Diamondback vital 2 women’s hybrid bike Review of 2018

Diamondback vital 2Exercising has become one of the most important part of the modern woman’s life. However, with the growing pressure to develop career wise and still maintain a family it can be difficult to find time for exercising. That is where biking comes in. More specifically this is where Diamondback vital 2 women’s hybrid bike comes in. This is one piece of machinery that every woman should have. It is built to accommodate the everyday woman who is always multitasking.

One of the features that stands out is the double butted aluminum frame that is step through. Apart from the strength that this bike offers the user, it is very easy to mount and use. The aluminum frame is light which is perfect for ladies who generally have a small body weight. Once again Shimano has shown its superiority built. With the Diamondback vital 2 women’s hybrid bike as most of the parts such as the derailleur and shifter are from this cycling component giant. When it is Shimano then it is quality.

Women also value comfort, that is why the Diamondback vital 2 women’s hybrid bike is designed to offer comfort in terms of the structure of the saddle and the sitting position. The seat is perfectly cushioned and the stem can be adjusted to fit your preference. So whether you are looking for a workout, a way to satisfy your commuter needs or just a leisure ride then this is the bike for you.

The rest of this article aims to give you an in depth look at the Diamondback vital 2 women’s hybrid bike and what it has to offer. After all, we expect value for money at the end of the day. The rest of this review will focus on what makes this the bike to beats and what are the features that put a dent to its name. The main areas it is going to focus on are: the features and specs of Diamondback vital 2 women’s hybrid bike; the benefits and advantages of Diamondback vital 2 women’s hybrid bike; the pros of Diamondback vital 2 women’s hybrid bike; the cons of Diamondback vital 2 women’s hybrid bike; the missing links of Diamondback vital 2 women’s hybrid bike and; the final take on Diamondback vital 2 women’s hybrid bike.

The specs and features of Diamondback vital 2 women’s hybrid bike

Starting off with the features and specs, the Diamondback vital 2 women’s hybrid bike does not disappoint. This bike comes with loads just to improve on the experience of the user. As is expected, the features that are fitted in a particular product are supposed to pay a role in enhancing the experience of a rider. In collaboration with other features, they make the experience worth the price tag. Read the next section and get to understand what to expect before you make that purchase.

  • Diamondback vital 2 women’s hybrid bike come fitted with Cross 700c tires from Kenda that enhance the flow of the ride.
  • This bike has 6061-T6 double butted aluminum frame that reinforces strength, but still remains light for easy and smooth navigation.
  • The frame is also a step through, which makes it easy to mount and unmount.
  • The bike is fitted with Shimano EF-51 shifters which ensures that a gear change goes easy and smooth.
  • This women’s bike comes with Shimano TourneyTY500 rear and the front derailleurs for smooth change in speed.
  • The rims of this bike are SSW700 32h alloy rims for durability and sturdiness
  • The brakes are alloy linear which work flawlessly to provide great stoppage power.
  • For speed, the bike is fitted with 21 speeds so that you can have a variety to choose and to enjoy.
  • Diamondback vital 2 women’s hybrid bike is also fitted with a suspension fork which makes those rough terrains a breeze
  • The bike also comes with cushioned seats for added comfort while you are riding.
  • The riser handle bars are made from steel giving the bike an easy and comfortable grip as you ride.
  • This bike can carry a capacity of up to 250 pounds
  • The warranty is: 1 year for parts and labor while the general warranty is lifetime.

Diamondback vital 2Benefits of Diamondback vital 2 women’s hybrid bike

Thanks to the great features, Diamondback vital 2 women’s hybrid bike has a lot to offer in terms of benefits. Diamondback, being a company with a lot of experience when it comes to customer satisfaction, has put a considerable amount of effort into making sure the user gets the best experience with the use of this product. The next part of this review analyses some of the benefits attributed to this bike.

  • It’s one of the most affordable bikes in the women’s category. The price of this bike is very low and anyone can afford it.
  • It’s easy to assemble since most of the parts are assembled on delivery and the rest of the assembly process is relatively easy.
  • The saddle and the suspension fork is designed to offer maximum comfort. The saddle is cushioned in a quality fashion so that when you want to ride for longer you do not have to worry about numbness and general discomfort.
  • It is very easy to get on and off thanks to its step through design
  • The aluminum frame makes this a great piece because it is sturdy and durable yet it is light enough for women to handle.
  • It is a multipurpose tool that can be used for commuter purposes, workouts, as well as for leisure rides. No need to get another bike for the different needs.
  • Its upright sitting and peddling is great as it does not put so much pressure on the back like mountain bikes or road bikes.
  • When it comes to the speeds you have a variety to choose from. This bike come with 21 speeds and a great derailleur system.
  • The light purple color is very attractive, especially for women who are more conscientious about how they look on a bike.
  • It is easy to use in different terrains thanks to Shimano drivetrain
  • It is the best for women, despite their different body sizes because it can carry up to 250 pounds. There are also two sizes that cater for the different women with varying built.
  • It has puncture resistant tires, which reduces the probability of having to make a visit to the bike shop every now and then to make a replacement.
  • The different warranties attached to the bike are great. It is competitive and you can rest easy knowing the company has your back.

Pros of Diamondback vital 2 women’s hybrid bike

Just like most products purchased there are things we look for that stand out, something to love about it. Well, you will be happy to know that Diamondback vital 2 women’s hybrid bike has a lot to offer that you will love. The features come with a tone of pros you will definitely enjoy in the long run. Let us look at some of the major pros to expect.

  • Cost effective: One of the pros that makes this bike a must have is the affordable price. Because of its low price, this bike is cheaper than most considering the quality it comes with.
  • Smooth ride: The Diamondback vital 2 women’s hybrid bike is endowed with a suspended fork and cushioned seat that make it comfortable and the ride smooth despite the terrain. The Shimano shifters and derailleurs make the gear shifting easy and smooth.
  • Ease of use: Another pro is the step through design which makes this bike stand out. There is no hustle in mounting and dismounting the bike. Plus, everything else is straightforward in terms of use.
  • Stable machine: The frame is made from double butted aluminum, which makes it one stable machine.It offers strength and agility at the same time.
  • Comfortable: The seat is great even on longer rides and the fork suspension offers more comfort even in rougher terrains.
  • Great tires: Apart from the tires which offering great traction, they are puncture resistant and there is no need to have them replaced every now and then.
  • Improved safety: Safety is key in every ride taken and that is why Diamondback Vital 2 comes with linear pull brakes which give you more control so that you can be in charge of your safety. These brakes offer superb braking power.
  • Great look: The light purple color has proven to be a favorite with many. Ladies are known to value aesthetics and the glossy purple color is great.

Diamondback vital 2Cons of the Diamondback Vital 2 Women’s Hybrid Bike

So far the bike is looking great with all the features and benefits to get from it. However, it is not all rosy. The Diamondback Vital 2 has some undesired characteristics. As much as the manufacturers try to achieve perfection, there are some negative attributes that seem to have seeped through. Not that these imperfections are unique to this bike. The purpose of focusing on the cons is for the buyer to make an informed choice in terms what to expect when they have made the purchase. This section is aimed at discussing all the shortcomings that users have to contend with once they choose this bike. Read on and learn.

  • Though this bike comes mostly assembled those who have no idea how to do the rest of the assembly will have a tough time trying to put it together. The instructions are pretty vague.
  • The bike is built specifically for women, which is a problem for men who have a fancy for this type of bike. You are going to have to buy this bike and hope that it works for you as a man.
  • The lack of fenders and mudguards can be problematic, especially on the muddy day. The chain system lacks protection and is exposed to mud and other weather elements that can damage it
  • The limited warranty is a complete turn off. There are other brands that offer better and competitive warranty.
  • Since the weight limit this bike can carry cannot exceed 250lbs, users whose weight is over, this cannot ride it, at least not comfortably.

The missing links to Diamondback vital 2 women’s hybrid bike

The Diamondback Vital 2 Women’s Hybrid Bike has some great advantages but it also has some missing links that tend to take some glory from it. This simply means there are some flaws that need to be dealt with in order to enjoy the benefits of this bike fully. Do not take it as a sign that this bike is not good enough for your money.

These missing links are just some issue with the bike that may need a few adjustments to get it to function in maximum capacity. The purpose of identifying these missing links of the Diamondback vital 2 women’s hybrid bike is to help you maneuver past them to enjoy the performance of the bike fully. These flaws can be dealt with by use of homemade solutions. The list below is some of those links.

  • The brakes have the tendency to make squeaky noises. This has been attributed to adjustments made to the bike during assembly. To fix this, make sure you get the calibration right and if you are not sure call for help from someone with experience.
  • The height of the seat can be problematic depending on your preference. Just make the adjustment before you mount. The seat is not quick release so you have to be more critical.

Final take on Diamondback vital 2 women’s hybrid bike

This bike is definitely worth your time and money. The Diamondback vital 2 women’s hybrid bike not only comes with great features; it has a lot to benefit from. The price is also a factor that does great with many users. It is a bike that stands out from the rest with quality parts and it is built for performance. Our final verdict on this bike is to buy it and get to enjoy the experience of a life time. Click here to check out this bike.