Cyclamatic CX2 Electric Folding Bike Review of 2018

Electric Folding Bike The electric bike industry has grown exponentially over the years and though it is a fairly new industry, there are so many achievements that have been made. Bike brands have a new niche to work with while the industry has seen the cropping of new brands staking a claim on the electric bikes. To be honest the controversy surrounding this new tech has not been dealt with yet, but that has not discouraged the cycling enthusiasts. The millions of electric bikes being sold each year can attest to that. On one of the electric bike brands gaining popularity is the Cyclamatic CX2 Electric Folding Bike.

Just like the electric bike industry, Cyclamatic is a relatively new name in the industry. However, over the few years of its existence, it has been able to curve out a name for itself especially with the introduction of the CX2 Electric Folding Bike. It is a one of a kind machine that comes with great features such as an aluminum frame that makes it light and sturdy. The batteries are not only quality but small enough to encourage portability. The 250 Watts motors offer great speeds for a bike, especially with the 15 mph limit on that has been set for bikes.

Another outstanding feature is the easy folding capabilities of the bike as it makes the bike not only easy to carry but also to store in limited spaces. The components of the Cyclamatic CX2 Electric Folding Bike are from quality brands which makes it durable and easy to maintain as well as finding spares when the need arises.

There are loads of other features to explore and even more benefits to look forward to. The main reason for this review is to delve deeper into what makes this the go to electric bike both for seasoned cyclists and novices as well. it is an eye opener as to if this is the bike for you and if the money invested gives value. The rest of this article will be broken down into six man parts in order to cover the details fully. These are: the features and specs of Cyclamatic CX2 Electric Folding Bike, the benefits of Cyclamatic CX2 Electric Folding Bike, the pros and advantages of Cyclamatic CX2 Electric Folding Bike, the cons of Cyclamatic CX2 Electric Folding Bike, the missing link to Cyclamatic CX2 Electric Folding Bike, and the final thought to Cyclamatic CX2 Electric Folding Bike.

Features of Cyclamatic CX2 Electric Folding Bike

When it comes to electronic products the main things that stand out are the features. There is so much to gain from Cyclamatic CX2 Electric Folding Bike and all this is thanks to the features. At the end of the day it is the experience that the user gets that determines the worth of the bike and it is the features that determine the experience. This next section looks at the features that come with the Cyclamatic CX2 Electric Folding Bike.

  • The frame is made from aluminum which makes it light but at the same time durable and sturdy
  • It also comes fitted with lithium 36V 8.8AH battery that takes between 4-6 hours to charge fully and can last up to 25-31 miles when in full electric mode. The battery is also quick release
  • This bike also comes with 20” wheels with steel spokes that are thick enough to help with a smooth ride. Plus, the front wheels of the bike are also quick release
  •  This bike comes with two modes of full electric mode and assisted peddling. The bike can also function as a normal bike
  • For stoppage power is backed by V-brakes on both the rear and front wheels.
  • This bike is equipped with a 250 Watts brushless motor that allows you to go up to a speed of 15mph though it can be greater than this.
  • The overall distance that can be covered with this bike is between 25-31 miles
  • It is also fitted with quality Kenda tires
  • It has a 6-speed Shimano gears
  • For improved security the bike comes equipped with front and rear lights plus a bell and reflectors which makes it easier for you to be spotted at night
  • It is safe to ride in muddy and rainy conditions thanks to the fenders available on the front and rear wheels
  • It comes with easy folding capabilities for storage and portability.
  • The saddle is padded for a comfortable ride and it can be adjusted to fit whatever height you are comfortable with
  • It is great for users who are 5’2” tall and above and can carry up to 220 lbs weight

Electric Folding Bike Benefits of Cyclamatic CX2 Electric Folding Bike

Apart from the features, Cyclamatic CX2 Electric Folding Bike has some impressive benefits to look forward to. No product is worth your time and money if it does not have any benefits for your enjoyment. Cyclamatic made sure the features this bike is endowed with offer the best in terms of benefits. This part of the review will look at some of the benefits that this bike has to offer.

  • It is easy to assemble as all what is required to put together is the handlebars, front wheel and seat then you are good to go.
  • This bike is especially affordable in comparison to other electric foldable bikes in the industry. Its price is pretty low and we can say it is a great bargain.
  • The Cyclamatic CX2 Electric Folding Bike is on the light side as far as electric folding bikes are concerned. There are other bikes that are way too heavy to be carried around especially when travelling.
  • The easy fold capabilities make it easy to store when you need to and those living in limited spaces
  • Thanks to the brushless motor you can cycle with ease without exerting too much effort on the bike even on hilly terrain.
  • The V-brakes make it a safe machine to use as it offers great stopping power whenever the need arises. Your safety is also assured with the inclusion of touches on the front and back of the bike and the reflectors as well as the bell seals the deal.
  • The fenders keep the mud and water from puddles away from the bike on a rainy day.
  • The Kenda anti-puncture tires assure that you won’t be spending extra just to have them replaced frequently.
  • When it comes to the workouts, the Cyclamatic CX2 packs a great workout regime that accommodates even those with knee and other joint injuries. Just make sure to consult your doctor beforehand.

Pros of Cyclamatic CX2 Electric Folding Bike

When it comes to the pros, Cyclamatic CX2 Electric Folding Bike does not disappoint. Apart from the benefits, the features of this bike give life to the pros. Manufacturers of bikes are on the clock working to produce bicycles that are also impressive. The next section identifies these pros

  • The bike does not require a lot in terms of maintenance thanks to the aluminum frame and anti-puncture tires among other quality components of the bike.
  • The battery is portable thanks to the quick release feature it can be easily removed from the bike
  • The bike is water proof sealed and cannot be damaged by weather elements such as rain.
  • Aluminum is a strong material and ensures that the bike will last longer. That also means the bike is sturdy and offers more control to the rider
  • The modes to choose from range from full electronic to assisted modes. If you like, you can ride it as any normal bike.
  • With adjustable seats and padded seats the bike offers more comfort to the cyclist.
  • The 6 speeds make it easy to ride on the different terrains you will embark on especially the hilly terrains.
  • The design of the bike can accommodate users of up to 6’3” from 5’2”.
  • The bike can support up to 220 lbs at a go. This means even those with a bit of extra weight to deal with can use this bike.

Electric Folding Bike Cons to Cyclamatic CX2 Electric Folding Bike

So far the review has shown all the positive things that come with the Cyclamatic CX2 Electric Folding Bike. It is a great piece of machine, but just like other machines, there is always that flaw that threatens to take away from is glory. This bike has great features that make it one of the best performing electric folding bikes on the market today but the same features act as flaws. This is not to isolate the Cyclamatic CX2 Electric Folding Bike as an underperforming bike rather to give an objective perspective to you as the potential buyer. It is important to note that these flaws are quite common to most of the bikes that you may choose as alternatives so it is ideal to analyze these flaws before you decide that this is not the bike for you. Read in the section below and learn more on the cons of this specific bike.

  • It is not as accommodating as it should be as users whose height is beyond 6’3” and those whose weight is beyond 220 lbs will have a tough time trying to fit in that bike.
  • It takes 4-6 hours to have the battery to charge fully which can be a problem if you are in a hurry. It is best to charge when you are not in use of the bike or remove the battery to charge it separately.
  • The bike distance range of 25-30 miles can be limiting considering there are bikes that can take up to 50 miles
  • This bike has no throttle which means you have one option when it comes to the modes of riding, unlike most electric bikes in the market now which offer both assisted and throttle.
  • At more than 50lbs, this bike can be quite heavy if compared to other bikes of the same build. The weight of the bike can be felt while riding.
  • Though the battery is relatively small it can be quite cumbersome on the bike.

Missing links to Cyclamatic CX2 Electric Folding Bike

Cyclamatic CX2 Electric Folding Bike is a work of art as far as electric folding bikes are concerned, there are flaws that as a cyclist you may have contended with. As stated before, these are not listed reasons for you to discard this bike as worthless, it’s just a matter of in depth analysis and finding a solution for the said flaws. Missing links are flaws that can be fixed from home without having to spend a fortune. Go through the list of the missing links and discover what you can do to not only deal with the drawbacks, but also to eventually improve the performance of the bike.

  • Though the seat is padded it is not comfortable enough to last you a long ride, especially if you choose to ride it as a normal, non-electric bike. You can buy a replacement seat with gel.
  • The handlebars have grip issues. Either they are too slippery at some point or they are not comfortable enough which leads to numbness. To solve this issue, you can add some sponges to make the grip more comfortable.
  • The water bottle holder is missing and keeping hydrated while you ride is very important. At any bike shop you can easily purchase the right one for your bike without breaking the bank.

Final Thoughts on Cyclamatic CX2 Electric Folding Bike

Well, as you can see there is a lot more to look forward to enjoy than the drawbacks. All the features coupled with all the benefits and pros should give you something to think about. You can bet on a smooth ride, assisted or otherwise, safety and all at an affordable price. The frame and quality components guarantee of durability and sturdiness. The brakes, bell and reflectors make it much safer if you are one to ride out at night. The Cyclamatic CX2 Electric Folding Bike is a bike that offers value for the money invested and is worth checking out. Click here to check out this bike.