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Firmstrong Urban Beach Cruiser Bike Review of 2018


cruiser bike slika1Firmstrong Urban beach cruiser bikes are specially designed to satisfy needs of every bike enthusiast in the world. Firmstrong blends style with high quality workmanship. Cruiser bikes are widely known for its simple design, safety and comfortable riding in purpose of recreational lifestyle. Firmstrong  gained its popularity by confirming all these features and developing innovations mostly in the area of durability, quality and modern style. They are offering a variety of choices to fit all needs, with wheels  in 24 and 26″ size for petite build while cruising down the road or for higher people offering comfort while soaking up the bumps.

You can choose your speed, size and color at affordable prizes. Prized  150-300$ you do not have to break the bank to own this piece of the future and enjoy the smooth ride on any terrain. They are Firmstrong bikes designed specially for women, men or kids, so anyone can find their perfect cruiser bike. Living in a world of haste and gasoline contaminated  automobiles, do not miss out all the fun cruising down the beach on the bikes of unbeatable value and quality.Continue reading —–>



Sixthreezero Women’s 26-Inch Beach Cruiser bike review of 2018


Sixthreezero women bike 1Sixthreezero Women’s 26-Inch Beach Cruiser bike is designed for those who love to enjoy style and comfort. With a number of soft color available, this cruiser might seem feminine but has a sturdy built that can uphold years of heavy riding. The seating is comfortable and stitched in a delicate finish to complement the overall design of the bike. The pedals are also built with comfort from rubber that want be too hard on the feet during pedaling motions. With wide framed handlebars, the handle is used well by females who want a bike that will be gentle on them. Continue reading →



Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle Review of 2018

firmstrong lady bicikl 5Past and gone are the days when it was a taboo for women to cycle and branding those who tried “men’s things” as being Tomboys and bad girls. Biking is just as good for women as it is for men. This fact is cemented by many bike manufacturers launching product lines and models suited and tailored for ladies.


One such company that has woken up to this reality is Firmstrong, through the launch of its Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle. This model is an embodiment of every lady’s pride served on a platter of comfort, prestige and style as you take the smooth rides to and from the beach. This lady model is an ideal and excellent companion to help better and ease your biking experience as you cruise in and around town.Continue reading →



Sixthreezero Men’s in the Barrel 26-inch Beach Cruiser Bicycle Review of 2018

in the barel3Bikes have been some of the most treasured tools in the lives of men. Just like cars, men love bikes and the biking experience is one of those things that an average man will not love to miss. Whether it is riding for pleasure, or commuting to work or visiting with their buddies, biking remains an essential part of men’s activities. That is why having a bike model that is designed with the male needs and pleasure in mind is a great step forward for any bike manufacturer.

It is with this in mind that Sixthreezero, a renowned giant in the bicycle manufacturing industry, has come up with this awesome male-conscious model that encompasses all the dimensions of simplicity, convenience, style and elegance all wrapped up in this great machine called Sixthreezero Men’s in the Barrel 26-inch Beach Cruiser Bicycle. Continue reading →



Firmstrong Bruiser Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle Review of 2018

firmstrong bruiser.jpg2Bicycles are among a few treasured tools in the lives of many men. The same way they love cars, men love bikes and the biking experience is one of those things that an average man will want to give away. Be it is riding for pleasure, or commuting to work or visiting with their friends, biking holds  an important place the lives of many men. It is because of this that this bike model was crafted with the needs of men in mind and focus. It is with this in mind that Firmstrong, a renowned giant in the bicycle manufacturing industry, came up with this awesome male-friendly cruiser model that incorporates every dimension of simplicity, convenience, style and elegance all wrapped up in this powerful machine by the name of Firmstrong Bruiser Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle.  Continue reading →


Mongoose Malus Fat Tire Bike review of 2018

malus2Bicycles constitute one of the most popular and oldest forms of transport equipment since the dawn of the modern era of human civilization. From the time the first bike appeared on earth in the year 1817, many manufacturers have curved for themselves a niche in the lucrative bike- manufacturing industry with the intention of designing  bikes for  different purposes and occasions. Moreover, the bike-manufacturing industry has grown by leaps and bounds and thus giving rise to the metamorphosis of the needs, wants and tastes of bike lovers. This gradual and steady evolution has necessitated manufacturers to go back to the drawing board and come up with creative and precise ways of meeting these user needs.One of the most powerful and lucrative market niches in the biking industry is the men’s bikes. Men are the inventors of the bike and till now they command a majority share in the bike market. This means that every serious manufacturer who does not come up with customized inventions that will meet the biking needs of the modern man is surely setting themselves for a swift downfall. This is because the trends and needs of modern male bikers are changing as time passes by. Continue reading →



Firmstrong Bella Women’s Cruiser Bike Review of 2018

firmstrong bella 3Bikes are numbered among the most cherished mobility and transportation machines in the lives of men and women since the day they were invented a few centuries ago. Even though they were originally designed as a preserve of the male gender, bicycles are no longer an exclusive tool of the male sex given the rise of demand and love for bikes among the modern women of our day. The women of this generation have an equal affinity and love bicycles the same way men do and that is why the biking experience is one of those events that a great many of these women hold dear not just for the purposes of mobility but for other reasons such as exercising and recreation. Firmstrong Bella Women’s Cruiser Bike is a very rich female bicycle that is crafted with awesome features that facilitate the bike’s benefits to female bikers. Just as it is the function of every product, it is the features of this girl machine that ensure that the bike passes on to its female users all the benefits that are captured in the bike. Listed below are some of the features that will enable you to be counted among the many thousands of the bike’s satisfied riders. Continue reading →


Schwinn Perla 7 Speed Cruiser Bike Review of 2018

schwinn perla2Schwinn launched the Schwinn Perla 7 Speed Cruiser Bike to improve the biking experience of female bike lovers. Whether you are looking for a machine to help you in moving around town, commuting to work or just exercising and enjoying the beauty of nature outside, you will always find a perfect match in this ladies cruiser bike.

This great lady and girlish bike comes with excellent and highly commendable features and benefits that give you an affordable entry into the world of biking. It is one of those few lady bikes that you will find on the market at an affordable price but it is loaded with decent features and benefits that will kick start your love for bicycles. Continue reading →


Sixthreezero around the Block Women’s Cruiser Bike Review of 2018

sixthreezero-around-the-block3The cute and girlish machine is one of the best bikes that Sixthreezero has ever floated on the market. The machine comes loaded with everything that a modern woman needs and desires so as to make cruises around the suburbs and block. The Sixthreezero around the Block Women’s Cruiser Bike is among the cutest and most adorable lady bikes that every woman who does not want to spend too much money can comfortably afford.

Additionally, the bike is a mark of relief to the entry level female bikers who would like to have a companion that cruises them through the neighborhood due to its simplicity of style and comfort. The cruiser is an excellent choice for cruises of 20 miles and below irrespective of whether you just want to take some time and greet your girlfriends in the next block, go to the supermarket or take a ride to the beach. You can also use the bike to cruise through town as you engage in any other personal errand of your choice. Continue reading →


Kent Oakwood Men’s Cruiser Bike Review of 2018

kent-oakwood-mens-cruiser-bikeIf you are a modern man looking for a decent bike that will help you cruise through your busy day-to-day life, then you have every reason to look towards the Kent Oakwood Men’s Cruiser Bike. This machine is designed with the male user in mind, and it captures all the basic dimensions and features that the 21st century man would like to see and enjoy on a cruiser bike.

First of all, the bike is an excellent combination of quality and affordability given that it comes at a low price. However, this low pricing does not mean it is low in value and the necessary quality that an average entry level buyer would expect to see on a bicycle. On the contrary, the bike is rich in features that ensure you enjoy every cruising you undertake, be it to your workstation or visiting your buddies or family members over the weekend. Continue reading →



Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Bike Review of 2018

mongoose dolomiteDo you need a real male bike that is designed with a “beasty” nature and performance? If your answer is an affirmative “Yes,” you need to consider the Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Bike. This little “beast” is one of the favorite and most affordable entry level fat tire bikes that enable you to traverse various riding terrains.

The wide tires the bicycle has been designed to withstand the roughness of mountain and beach landscapes. The aluminum/steel frame the bike has, gives it a perfect balance between lightness and durability. The matter of durability is vital because you will be using it during off-road and on-road cycling expeditions and adventures.  Continue reading →



Mongoose Beast Fat Tire Bike Review of 2018

mongoose beastIf you are seeking to delve into the world of fat tire bicycles, the Mongoose Beast Fat Tire Bike stands out as one of the best options on the market to usher you into that world. The bike’s price tag is very low but without a compromise on its quality. The little beast is designed to give you both off-road and on-road experience because it is suited to ride smoothly on tough surfaces such as snow, sand, and dirt. This excellent combination makes it an excellent companion to carry you around the neighborhood as you get to know how your friends and family are doing.

The bicycle is crafted for use on flat surfaces, but if you want something that you can ride faster on hilly areas, you may need to look somewhere else. The reason is that the bike is a bit heavy, and with a single speed provision, you just need to confine it to its intended purposes. However, its fat tires let you enjoy higher levels of comfort because they help to absorb the shock that you encounter as you ride on bumpy and rough surfaces. Continue reading →



Firmstrong Chief Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle review of 2018

Beach Cruiser BicycleWhen it comes to casual cycling, nothing speaks casual than beach cruisers. Sure, exercise is important but if you are not interested in looking like a professional triathlon participant then look no further than Beach Cruiser Bicycles. The structure of the design speaks of comfort and class which is especially favorable with the ladies. There are a number of beach cruisers to choose from but there is one that takes the cake, Firmstrong Chief Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle.

Everything that makes up the Firmstrong Chief Lady is to cater for the comfort of the rider. Fitted with a bigger steel frame compared to other beach cruisers, the Chief Lady is strong and offers more support. Despite the size this bike is light and the steel ensures you have durability. The balloon tires ensure that the rider is totally cushioned especially when in rough terrain. The different sizes cater for people, especially ladies of different sizes. Heavier and taller women will also enjoy this bicycle. Continue reading →



Framed Minnesota 2.0 Fat Bike Review of 2018

minnesota 2.0 fat bikeInitially the introduction of the fat bike was given a very short life line by skeptics, but over the years’ fat bikes have proven they are here to stay. Growing from just a niche-bike that focused more on winter to tackling different terrain. Gone are the days that people dismissed fat bikes as awkward looking machines as cyclists are embracing them and manufactures are coming up with new ways to improve on the experience of fat bikes.

Fat bikes have grown exponentially since they were first developed and the innovative ideas being incorporated into new designs has even made it more popular not just for those living in snow prone areas but other geographical areas as well. Manufacturers in the fat bike industry have up their game in order to meet the different needs of the existing market as and the potential users. It’s not just a matter of speed and strength, but also the comfort of the ride playing a major role in the structure and design.

Framed has left nothing to chance with the introduction of the Framed Minnesota 2.0 Fat Bike. This is one of those bikes that has incorporated the different components to improve the performance of the bike and the giving the cyclist the experience of a life time. With a strong frame and fat tires to go with it there is no doubt of the surprises that awaits any rider. Continue reading →



Schwinn Meridian adult tricycle review of 2018

Schwinn Meridian adult tricycleSchwinn has over 100 years of experience in bike manufacture and you can be sure that when it  comes to quality you won’t be disappointed. In recent years Schwinn has worked toward perfecting their bicycle models, especially in achieving comfort for the different ages that prefer cruising with a bit of exercise. If you are cycling enthusiast with a preference towards tricycles, then you would want to take Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle for a spin. The tricycle makes life easy thanks to the numerous features that make up the trike.

The tricycle comes with upright handlebars that spare your back from unnecessary strain when cruising around. The low aluminum frame makes it easy for anyone to slide and in and ride off. The frame is also lightweight and easy and less strenuous while riding. Thanks to the single speed there is no need to deal with gear changes as you ride. The 26” and 24” trike also comes with hand brakes for the rear rims and pull brakes for the front which reinforces safety. Continue reading →




Mongoose Hitch Fat Tire Bicycle Review of 2018

Fat Tire BicycleFat tire bikes have been in existence for some time now, with its original purpose being to serve those living in cold snowy places. Over the years that bulky machine has grown to earn its place in the cycling world. There was a time that fat bikes where seen as awkward and out of place but now they are a thing of beauty as they conquer the off road arena. With its large tires, you can be sure to conquer most of the terrains you encounter, be it the beach or snow covered ground.

With the demand for fat bikes being on the rise, manufacturers are working double time to come up with new designs that ensure performance as well as deliver the same at an affordable price. Mongoose is a brand that has been on the market for some time now and can be trusted to deliver when it comes to quality and design. One of their recent bikes is the Mongoose Hitch Fat Tire Bicycle. This is a one of a kind bike that comes at a very attractive price.  Continue reading –>

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