes no matter where you are riding. This works together with trigger thumb shift.
  • The handle bars are Promax 15 degrees and 20mm.
  • There are three sizes available: small, medium and large. These are 50cm  54cm and 58cm respectively, and are meant to carry users of 5’2″- 5’6″, 5’6”-5’10” and 5’10”-6’3” also respectively.
  • It comes with a waterproof saddle that keep water away.
  • This bike is fitted with disc brakes that ensure enough power for stoppage whenever you need it on the road.
  • The maximum capacity that this bike can carry is up to 270lbs which is quite impressive for a commuter bike.
  • To enhance safety there is the inclusion of reflectors so that you are visible to other motorist as you ride, day or night.
  • It is also fitted with fenders for those muddy days and a back rack made from aluminum, which means you do not have to worry about dealing with rust.

commuter bike Benefits of Fortified theft -resistant 8 speed commuter bike

On to the part where you get to learn what are the benefits you will get if you choose this commuter bike. Fortified theft -resistant 8 speed commuter bike comes with an array of benefits that are bound to keep you coming for more. Fortified did its research and now you can enjoy the fruits of their labor. From the list below are some of the most notable benefits of this beautiful commuter bike.

  •  This bike is easy to assemble thanks to the fact that it is 80% assembled on delivery and the online assembly instruction.
  • You do not have to worry about the security of the bike once you have it parked outside in a public area.
  • Since it is made from lightweight aluminum, it makes it easier to carry into the house or up a flight of stairs.
  • Fortified theft -resistant 8 speed commuter bike is rust resistant which means durability.
  • While commuting your safety is assured thanks to the disk brakes and reflectors. The brakes have great stopping power and the reflectors improve visibility.
  • This bike is affordable compared to other commuter bikes. You can find it at a very low price.
  • When it comes to the physical appearance, the manufacturers did not disappoint. This fortified machine looks great on the road.
  • Thanks to the rust proof components and flat-proof tires you will have less maintenance to deal with.
  • The breaks do not just offer safety they complement your ride by giving you more control. The sturdy frame of the bike coupled with the great brake offers stability.
  • You get more space to carry some things such as books on the rear rack of the bike.
  • The 8 speeds make it easy for you to tackle different terrains without using so much energy

Pros of Fortified theft -resistant 8 speed commuter bike

The Fortified theft -resistant 8 speed commuter bike comes with great features that dish out even greater pros. One thing that is clear fortified has set the bar when it comes to meeting user needs. The next part of the review focuses on the pros form this bike.

  • One of the biggest pros of this bike is the anti-theft part. Having a peace of mind while you are in a public place and it is away from your line of sight. The locks on the seat, wheels and handle makes sure you don’t suffer from bike theft.
  • Another benefit is the fact that this bike does not suffer from rust because of the KMC rust buster components such as the chain and the frame.
  • To add to the list of pros is the flat-proof tires. No matter how dire the situation of the road there is no need to worry about frequent punctures.
  • If you are not comfortable with the height of the seat, do not worry  because it can be easily adjusted to fit your preferences.
  • The assembly process is easy and convenient. On delivery the bike is 80% to 90% assembled. With the help of an online instruction manual you can easily do the rest.
  • If you live in a hilly area, then this is the best choice. The 8 speeds make it easy to maneuver the terrain without so much hustle.
  • Last but not least is the cost effectiveness. There is no need to keep up with regular maintenance.

commuter bike Cons of the Fortified theft -resistant 8 speed commuter bike

So we have ventured into the features that make this bike such a superb tool for every commuter and what are the good stuffs you can gain from those features. The positive stuff that keeps your experience interesting. Now it’s time to look at the negative stuff in this bike. Much as we would like to think that we can achieve perfection, we still have a long way to go and thus the cons. The main reason of looking at this aspect of Fortified theft -resistant 8 speed commuter bike is for one simple reason, to help you understand the dynamics that surround it so that you can make the right decisions regarding purchasing. The next section of the review takes a look at the cons that comes with this bike.

  • The pedal is not as strong as the rest of the bike and in some months you will have to replace it out of wear and tear.
  • The sizes of this bike are not as accommodating to users who are shorter than 5’2” or taller than 6’3”. You either get another type of bike or make do with what you have.
  • The 8 speeds that come with this bike is not convenient for those living in flat areas. With such speeds it is difficult to reach maximum speed.
  • The  price tag may be too much for commuters who cannot or don’t wont to spend too much money on a bike.
  • This commuter bike does not come with a water bottle holder.
  • For those who have no idea how to assemble the bike, the instructions are not of use. The procedures are not exactly fool proof.
  • Some users have complained about scratches on the frame of the bike.

Missing links of Fortified theft -resistant 8 speed commuter bike

Apart from the cons there is the issue of the missing links. Yes, this bike has a lot to offer in terms of the features which has given birth to the benefits and pros that we have discussed above. Users have a lot to look forward to from Fortified theft -resistant 8 speed commuter bike. However, there are some issues that need to be addressed in order to maximize the experience. These are the missing links.

Again, this is not to discredit this bike. Nor is it a go ahead for you not to purchase this secure Fortified beauty. Fortified are great manufacturers with the user at heart. On the contrary, the main aim of this section is to give you a deeper understanding on the issue that bedevil the Fortified theft -resistant 8 speed commuter bike and how to easily deal with them from the comfort of your home. Without further ado, let us look at the missing links.

  • Thought the seat of the bike is weather proof, sitting for long on the saddle can lead to numbness. In this case you can add some cushions to the seat to a level that you feel comfortable with.
  • There is also the inconvenience having no water bottle holder. As a rider the need to take a drink of water may hit you while on the road. However, you can purchase one that fits your bike in your local store.

Final thought on Fortified theft -resistant 8 speed commuter bike

There you have it. A comprehensive analysis of Fortified theft -resistant 8 speed commuter bike. Now there’s no need to worry about the safety of your bike. This is one of the most secure bikes in the industry and the most durable at that. The price tag is also something to bring a smile on your face considering all the benefits you get. Though there are some flaws, the benefits out weight them by far. Our final verdict is that you try this bike out. You will not be disappointed. Click here to check out this bike.