CycleOps Fluid 2 Indoor Bike Trainer Review of 2018

cycleops1The CycleOps Fluid 2 Trainer offers cyclists one of the best opportunities to keep their bodies and in particular legs in top condition and form during the entire off season. This is truly and even admirable in the face of evidence that some cyclists do not really like the thought of training indoors. However, this dread for indoor biking can be overcome and replaced by zeal if a cyclist lays their hands and legs on a great and highly qualitative indoor bike trainer such as CycleOps Fluid 2 .

This is because this indoor bike trainer makes the entire workout process and session more enjoyable and comfortable. This trainer gives a great experience similar to that you would have gotten on the road due to its awesome and extensive features that we will unfold and outline as this review unfolds. So keep reading this review in order to keep discovering every dimension of this bike trainer and how you can make an optimal demand on its salient features and strengths in order to better and bolster your cycling workouts and experience.

Salient features of the CycleOps Fluid 2 Indoor Bike Trainer

One of the most outstanding dimensions of this indoor bike trainer is the vast wealth of its value-adding and benefit-facilitating features and capabilities. These features are strategically implanted capabilities that are designed to make your indoor workout experience like no other and memorable. Below is a comprehensive list of some of this bike trainer’s salient features.

  • It is PowerTap calibrated in order to give you an optimal experience that resembles the one on the road.
  • It requires assembling before you start enjoying its services.
  • It has a resistance unit adjustment through its clutch knob ensures optimum tire and spindle engagement as you ride.
  • It comes with a 2” roller size.
  • It does not have a remote shifter.
  • It does not have power measurement.
  • It does not have programmable workouts.
  • It has the quietest levels of noise compared to other trainers and hence you enjoy your workouts without audio disruptions.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Its trainer leveling method is asymmetrical rear leveling feet.
  • It has a progressive type of resistance.
  • It does not have an adjustable leg.
  • It has a foldable classic kind of frame that makes it easy to carry and store.
  • The trainer is built to accommodate common road and mountain bikes.
  • The trainer comes with a training DVD.
  • It has an infinite resistance curve.
  • It is fitted with superb self-cooling capabilities that include a patented fan design and hence you can use the trainer for longer and in a more comfortable manner.
  • It has exclusive Power Band technology that offers you the widest levels of resistance.
  • It has PowerTuned larger flywheel for improved road-like experience.
  • It comes with an instructional manual.
  • It is recommended for indoor cycling.
  • It has a strong  aluminum frame.
  • It has increased wattage.
  • The trainer does not require any manual adjustments because its flexible speed resistance is able to achieve ideal power to speed ratio.
  • The trainer has an updated frame work that is fitted with all standard wheels and more so it now works with 29er mountain bike wheels.
  • It has a weight of 18 pounds.
  • It has fluid resistance.
  • Its dimensions are 28” x 21.5” x 15.7”.
  • It has its flywheel precision balanced for perfect acceleration and inertia.
  • It has excellent climbing simulations.
  • It comes with a quick release skewer.
  • The bike trainer has a sturdy design that is a favorite among many users.

cycleops4The benefits and advantages of CycleOps Fluid 2 Indoor Bike Trainer

This indoor bike trainer is loaded with many benefits and advantages compared to many others within its price range and even more expensive ones. Below is a list of some of the selected benefits of the CycleOps Fluid 2 Indoor Bike Trainer.

  • It offers a lot of value for your money given the services that it offers at such a friendly and affordable price.
  • It is a very sturdy trainer that offers a lot of stability irrespective of which surface you are riding on.
  • It has the quietest noise level to such an extent that the noise that the users’ bikes produce is louder than that of the trainer. This means that you get to enjoy your rides without any interruptions from loud noises.
  • The trainer has a very easy set up process that hardly takes 5 minutes on the higher side.
  • The trainer is made of a frame that is both light and durable at the same time.
  • The trainer has excellent resistance levels.
  • The manufacture has one of the best customer care services in that they are always ready to assist and make things clear just in case you missed to capture something in the instructional manual.
  • The trainer is ideal for both road and mountain bike usage and indoor training.
  • The trainer does not overheat and hence it offers you uninterrupted workouts due to its efficient cooling mechanisms and capabilities.
  • The manufacture is very responsive to any mechanical issues that may arise and they replace and deal with them swiftly in line with the trainer’s lifetime warranty.
  • The trainer is easy to store because it can be folded.
  • You get to excellent and optimal workouts without having to struggle.

The missing link in CycleOps Fluid 2 Indoor Bike Trainer

Well after having a look at the great features and the outstanding benefits of CycleOps Fluid 2 Indoor Bike Trainer, we now take another angle and look at some of the missing links of the bike trainer. However, the presentation of this missing link is not a vote of “no confidence” in the trainer but rather a common feature of all other products. Additionally, this little missing link is something that can be addressed without any cause of alarm or dismay.

The greatest missing link in this product is that the instructional manual is not very clear especially in matters of setting up the trainer. However, there are two solutions to the issue. The first solution is the complementary role that the DVD that accompanies the trainer’s instruction manual plays. You can refer to it in order to grasp anything that is not clear in the user manual. The other solution to the issue of clarity is simply calling the customer care of the trainer’s manufacturer.

So far, many users have testified that the manufacture has one of the most effective and customer-responsive service and they are always ready to assist. These two avenues will go a long way in addressing this matter.

The pros ofCycleOps Fluid 2 Indoor Bike Trainer

The pros of CycleOps Fluid 2 Indoor Bike Trainer are numerous .These pros are based on the reviews and testimonials that the trainer’s happy users have given in regard to their user experience. But this section seeks to offer a concise highlight of some of its most important ones and they are listed below as follows:

  • This awesome trainer is designed to provide its users with a road-like resistance feeling and experience. All this is possible without having to panic or develop any jitters about the bumps and traffic lights and this makes it an excellent indoor resistance trainer.
  • This indoor bike trainer is also very easy to set up and you need no more than 5 minutes to complete it. Additionally, you are entitle to get satisfactory customer support from the CycleOps team just in case you feel to call them to get clarity over anything that may not be registering in your mind properly.
  • The bike trainer is built in a very sturdy manner and constructed from tough material. In addition, the trainer comes with adjustable foot pads that provide you with the stability you need.
  • Interestingly, most users have expressed a lot of pleasure and satisfaction with the level of noise that this trainer produces. In fact, a great many of them are testifying that the only noise they hear in the training room is that of their own bikes and not the trainer. This is a commendable and illustrious job that the manufacturer did on this trainer compared to what other models in the market are offering.
  • Another pro of this bike trainer is that its hydraulic fluid automatically increases its speed.
  • It is very suitable option for advanced cyclists who are in need of speedy resistance changes due to cycling at high speeds.

cycleops2The cons of CycleOps Fluid 2 Indoor Bike Trainer

Despite the many and awesome benefits, features, advantages and pros of CycleOps Fluid 2 Indoor Bike Trainer, it has its own little share of cons. These cons are derived from the experiences that its happy users have had with it and hence they do not cast a blanket of disapproval upon the trainer. They are jus legitimate and genuine points of dissatisfaction that are good raw material for improvement that the manufacturer needs to incorporate in future models. They are listed below as follows:

  • Unclear assembly instructions: This is the most common con that has been expressed by most users. Their reviews clearly express a desire for an operation manual that is more comprehensive without having to keep making unnecessary calls to customer care to get clarification over simple matters that a manual would have sorted.
  • Moe resistance: Although the level of this trainer’s resistance is not all that wanting, most users would wish that the manufacturer increases it for better training experience.
  • Fluid leakage issues: Another con of this trainer that some of its users have raised is the leakage of the fluid. However, the number of users who raised this issue is very minimal and the level and intensity of the leakage is also not alarming. But for the purposes of responsiveness and user confidence, it will be a good gesture of concern if the manufacturer took in this issue and improve in the future models.
  • It lacks an out-of -the-seat saddle sprinting: This is another con hat is noticeable in this indoor bike trainer. This exclusion does not go very well with many cyclists and they see it as a drawback. However, there is the flipside of the whole draw back in that the very lack of adjustment is beneficial due to the fact that the cables do not get tangled or broken when the trainer is being transported.
  • It loses its quietness over the years: This is another con that has been experienced by users who have had and used the trainer for a couple of years. They say that in the initial years of use the trainer is very quiet. However, as years move on the trainer starts to get noisier.


After taking a long wind through the salient features, advantages, benefits, missing links pros and cons of CycleOps Fluid 2 Indoor Bike Trainer, it is now the right time to wrap up the review and make an informed and objective verdict regarding this trainer. First of all, this is a highly efficient and comfortable training tool that comes at a very affordable price. Additionally, the trainer comes with a lifetime warranty which ensures that you get to enjoy the best value for your money.

Another  beautiful strength of the trainer is that it still enjoys an average 4.5 star approval from among its users in spite of the few and minimal cons and shortcomings that they may raise concerning the trainer. This means that they still have confidence in the efficiency of the machine because it still fulfils their indoor training aspirations. From the above observations, we can clearly deduce and say that CycleOps Fluid 2 Indoor Bike Trainer is a great companion and choice for every cyclist. Click here to check out this bike.




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