Firmstrong Bella Women’s Cruiser Bike Review of 2018

firmstrong bella 3 Bikes are numbered among the most cherished mobility and transportation machines in the lives of men and women since the day they were invented a few centuries ago. Even though they were originally designed as a preserve of the male gender, bicycles are no longer an exclusive tool of the male sex given the rise of demand and love for bikes among the modern women of our day. The women of this generation have an equal affinity and love bicycles the same way men do and that is why the biking experience is one of those events that a great many of these women hold dear not just for the purposes of mobility but for other reasons such as exercising and recreation. Be it biking for pleasure, or linking up with their workstations, biking to share some moments with their friends or family, biking still remains an essential component in the lives of contemporary women. It is in view of the above facts that coming up with a bike model that is crafted with unique female needs and pleasure in mind remains a giant step in the right direction as far as the success of any serious bike maker is concerned.

It is in view of the above that Firmstrong, an established and world renowned player in the bicycle manufacturing industry, crafted  and created this  women’s cruiser bike to incorporate   all the dimensions of beauty, convenience, grace, style, pride  and elegance all wrapped up in this cool machine known as  Firmstrong Bella Women’s Cruiser Bike. This bicycle is enriched and loaded with graceful features that are intended to perfectly meet the biking needs of women of every age and from every walk of life.

That is why it is the main purpose and scope of this article to give you a comprehensive coverage and review of this great women’s bike so that you can come up with a well informed choice that will give you a riding experience that deserves your hard-earned money. As the review progresses towards the end, we shall comprehensively examine the following core areas that constitute this bike: the salient features of Firmstrong Bella Women’s Cruiser Bike; the benefits and advantages of Firmstrong Bella Women’s Cruiser Bike; the pros of Firmstrong Bella Women’s Cruiser Bike; the cons of Firmstrong Bella Women’s Cruiser Bike; the missing links of Firmstrong Bella Women’s Cruiser Bike and; the final take on Firmstrong Bella Women’s Cruiser Bike.

Salient product features of Firmstrong Bella Women’s Cruiser Bike

Firmstrong Bella Women’s Cruiser Bike is a very rich female bicycle that is crafted with awesome features that facilitate the bike’s benefits to female bikers. Just as it is the function of every product, it is the features of this girl machine that ensure that the bike passes on to its female users all the benefits that are captured in the bike. Listed below are some of the features that will enable you to be counted among the many thousands of the bike’s satisfied riders.

  •     The bike’s frame is  17” and it is crafted from  extended steel
  •     The bike’s cranks are single piece
  •     The bike’s tires measure 26 by 2.125 inches
  •     The bike’s tire tread is waffle
  •     The dimension of the bike’s handlebar is 28.5 inches
  •     The bike is fitted with coaster brakes
  •     The seatpost of the women bike is 28.6 inches
  •     The seat of the bike is crafted from classic leather saddle
  •     The wheel size of the bike is 26 inches and it is made of aluminum
  •     The women bike comes assembled up to 80%
  •     The bike has grips that are crafted from synthetic leather
  •     It is designed to accommodate women riders of between 5 and 6 feet tall
  •     The bike weighs 40 lbs
  •     The recommended riding speed of the bike is 3-30 miles per hour
  •     The recommended riding distance of the bike is between 0 and 40 miles per single trip
  •     The tilt and height of the bike’s handlebar and seat can be adjusted so that the ride can enjoy better comfort
  •     It is a very ideal tool for cruising through the beach and streets
  •     The stem of the bike is an alloy
  •     The bicycle has a steel headset
  •     The bike is fitted with beautiful hibiscus decals
  •     The bike is fitted with a steel chrome plated post
  •     It has a KT steel front hub
  •     The bike has a steel kickstand
  •     It has  36 stainless spokes
  •     It is fitted with a KMC chain
  •     The chain guard of the bike  is made of steel and it is colored
  •     The maximum weight capacity of the bike is 200 lbs
  •     The bike’s maximum tire pressure is 40 PSI
  •     The lady cruiser bike is fitted with front and rear safety reflectors
  •     The pedals of the bike are made of resin, they measure 0.5 inches   and they have reflectors
  •     The women cruiser bike is fitted with  rear and front fenders that are colored and made form steel
  •     The bike comes in a variety of lady-friendly colors that give you a wider array of choice and also the color of the bike determines its price
  •     The bike is available in  single speed, 3 speed and 7 speed options and hence you get a wide option of selection and choice
  •     The 7 speed option comes with hand brakes while the single and 3 speed come with coater brakes
  •     The 3 and 7 speed bikes are very ideal for cruising through hilly locations
  •     The single speed options are very ideal for those who are looking for a bike that is easier to maintain and they are cheaper compared to their 3 and 7 speed counterparts
  •     The bike is fitted with a thick top tube

firmstrong bella 4Benefits and advantages of Firmstrong Bella Women’s Cruiser Bike

Firmstrong Bella Women’s Cruiser Bike is fitted and loaded with a cluster of immense benefits and advantages that every female rider enjoys. All of these immense benefits are a by-product of the great features that Firmstrong deliberately invested in this lady bike. The list below is a comprehensive coverage of some of the bicycle’s benefits and advantages.

  •     The bike is fitted with a thick top tube
  •     The bike is fitted with front  and rear fenders which make it a very great tool for riding through muddy and water-filled environments
  •     The bike is a very ideal option for riding to the beach, cruising through town, commuting to work and even riding on pavement surfaces
  •     Aside being built for effective functionality, the bike is also enriched with a lot of esthetic features that every woman needs. For instance, the bike has painted rims that enhance its esthetic value and appeal
  •     It is fitted with wide tires that give you an excellent grip on the road  as you ride
  •     The bike is designed to carry up to 350 pounds, and this makes it a very suitable catch for women of different weight levels
  •     It is fitted with cuff guard that protects your pants as you ride
  •     It is able to accommodate women of different heights
  •     It is designed with a greater level of comfort due to the queen size seat that is fitted with dual springs that ensure that shocks are absorbed and you ride with undisrupted comfort
  •     Its adjustable handlebar and seat give you the freedom to get the kind of tile and height that you need and you ride. This means that you are able to ride without undue discomfort
  •     The bike is fitted with a strong and durable body that is also marked by painted rims that are not vulnerable to rusting
  •     It is designed with your safety in mind due to the inclusion of front and rear reflectors that make you more visible in the night and foggy weather
  •     The availability of the bike in different colors and speed levels make it an ideal option for many women because their cost varies with the color and speed level. This means that a buyer  at any level can afford to buy this model and with the time advance to the more costly options such as the 3 and 7 speed

firmstrong bella 2The pros of Firmstrong Bella Women’s Cruiser Bike

Firmstrong Bella Women’s Cruiser Bike is enriched and loaded with numerous pros. We have listed some of these pros in the paragraphs below.

  •     It is a very affordable bike that gives you reasonable value for money
  •     It comes in a variety of colors and gives you a wider pool of choice
  •     It comes with three different speed options that you can choose from
  •     It is designed with a strong steel frame
  •     The bike is a very good option for using across different terrains
  •     It is a multipurpose machine that you can used for exercise, commuting to work and recreation
  •     It has a very high level of comfort due to the quality of its handlebars and saddle
  •     The bike is designed to accommodate users of different heights and weight

The cons of Firmstrong Bella Women’s Cruiser   Bike

After taking a complete examination of the pros, features and benefits of Firmstrong Bella Women’s Cruiser Bike , it is now time that we also take a critical examination of the other side of the bike. Keep on reading below in order to come to terms with some of the shortcomings of this lady bike.

  •     The bike comes assembled up to 80% and the remaining 20 % has to be done by the user. This may be an inconvenience to many female users

The missing links of Firmstrong Bella Women’s Cruiser Bike

After going through a long examination and description of the great and awesome benefits of this lady bike, it is very advantageous for the end user for us to take a little diversion and have an objective examination of the few missing links that are also present in the bicycle. But to set the record straight, these missing links are not a suggestion that this lady bike needs to be thrown away or rejected in any way. The main reason behind us taking such a critical and objective examination of these missing links is to let you understand that the bike has shortcomings and they can be addressed so that you can move on with your bike. After learning how to resolve these missing links, you are at liberty to go on and enjoy all the benefits and advantages that we have already examined from the start of this review.

  •     The bike needs some level of assembling of up to 20%. For many men, assembling such a bike is not a big deal but no so for a woman. An average woman is not naturally wired to be dragged into this grease-and-spanner kind of business that most men would naturally enjoy as a pastime. This means that many women will need the services of a male friend or relative and even those of a bike shop. But the cost of assembling the bike is nothing compared to the value of the services that the bike will offer you in the long-term.

firmstrong bella 1The final take on Firmstrong Bella Women’s Cruiser Bike

Up to this far, we have taken a complete examination of all the dimensions of the Firmstrong Bella Women’s Cruiser Bike. In addition, we have objectively and fairly examined every dimension of this lady bicycle and we are in a better position to make a precise and fair verdict regarding this bike. Starting off at the good and positive side of the bike, the lady machine is a very beautiful and sleek option and it confers to many female riders an array of commendable features and benefits.

To wrap it up, it is only a fair gesture to recommend Firmstrong Bella Women’s Cruiser Bike as a perfect choice worth every coin that a modern woman can pay for it. It may not be the best women bike  out there but it is a very worthy option for women who are seeking a balance between affordability and reasonable quality that offers them value for their money. In addition, it remains a great stepping stone for you to climb the ladder of biking as you move on to other advanced models within and outside the Firmstrong family.  Click here to check out this bike.


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