Dahon Mariner D7 Folding Bike Review of 2018

dahon mariner 1Bikes have been around for generations as a means of transportation. Additionally, they are not just a means of transport but they also provide some of the most flexible means of transport that can traverse and penetrate terrains that other means of transportation cannot. That is why even in the face of high-tech transportation technology, the place of bicycles has not just remained valuable, but it has also been enhanced.

One of the ways through which bikes have undergone enhancement that proves that they are here to stay is the introduction of foldable bikes that can be easily carried around. One of the brands in the market that is designed for that purpose is the Dahon Mariner D7 Folding Bike that was originally designed for boaters. But due to its popularity and success, its scope has been “hijacked” by non-boating users as a better transportation tool for folding and traveling with.

This article is dedicated to unveil this great multi-purpose folding bike so that you can have a clear understanding of what it really is and how it can improve your biking experience. This comprehensive review is going to explore all the vital dimensions of this folding bike. The areas of exploration we are going to cover the following: the salient features of the bike; the core benefits and advantages of the bike; the pros of the bike; the cons of the bike; the missing links of the bike and; the conclusion.

The review is intended to help you make the right decision concerning the bike based on a clear understanding and not some hype. By the time you land at the last period, you will be able to determine whether it is a product worth your consideration and money or not. Keep reading up to the end.

Salient features of Dahon Mariner D7 Folding Bike

The Dahon folding bike is loaded with many and admirable features that are intended to facilitate its effective functionality. Additionally, these salient features are the seed bed of all the benefits that are embedded in the bike so as to improve your experience as a user, whether you are boater or not. This section discusses these features in depth, in line with the inherent benefits that they carry and facilitate.

Frame sizes: It comes in one size

Gear inches: Between 37” and 85”

Folding time: A mere 15 seconds

Weight: 11.8 Kg

Fork: Aluminum, integrated

Recommended rider height: 4 ft8in -6ft 4in

Maximum ride weight: 105 Kg

Folded size: 21 cm x 81 cm x 66 cm

Frame: KM series, 7005 aluminum alloy, visegrip technology

Handle bar: 6061-T6 aluminum

Handle post: Adjustable, patented fusion, forged aluminum, V-clamp technology, radius telescope

Kickstand: Comes with it

Seatpost: SP-22, 34x 580 silver

Headset: Dahon fusion+Zero stack, cartridge bearings

Brake levers: DHL-42 g W/O logo,

Brakes: DHV -107 W/O  logo, silver

Brake cables: 2p, black housing, black cables

Number of gears: 7-speed SRAM which is ideal for both flat and hilly surfaces

Clip system: Magnetix

Fenders: Included in the pack

Rear rack: It is included the pack

Storage space: It folds easily and fits into a small boat space

Color: Brushed

Style name: Urban utility bike

Wheel size: 700


Benefits of Dahon Mariner D7 Folding Bike

As a utility bike, this machine is fitted with awesome benefits. This section is devoted to the exploration of these benefits and some of them are listed below as follows:

  • It offers  a very comfortable riding experience
  • It offers a  very secure riding experience
  • It is very fast to fold and move on. You need only 15 seconds to fold or unfold it
  • It is very economic on storage space and it easily fits in a small boat
  • It is rust resistant although you need to take extra care and measures to maintain it
  • It comes with fenders and a rear rack in the kit
  • It is fitted with a strong gear system that is suitable for uphill and flat rides
  • You can use it as a portable seat when in it is in its folded state
  • Its handlebar height can be adjusted
  • It has an excellent, beautiful, and stylish design
  • It comes with touch-up paint for use in case the bike gets scratched
  • It is among the lightest folding bicycles in the market at a mere 11.8 Kg
  • It is made of brushed aluminum
  • It is designed to cruise on different road surfaces such as pavements, gravel and open fields
  • It comes with an optional carry bag that is fitted with a shoulder strap
  • It is an ideal travel companion for day to day urban life
  • It is an ideal transportation tool for tourists in remote areas where there are no motor vehicles for transport
  • It is very easy to fold and unfold
  • It comes with clear instructions on how to fold, unfold and assemble
  • It comes almost ready for use and it entails very little assembly work
  • It is manufactured by a company that has an excellent and responsive customer support service that will always be there for you
  • It has very stable speeds which make it easy to control it. This means that it is a safe bike because the ability to control a bike is a vital component of safety
  • It is very easy to shift its gears
  • It is a perfect choice for different modes of transport such as train, plane, buses, and even subways

dahon mariner 2The pros of Dahon Mariner D7 Folding Bike

This section of the review covers some of the pros of this mariner bike. They are listed below as follows:

  • It is fitted with a Dahon Neos rear derailleur that has crisp, fast shifting ability and a low profile design that is free from damaging effects
  • It is designed with a lot of user comfort and convenience in mind
  • It is a very perfect companion for all users who have issues with storage space such as boaters and apartment dwellers
  • The bike has a stable and effective gear system
  • It is suitable for all types of urban and upcountry commuters such as boaters and tourists
  • It requires very minimal assembly
  • It designed to accommodate users of all height categories
  • It can accommodate heavy users since its maximum weight is 105 Kg
  • It is a very safe machine to ride on
  • It is a great tool for exercise. This means that you can reap all the health benefits that go with cycling
  • It is a multi-purpose tool that can also be used as a portable seat
  • Aside being easy to fold and unfold, it is a very lightweight machine that is easy to carry
  • It is a road master over different road terrains and surfaces

The cons of Dahon Mariner D7 Folding Bike

After going through all the pros and benefits of this great machine, it is necessary for us to take a turn and look at the other side of the coin. Yes it is true that this is a good bike; but that does not mean that it is immune to shortcomings. This section of the review is dedicated to the exploration of the cons of this bike. Some of them are discussed below as follows

  • The first disadvantage of this bike is that once you have folded it, it is somehow hectic to roll it
  • The second disadvantage with the Dahon D7 is that it comes in only one color. This denies the user the freedom to choose and enjoy diversity. For instance, the brushed color that this bike comes with is a purely male color.
  • The third disadvantage is that though it is rust and water resistant, it is not water-proof. You are required to do regular maintenance on the bike in order to cut down on the possibility of it corroding.
  • Though it is great for commuting, this bike is not the best option for long distance traveling
  • If you are not careful after folding this bike, it can roll around and hence you need to secure it in order to avoid rolling
  • Although the Dahon D7 is a light machine, its weight may not be a great advantage for the elderly users who may need to catty it for a long distance. This makes it a better choice for the younger users who still have the strength to carry heavy loads for long
  • If you use it daily, you are required to refill its tires on a weekly basis
  • Its handlebars have a tendency of sinking when you use them frequently and hence you will need to keep on adjusting them on a regular basis

The missing links of Dahon Mariner D7 Folding Bike

But as it is the norm with all human inventions, this bike has its own share of shortcomings and missing links. This section is dedicated to the exploration of these missing links and their possible solutions.

  • The bike comes in one color and lacks diversity. This missing link can be addressed if you take the bike to a bike shop and get it painted with the color of your choice
  • The bike is not rust-proof but rather it is rust resistant. This shortcoming can be addressed by taking the necessary maintenance measures to ensure that it does not succumb to corrosion


dahon mariner 1After going through a host of features, advantages, pros, cons, and missing links of this mariner bike , it is now time that we narrow down to an informed conclusion. First of all, this bike is loaded with a wide array of salient features that make it not just a mariner’s best companion but it is also a favorite commuter tool for most urban dwellers. In terms of advantages, the Dahon Mariner bike performs so well. It is a great tool that is suitable for all kinds of road surfaces and terrains. Additionally, it has a very stable gear and handling control and hence it meets all the necessary requirements for safety.

Another beautiful side of this bike is that it enjoys a great acceptance among its users. That is why it enjoys an average rating of 4.4 out of a possible 5 stars. Another area of concern is the ease of use, which is a pillar that determines the quality of every product. This bike is easy to use from the first day go. First of all, it is very easy to set up because it comes almost fully assembled. Another aspect of its ease of use is that it is ease to fold and unfold whenever you need to use it.

Another dimension against which you can weigh this bike in order to establish whether it is worthy of your consideration and money is that it is a product that comes from a solid and stable company that is responsive to the needs of its customers. This means that its users have a shoulder of support to lean on long after walking out of the shop.

But just like all other bikes in the market, this bike has its own share of limitations and missing links. However, the sum total of these disadvantages cannot drown or silence the many advantages and benefits that we have seen from the onset of this review. This means that it is a product that is still worthy of the consideration and the money of every bike lover and boater. With all the information above, everything being put in its rightful place, you stand on an advantageous ground to make an informed decision that you will still be proud of years from now. Click here to check out this bike.

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