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Ancheer Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike Review of 2017

Electric Mountain BikeCycling enthusiasts attribute their passion for the outdoor activity to a number of things, but the most common of these is the outdoor feel and the need for some workout. At some point, cycling was the in thing, however the ever changing dynamics of the modern world has limited the amount of time an individual can spend doing what they love. Blame it on school, running a business or building careers, fact is there is always something getting in the way. The little time you can squeeze in is never enough.

Bike manufacturers have been on the offensive, coming up with new designs and makes to improve the market and in the process came up with the electric bikes. A bike filled with controversy yet has impressive sales. Mountain bikes have not been spared either. Soon the manual version of this bike may be a thing of the first though if old-school bikers have anything to say about it, I wouldn’t count on it.The electric mountain bike has revolutionized the way mountain biking done, whether this is a good thing the jury is still out on that. Continue reading –>



Cyclamatic CX2 Electric Folding Bike Review of 2017

Electric Folding BikeThe electric bike industry has grown exponentially over the years and though it is a fairly new industry, there are so many achievements that have been made. Bike brands have a new niche to work with while the industry has seen the cropping of new brands staking a claim on the electric bikes. To be honest the controversy surrounding this new tech has not been dealt with yet, but that has not discouraged the cycling enthusiasts. The millions of electric bikes being sold each year can attest to that. On one of the electric bike brands gaining popularity is the Cyclamatic CX2 Electric Folding Bike.

Just like the electric bike industry, Cyclamatic is a relatively new name in the industry. However, over the few years of its existence, it has been able to curve out a name for itself especially with the introduction of the CX2 Electric Folding Bike. It is a one of a kind machine that comes with great features such as an aluminum frame that makes it light and sturdy.  Continue reading –>



Addmotor HITHOT H1 Electric Mountain Bike Review of 2017

electric mountain bikeFinding the right electric mountain bike can be a hustle. Electric bikes are relatively new and manufacturers are still finding their way through that maze. If you ever had a bike that can match up to your expectation its usually very expensive and if it is within your budget, the features are not that impressive. However, there are a number of E-bikes that have eye catching features and can be purchased at an affordable price. One of those is Addmotor HITHOT H1 Electric mountain bike.

One of the most impressive features of this bike is the shock absorbing capabilities. The rear spring based suspension and the aluminum front fork makes sure you enjoy the best. On the road it is impressive and on the off road it is mind blowing. Coupled with the large 26” wheels the ride ahead will be smooth despite the terrain. The aluminum frame gives the bike strength and stability while you enjoy 20 MPH thanks to the 48 V 500 Watts motor.  Continue reading –>



Cyrusher XF660 Fat Tire Electric Bike Review of 2017

 fat tire electric bikeIn the world of mountain biking, fat bikes have proven to be the go to machines. The 4+ inch tires offer cushioning and allow the bike to cruise over terrains other mountain bikes would otherwise have a difficult time. These include snow and sandy conditions. In addition, they do very well on low tire pressure. During the winter you can count on this bike to keep you fit. Performance is what these bikes are for. Cyclists are always on the look out for a challenge, no matter the time of year. With fat bikes, this has been made possible.

However, an e-fat bike adds spice to the whole fat bike experience. Granted, there is some controversy surrounding the electricity ran bikes, but the market is still expanding. New brands are cropping up and existing ones are, to some extent, forced to conform. Cyrusher has not been left out. Their XF660 fat tire electric bike is not just impressive, but a performer as well.  Continue reading –>



Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 Electric Mountain Bike Review of 2017

Electric Mountain BikeThough Cyclamatic is a relatively new name in the e-bikes market, it has made headway. Cyclists are beginning to come to terms with electric powered bikes and some are finding fault with a real enthusiast being “assisted” in peddling a bike. That, however, has not deterred the market from growing. That is why Cyclamatic is determined to get a piece of the pie. First it was their original Cyclamatic Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike and now with the Improved version, CX1.

Cyclamatic went all out with this one.To start us off is the improved battery which can charge faster than the previous version and packs more power. While the previous bike had 7 speeds, CX1 comes with 21 speeds that enable a cyclist to tackle any terrain with ease. Adding to the comfort is the front suspension, which cushions from shocks despite the terrain. If you are one who prefers to pedal the “old fashioned” way, then the CX1 also offers that option. Continue reading –>