Firmstrong Urban Beach Cruiser Bike Review of 2018

Why is Firmstrong Urban Beach Cruiser Bike a good choice?

Firmstrong Urban beach cruiser bikes are specially designed to satisfy needs of every bike enthusiast in the world. Firmstrong blends style with high quality workmanship. Cruiser bikes are widely known for its simple design, safety and comfortable riding in purpose of recreational lifestyle. Firmstrong  gained its popularity by confirming all these features and developing innovations mostly in the area of durability, quality and modern style. They are offering a variety of choices to fit all needs, with wheels  in 24 and 26″ size for petite build while cruising down the road or for higher people offering comfort while soaking up the bumps.

You can choose your speed, size and color at affordable prizes. Prized  150-300$ you do not have to break the bank to own this piece of the future and enjoy the smooth ride on any terrain. They are Firmstrong bikes designed specially for women, men or kids, so anyone can find their perfect cruiser bike. Living in a world of haste and gasoline contaminated  automobiles, do not miss out all the fun cruising down the beach on the bikes of unbeatable value and quality.

Improvement of cruiser bikes

Firmstrong accepted the idea of cruiser beach bikes, commonly accepted as bikes with most commodities and easiness and decided to improve the idea a bit. Their plan was to demonstrate the variety of styles and speeds to approach the idea to a larger group of people. The main purpose of cruiser bikes is to enjoy recreational life and pleasant ride on various terrains.

Firmstrong added a dash of fun to this product and started experimenting with diversity of  styles, sizes and colors. The product was successfully approached to huge amount of people, and its influence is increasing rapidly. Firmstrong bikes can be used on a daily basics and for any purpose.

In the past, cruiser bikes were very expensive and hardly available so they were used only for its original purpose, beach cruising. But today, considering the greater availability of the bikes, some adaptation is required. Firmstrong took this opportunity and made the best qualified, improved bikes of modern design. So now, everyone can enjoy their ride, no matter if they are heading to the work, the beach or elsewhere.

cruiser bike slika1 The construction of cruiser bikes is also improved by Firmstrong, as they are building the bikes out of the most quality components which guarantee durability. This is the most safe way to enjoy cycling, without unnecessary effort and with reduced danger of accidents. In that spirit, Firmstrong cruiser bikes have models for kids too, thus being the best way to let your child have the safe fun and experience the smooth and casual ride.

However, the most selled model of Firmstrong cruiser bike is Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser.Those bikes are available in 3 different speed versions:

–     Single Speed (Shimano)

–    3 Speeds (Shimano Internal 3 Speed)

–    7 Speeds (Shimano Tourney 7 Speed)

Each one of this three versions feature cruiser design with 19” durable steel frame and 26” wheels, together with a oversized dual spring saddle and swept-back style handlebars for an upright riding position which is there to help you take the pressure off your back when cycling. Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bikes are a suitable fit for adult men’s height of 5ft 5” and above.

Models for women also comes in different speeds and sizes. This is very important because the purpose of each person’s cruiser bike effect their choice of speed, so it is necessary to inform yourself of a best speed that suits your needs before buying a bike.

The Idea of the product: How the Firmstrong Urban Beach Cruiser Bike can change your life

Firmstrong Urban Cruiser Bikes have  multi functions. You can use it in everyday life, to go for a lonely ride or a ride with friends, to go shopping or beach cycling. If some of this is your choice, that choice would be filled with safety, commodity and easiness. No one likes to enter a shopping center or company of friends all sweaty and barely catching the breath. FirmstrongBikes allow people to ride with no needless effort. This bike doesn’t make you too tired to do anything else, and that’s why you can ride Firmstrong Cruiser Beach Bike in almost every occasion. You can be all dressed up and still enjoy this comfortable ride.

However, if you are one of those people whose bike’s main purpose is to be a fast transporter, you can still find your luck with Firmstrong Bikes. Various speeds offer  you to pick exactly what you need, and you can go on a road ride, sport or even some small journeys.

Firmstrong Bikes can improve your business too. It is proved that physical activities reduce stress and help people anticipate brain skills. Work causes stress and stress cause your work to be  inefficient, it’s a circle with no ending, unless the stress is out. The best way to reduce stress is to try yourself out in sport activities, because when the body works, the mind is also calming down. Riding a Firmstrong bike serves this purpose and it has been the best choice for those who don’t like jogging. It doesn’t take too much effort, but it takes you on any path you choose.

Also, using the bike is ecological and cheap. Nowadays, with global warming, greenhouse effect, etc., Choosing a bike over the bus is almost heroic act. Furthermore, using this bike saves you a lot of money  if you are travelling by public transport usually. Many people out there even go to the work using train or bus and this way they can save themselves money on daily basics. So, despite all the obvious advantages of Firmstrong Cruiser Bike,  bike can offer you another use-save money and ride it instead.

The Product’s missing links

cruiser bike slika2Although customers using Firmstrong bikes are certainly satisfied, you may come across small disadvantages. After riding your bike for some period, the tires start to wear out, especially when the bike is mostly used on rough roads. The bike doesn’t have high quality tires so the issue of wearing of may occur. The Solution to this problem is to upgrade your tires by buying quality and more durable ones.

Also, you may find some part of the bike unpleasant. Saddles can be hard and cause you discomfort, but you can adapt it with time. If that doesn’t work and you really want new saddle or some other part of the bike, you can go to your nearest local bike shop. There you can replace some parts that slows you down and don’t work in favor of a bike’s performance. Modifying your bike can solve the problem if some parts don’t suits you well, but sometimes it takes just a little bit time to get used to the bike.

If any problems considering cruiser bike occur, you just call the customer services and they’ll give you the information needed. Great customer service is always appreciated and people who work there will step right up and help you if necessary.


What problems and issues Firmstrong Cruiser Beach Bike solves

The main advantage of Firmstrong Cruiser Beach Bike is an accessibility to everyone. It doesn’t matter if your goal is to visit as many beaches as possible or get a ride to your work, you can do it with a style and ease. With maximum comfort, anyone can join lower speeds to calmly enjoy the sun, or faster speeds for excitement. You could pick your favorite color and add some cool fenders to pimp your ride. Adjustment problems are easily solved too, as Firmstrong has many models, and every model itself can handle adjustments and remakes too. The strong Firmstrong virtue is comfort, so they are doing everything to remain commodity and comfort of their cruiser bikes.

Rough fields are no longer a problem, because with modern engineering of the wheels, you wouldn’t even notice the difference of a nice smooth terrain or a rough one. There’s a plenty of more options with Firmstrong bikes, since you are no longer bounded to just a few destinations,  or a few styles. This innovation in the world of bikes is revolutionary and every fan of cycling and beach cruising would find themselves overwhelmed by the idea of Firmstrong Urban Beach Bike.

There  are problems which all bike users usually share, such as unisex models which do not work for both of the genders. Firmstrong solved this problem by creating models for both genders and every body type, so no one should experience discomfort using the bike. Also, bikes constructed for kids have various models too. Girls may feel uncomfortable sitting on a bike  that suits boys better, and since usually girls are shorter than boys, they will have to select a specific version. But Firmstrong bikes do not require adjustment, as they are designed in various sizes to cater for the issue of height. Needless to say, controlling sizes on one kids bike is strongly recommended. Variety of sizes are very important, since many people ride bikes that doesn’t suit their body type perfectly, and that can cause some health issues such as problems with the spine, especially if the bike is ridden daily. Firmstrong works in favor both of comfort and health.

Also, there have always been some failed challenges bike users face. Different types of ground, mainly the rough ones affect the bike’s condition. Modern and improved engineering of Firmstrong Cruiser Bikes allows users to ride their bikes with no fear of destroying wheels or occurrence of  accidents caused by losing the control of the bike. Losing control of the bike can easily happen if somebody hits some small stone or challenge some ground curves. Firmstrong prevented this by upgrading the most qualified steel construction systems  which makes the bike stable, safe and uneasily harmed.


Advantages of Firmstrong Urban Cruiser Bikes are countless. What makes Firmstrong highly rated and popular is mostly a variety of styles, speeds and sizes. With a variety of styles comes the variety of customers, and everyone who tried one of the Firmstrong bikes is pleased with its performance and effectiveness.

“The Firmstrong Urban Man 3-Speed Beach Cruiser Bike is a great bike for the price.  I love everything about it!  If you want a beach cruiser bike with the ability to switch gears, at the reasonable price ever, then this is the bike for you.”

Low prizes and high quality are the best combination that Firmstrong came with and that’s what is giving them all these attention and compliments. Pedaling becomes easier due to better power transfer aided by the firm grip the cycling shoes have on the pedals, and all the Firmstrong equipment is there to achieve one main goal-comfort for the users.


Rough fields and barren terrains are not so harmless after all, not even for Firmstrong Cruiser Bikes. You may do not feel the difference, and even though the bikes are equipped perfectly for all kinds of fields, it does affect bikes a little bit. After some time of riding your bike, the tires may wear off, and you must replace them. The issue is, despite the cash you spent on buying the bike, you spend more if you will have to replace any poor quality accessories. If you consider the fact that Firmstrong bikes are not expensive themselves, this isn’t a great issue after all.


All in all, Firmstrong Urban Cruise Bike is a great choice and a smart investment. You give money for the bike, and you get a whole new life in return. Anyone out there who cycles for fun should buy one of Firmstrong bikes. Whether you’re cycling around your neighborhood or you try it out there on a road, you will experience a pleasant and smooth ride. You could cycle for hours without feeling pain in your legs of arms. Basically, you don’t have to worry about anything. Firmstrong took care of that. You just sit on the bike and enjoy the ride. Construction of bikes is generally concentrated to satisfy needs of customers, and it’s doing a good job. If you are considering buying a bike, look no further.Click here to check out this bike.

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