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Dahon Mariner D7 Folding Bike Review of 2018

Bikes have been around for generations as a means of transportation. Additionally, they are not just a means of transport but they also provide some of the most flexible means of transport that can traverse and penetrate terrains that other means of transportation cannot. That is why even in the face of high-tech transportation technology, the place of bicycles has not just remained valuable, but it has also been enhanced.

One of the ways through which bikes have undergone enhancement that proves that they are here to stay is the introduction of foldable bikes that can be easily carried around. One of the brands in the market that is designed for that purpose is the Dahon Mariner D7 Bike that was originally designed for boaters. But due to its popularity and success, its scope has been “hijacked” by non-boating users as a better transportation tool for folding and traveling with. Continue reading →


schwinn loop 2Schwinn Loop Folding Bike Review of 2018

Bikes are some of the oldest forms of modern transportation tools since the industrial revolution took place. Ever since, many companies have tossed themselves into the world of manufacturing bikes designed for different purpose and occasions. As the bicycle revolution has continued to grow and the needs and tastes of users evolve over time, it has become necessary for manufacturers to come up with innovative and responsive ways of meeting these needs.

Initially, bikes were meant to transport people from one point to another. But as users are becoming more sophisticated, it is bikes are no longer just tools of ferrying people across different locations. Users are also demanding that they should be able to use their bicycles in a manner that is more convenient .One of the areas of convenience that the modern bike user wants and demands is the ability not just to be carried on the bike, but also the convenience for them to carry the bike with them. This has inspired manufacturers to get to the drawing board and come up with bikes that can be folded and carried easily.

One of the major players in the field of bike manufacturing that has responded effectively to the above need is Schwinn. As a towering and respected household name in the bike industry, Schwinn has made its valuable contribution to the world of folding bikes through its Schwinn Loop Folding Bike. Continue reading → 


Dahon Speed Uno Folding Bike Review of 2018

dahon speed uno1Bicycles have earned themselves an indelible name among the favorite and earliest means of modern transportation following the dawn of the industrial revolution took place. From that time onwards, a great many of bike manufacturing companies have secured themselves a place in the world of bicycle manufacturing that is intended and customized for varied purposes and events. Moreover, as the bike technology has continued to develop and the wants and preferences of bikers change in the same proportion over the years, it has become clearly necessary for bike makers to device creative and responsive ways of meeting these fast evolving trends in the tastes and needs of contemporary cyclists.

In the early days, bicycles were originally intended and designed to transport people from one point A to point B. However, as cycling trends are becoming more complex, bicycles are no longer just tools of transporting people across different locations. Modern bikers are also floating demands that are indicating that they should be allowed to use their bikes with a greater level of convenience and style .One of the main areas of convenience that the contemporary bikers of the 21st century want and are demanding is the ability just to be carried on the bikes as well as having the luxury and convenience of carrying the bike with them. Continue reading → 


Retrospec Bikes Speck Folding Bicycle Review of 2018

spec bike1Retrospec Bikes Speck Folding Bicycle is a wealthy mobility tool that is engineered with wonderful features that catalyze the dissemination of its benefits to folding bike fans. The same way it is the tradition of and expected from all products, the salient features of this folding bicycle are the ones that enable the bike to pass on all the benefits deposited in this bike to all its lovers. The list below provides you with a thorough exploration of the salient features that will enable you to continue enjoying the numerous benefits that are associated using this folding bike. Continue reading → 



Vilano Urbana Single Speed Folding Bike Review of 2018

vilano urbana folding bike 1The Vilano Urbana is one of the best entry level folding bikes on the market today. The machine is an excellent place to begin for those who may not want to spend too much money on a basic folding bicycle. It is a lightweight machine that is easy to fold and carry around since it fits comfortably into any vehicle.

The bike is an excellent match for those who are living in flat regions because it is a single speed bicycle. It is packed in the assembled state, hence it saves you the hassles of having to look for assembling tools the way it is common with most conventional bikes. Moreover, it features a coaster braking system that requires some few days of practice to master for those riders who are new to it. Continue reading → 

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