Different Types of Bicycles Review


466465-37518-18There are many different types of bicycles on the market today. And no wonder, each of them intended for a different purpose. There are specific bikes just for men and also exclusive women’s bicycles. The key difference is usually in the design, and in the height. Many are low-cost and easily affordable, while the specialty bicycles may cost thousands of dollars. Let’s take a discussion about the different types of bicycles, in their uses.


This bicycle is also known as “City”. This is a mixture of Mountain bike but contains with a town bike accessories such as grill, fenders, different saddle, etc. This is ideal for transport a city uneven terrain. You can ride it in poor roads also. This bike is made ​​to deliver comfort with reasonable speed.

Cross or BMK

You can do some exceptional things such as tricks and fly with this bicycle. The main feature of these bicycles is it’s smaller than the other models, both in structure and in their wheels. This is because its main use is to juggle, tricks, stunts, tricks, etc. A general characteristic is that the brake cables of these bicycles are located inside the structure, allowing the handle to rotate 360 ​​°. There are marching because they are not designed to travel long distances. The frame can be chromium, aluminum and titanium.

Mountain Bike

These bicycles are classic for the hill and also used in the city. These bikes generally have full suspension, as they are designed for mountainous terrain. Its parts are more robust than the other types of bikes, as they are designed to resist and prevent damage quickly. There are some unique features of these bicycles which allows different situations pedaling, uphill, downhill, rocky terrain, etc.

Dance Floor

This bicycle is known as Dance Floor. These types of bicycles are very easily recognized by their slim, lightweight, narrow tires. They are made especially for high speeds and usually have no changes. These are the choice among athletes for cycling and these are highly competitive in worldwide. In recent years, it has been widely used among urban youth athletes and around the world, which prefer its design and speed.




These bicycles are also known as Comfort Bikes. These bikes have 18, 21 or more gears and also have very wide and comfortable seat. These types of bicycles are suitable for medium and short walks. They come with proper tire for asphalt, but can face good dirt roads.


It is also called as DH. It is a variation of the mountain bike, but these are only for bikers down hills like fireworks amid forests, rocky slopes and other folly. These bikes are perfect for lovers of adrenaline and broken bones. These bikes have the oversized and heavy frame with front and rear suspension stroke and large disc brakes.

Use the bicycle with the correct model is to make sure that you will be comfortable and safe. Before buying a particular model, try several others and make sure about the quality of the equipment. An investment like this deserves special attention.


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