Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle Review of 2018

Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle- ladies’ choice and voice


firmstrong lady bicikl 5Past and gone are the days when it was a taboo for women to cycle and branding those who tried “men’s things” as being Tomboys and bad girls. Biking is just as good for women as it is for men. This fact is cemented by many bike manufacturers launching product lines and models suited and tailored for ladies.


One such company that has woken up to this reality is Firmstrong, through the launch of its Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle. This model is an embodiment of every lady’s pride served on a platter of comfort, prestige and style as you take the smooth rides to and from the beach. This lady model is an ideal and excellent companion to help better and ease your biking experience as you cruise in and around town.


Unique Features of Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle

This lady beach cruiser bike comes loaded with a host of features and specs that are designed and tailored to make the bike the lady’s best choice and voice of elegance and style. Below are some of them:

  • A wider range of colors to choose from: this is a serious consideration by the manufacturer of the bike. Everyone who sells to women knows too well that just as men are often accused of being “color blind”, women on the other hand are equally “guilty” of “multiplicity of color syndrome”!The Beach Cruiser comes in these colors: blue, green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, red, black,  and chrome.
  • A dual option for wheel size: 26 inch and 24 inch;
  • Triple speed option: you can get it as 1, 3 speeds and 7 speeds respectively. This leaves with a wide array of speed options as per your personal needs and preference. The  3 and 7 speed are designed for  hilly and mountainous areas while the single speed is best for flat areas;
  • Lifetime warranty-it is limited, except for the frame which enjoys a  lifetime warranty;
  • Frame size: 16 inch;
  • Gear System: Shimano;
  • Brakes: coaster -single and 3 speed only;
  • Hand Brakes : 7 speed only;
  • Tall riders: it is designed to suite riders of up to between 5ft and 6tf tall;
  • Extra large saddle: cushioned with double springs to enable riders enjoy more comfort and hold firmly. It is adjustable with artificial leather;
  • Weight: the 1 speed weighs 35lb, 3 speed weighs 51 lb while the 7 speed weighs 40 lb respectively;
  • Saddle post: 300 millimeters and made of steel;
  • Head set: made of steel and threaded;
  • Stem: an alloy,22.2 millimeters;
  • Spokes: made of stainless steel, weighing 14 grams;
  • Tires: Kenda white-wall balloon tires;
  • Rider’s weight: can comfortably carry up to 350lb; and
  • Chain: KMC-410.

Salient Benefits of Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle


All products are products because of the benefits they confer to their intended beneficiaries. If a product does not benefit anyone, then it ceases to be a product.


As a bicycle designed with the sophisticated and unique needs of a modern city girl,Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle is a machine that is loaded with numerous benefits and advantages that make it a darling of many urban women. These benefits are what constitute its inherent ability to command a 5 stars rating among its users. Below is a list of some of them.


  • Affordability: every manufacturer worth his salt designs products that will be bought by his target-clientele. A good product that is badly priced will benefit neither the seller nor buyer and that is why Firmstrong came up with a great and affordable bike. Starting from only $199 to $ 425, anyone can afford this bike. This means every lady has something that can fit their wallet at every stage of the way;
  • A strong and durable frame to handle: it is designed to balance between strength and lightness. At a maximum weight of 51lb,the bike is a convenient tool for easy cruising along the beach and in the streets;
  • Strong braking system: this is one of the basic features that constitute the safety of any bike. With the 7 speed model, you have a dual braking system that firmly holds the front and rear wheels, besides the coaster one that is available in the 1 and 3 speed models. This gives you the ability to remain in charge of the bike as you safe guard both your own safety and that of other road users;
  • A taller option: besides being able to carry heavy weight riders, Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser is also designed with “tall matters” in mind. The bike can comfortably accommodate women with heights of between 5 and 6 feet tall;
  • Designed to handle “weighty matters”: this bike is also designed to carry big weights. It can comfortably carry up to 350lb;
  • Varied speed options: the bike comes with 3 options in matters regarding speed. Depending on your ability and the terrain you intend to operate in, you can choose the single speed for flat land terrains while 3 and 7 speed are ideal and perfect for mountainous terrains.Here,every lady is lost and spoiled for choice;
  • firmstrong lady bicikl 4Colorful options: since this is a lady’s thing, color is just as good as any other factor. Since women are “colorful buyers”, the cruiser comes in an array of many and beautiful “girl colors” that include orange, purple and even pink! These options leave every woman demanding for nothing more;
  • Strong Kenda tires: with everything else being excellent, it is an anti-climax to have such a bike with weak tires because this is both an interruption of comfort and a safety threat. That is why Firmstrong Lady Cruiser is fitted with strong Kenda tires to achieve just that;
  • A strong steel head set: this is designed to give you the ability to be in charge of your riding experiences.


Safeguarding the beauty while slaying the beast


We are all aware of the beauty and beast cliché, but we a few of us will easily figure out having “a beast within the beauty”. Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle is a brand that is loaded with many a benefit and beautiful features. However, every human perfection has a dot or a few dots of imperfection inside it. This bike, just as all other human inventions, has its own load of imperfections.

However, in the process of using it is possible to handle and fix its down sides without having to throw away the bike. Below are some of them and how to handle them constructively:



  • Speed matters: its single speed version has been accused of being a bad performer when it comes to mountainous terrains. However, since it is just one of the “sisters” in a “family” of three, this challenge can be overcome by upgrading to the 3 or 7 speed versions that have a strong gear system designed for mountainous cruising;
  • Too much assembly work: another “beastly” side of this beautiful bike is that there is too much assembling that needs to be done before you can enjoy your first ride on and worst still it does not come with tools. This is a serious down side especially for ladies. However, it can be addressed by making sure that you carrying a male friend or relative to the bike shop so that he can help you with some of the “greasy” technicalities. Also, since you elected to buy the model, you can do yourself some favor by buying a tool kit; and
  • Weak fenders: most users have cited this as one of the weak sides of the bike. One lady in her review accuses the fenders of “smelling China” because of their lack of strength and originality. You can simply go over this by replacing the fenders with better and strong ones.


Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle– A Life Partner Designed for Life and Businessfirmstrong lady bicikl 2


As the norm is, every invention that calls itself a product must solve problems and meet human needs in real life circumstances. With all the beautiful features and benefits that Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bike has, it is logically fair to call it a real life problem solver both in business and personal life. Below are some of them:



  • Timely mobility: life and business are mobile. With Firmstrong’s Lady Beach Cruiser, it is easier, convenient and faster to move around town faster than it could have been if you tried  it on foot or vehicle because you can conveniently cruise through the narrow alleys of town.


  • Good for health and wealth: biking has been known to be a convenient and near-natural means of head-to-toe exercise. Besides enjoying stylish cruises, the bike offers you a good alternative for the gym that saves you not just unnecessary cardio-vascular complications but also the money, time and energy wasted to treat those complications. In short, the bike is good both for health and wealth.


The Pros of Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle

  • Wider options: Firmstrong lady Cruiser offers many options to choose from. You can choose from three speed options, a variety of colors and wheel sizes too;
  • Affordability:  you can get a single speed starter bike for as low as $199;
  • A strong and light frame: it is designed to carry both big weights and accommodate big heights; and
  • Strong Kenda tires: these guarantee safe and convenient riding.


The Cons of Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle


  • Too much assembling work needed before one can begin riding the bike. This is a tall order for women and a big initial hiccup;
  • The kick stand is also very light;
  • The bike does not come with a tool kit; and
  • It has weak fenders that are a bit “Chinish”.


firmstrong lady bicikl 3Conclusion

As we bring down the curtain on our review of Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle, we are able to make sound and fair conclusions concerning this bike.

By subjecting it to a basic product feature criterion below, every buyer or would-be-buyer will be in an advantageous position to make wisely informed decisions that are inspired by hard facts.

  • Product safety: There have not been any safety complaints raised about the bike. This means that the bike passes this vital and basic test called safety. This is because  every product must not just serve its envisioned   purpose but it has to do that  in a manner that is safe to its  intended  beneficiaries, and hence it ought  not to leave behind a trail of  extended victims;
  • Efficacy: when it comes to this subject, the bike scores high because it meets the basic needs of all its users. This is a vital  mark because a product that cannot fulfill  the purpose that it was designed for it was designed to perform is  not worthy of any buyer’s coin and consideration;
  • Long-term value for money: again on this issue, the lady’s bike scores well and passes this crucial test because it is a durable machine that is also affordable to most female bikers. This point  is also concretized  by the fact that it is easy  to maintain the bike; and
  • Affordability: in matters affordability, the bike scores well. This crucial consideration does not just have financial implications but logical and moral ones as well. All sellers who offer their goods in the market expect them to be bought. However, it is ridiculous to offer products whose price tag is an inhibition to their intended users or buyers. Starting from $199 only, you can get your own Firmstrong Beach Cruiser and this is a plus not just to the user but the manufacturer as well.

So based on the above criteria and facts under scrutiny, it is appropriate to announce that Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bike is a worthy and viable bike option to resort to. It may have a few short comings here and there but all said and done, it is a good starter bike.Click here to check out this bike.

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