Essential Bicycle Safety Tips


Bicycle riding is considered the most popular and exciting activities around and is getting more popular every year. Although a fun and entertaining pastime, riding a bicycle can also be filled with risks. Learning how to avoid the possible risks can help to make this effective activity safer and more remarkable for the cyclist. Here are some essential bikes riding safety tips for new cyclist:

  • Find a bike that suits your needs. There are a number of options on the market. Do a good research and talk to more experienced cyclists before completing the purchase.
  • Keep your bike in good working condition. Always check the operation of the brakes and keep the tires with the proper calibration.
  • Appear is clearly visible to motorists. Lights and reflective on the bike, helmet and clothing items are of utmost importance. Avoid wearing dark cloth at night.
  • The bicycle is a vehicle and should be conducted as any motorized vehicle. If the rider wants to be taken seriously by the other drivers must: respect the hand toward the street, the lights, the crosswalk, walking the edge of the track, and especially not by the circular driveway.
  • Prevent regarding sluice gates or other interference present on the surface of the road such as longitudinal grilles, covers slippery manholes, oil on the track, holes, studs etc. Likewise, cross train lines very carefully.
  • Keep both hands on the handlebars ready to break your bike. If you break your bike using only one hand, then you could not stop in time. Keep a greater distance on rainy days because the wet brake is not as efficient.
  • Signal your intentions with your arms and hands. Signal conversions and all stops in advance. Check the traffic situation looking over their shoulders and just do the intended movement when conditions are totally safe.
  • Establish eye contact with other drivers. Make sure you are seen. Establish eye contact with drivers to make sure they know you’re on the road. Look over the shoulders or regularly use the mirror required to control your rear view. Despite the bike having the same rights as other vehicles, are always prepared to make maneuvers that preserve their safety.
  • If you left turn as another vehicle, signal your intention before, stand to the left and make the conversion making sure there is no traffic in the opposite direction or transverse. This maneuver is recommended only for experienced cyclists. If you have no experience, make a left turn in two stages, using the crosswalks for cyclists or, in their absence, parallel to the pedestrian crosswalks.
  • Start with simple paths. Don’t try to cross the city in the early days of cycling. With more experience, you can go for longer distances.

Bicycle riding safety is the most essential thing for a new cyclist to learn before they arrive at the road. If they are not trying to practice bicycle riding safety, they may lead to completely striking the road. Practicing to achieve perfection, so make sure you are more comfortable on the bicycle before you ride in a public or on busy roads.


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