Bavel aluminum road bike Review of 2018

Aluminum road bike When it comes to outdoor biking and exercise there is nothing that beats road bikes. Gone are the days when you had to exclusively make your way to the gyms to get that much needed exercise. With the inception of road bikes you can not only commute to work or enjoy a leisure ride, you can also get some work out in the process. Road bikes are tools that come with an array of features that cannot be found in other regular bikes.

The manufacturing industry that focus on bikes have been on the prowl for new technology to help improve the experience of their consumers by improving the quality and performance of the bikes. This has also gone a long way to attract potential buyers to their fold. The key is to capture the needs of the modern day cyclist and incorporating it in to the bike. The number of brands that make up the road bike industry is on the rise and so is the competition. However, there is a bike that stands out more than the others and that is the Bavel aluminum road bike.

This bike brand comes with a lot for the everyday users especially when it comes to those who are new to the road bike niche. The features are great and the price is even better. This road bike is beat for those who are not willing to spend too much money to enjoy an outdoor ride.

The rest of this review will focus on the specs of this magnificent tool and what makes it worth the money you have worked hard for. It would not be fair to advise you to go ahead and buy it without delving in to what makes it a great piece and what you should be wary about. Read on and be well versed with the specs and features of Bavel aluminum road bike, benefits of Bavel aluminum road bike, the pros and advantages of Bavel aluminum road bike, the cons of Bavel aluminum road bike, the missing links to Bavel aluminum road bike, and the final take to Bavel aluminum road bike

Specs and features of Bavel aluminum road bike

Bavel aluminum road bike is known to have a number of specs and features that leave you yearning for more. These features are incorporated in to the bike for the sole purpose of giving the user an experience that they can look forward to.Just like any other enthusiast it is understandable to look at the bike with a ‘what’s in it for me’ attitude. Well fear not, for there is a lot in it for you. This is why the following part of the review will discuss in detail of the individual features and specifications.

  • First of all, the frame and fork of the bike are made from 6160 aluminum which offers strength and durability but at the same time is light enough to add speed.
  • The bike comes with 700*23c tires that are fit for the paved roads you encounter.
  • The rims are also made from aluminum and are 700c with steel spokes.
  • The front and rear wheel are quick release, this means that the assembly process is easy and quick.
  • The bike comes with Shimano mechanical disk brakes which is work great and offer superior braking than other braking systems.
  • It is also fitted with Shimano EF-500 shifters and TY300 and TZ-30 derailleurs for the rear and front respectively which are great for maneuvering from gear to gear and between the 21 speeds.
  • The bike also features a chain guard to offer a layer of protection for the chain system.
  • There is also a water bottle holder for your workout or leisure rides.
  • The bike comes in a number of colors: white and black, black and blue, white and green and white and blue.
  • This is a lightweight bike which weighs approximately 27.3 pounds.

The benefits of Bavel aluminum road bike

If you are looking for benefits, then you will not be disappointed with the Bavel aluminum road bike. There are numerous benefits from this bike that can be attributed to the features that have been mentioned above. Manufacturers have gone out of their way to deliver on not just great features but functional ones for the benefit of the user. This part of the review focuses on some of the benefits of the Bavel road bike.

  • One of the notable benefits of this bike is the fact that it is affordable. The price tag is quoted very low and is considered as reasonable if not cheap for an entry level bike.
  • The assembly process is easy and quick thanks to some of the features such as the quick release front and rear wheels. Plus, the fact that most of the parts are already assembled on delivery.
  • The aluminum in some of the parts such as the frame, fork and rims ensure strength and durability
  • Though this bike is made from aluminum it is light in comparison with other road bikes which means added speed.
  • You do not have to worry about safety since the mechanical disk braking system is great with normal as well as emergency braking.
  • Thanks to the Shimano shifters and derailleurs, the gear shifting is smooth and you can enjoy 21 different speeds at 7 gears without a sweat.
  • This bike is also accommodating as it can fit tall or short people thanks to the variety of heights 48cm, 51cm and 54cm.
  • When it comes to aesthetics Bavel aluminum road bike comes with a great shape and an array of colors.
  • This bike can be used as a commuting tool as well as for workouts.
  • Another benefit is the comfort. The saddle is ergonomically designed to and can be easily adjusted to whichever position you fancy.
  • As for maintenance you do not have to call in professionals you can do it from the comfort of your home easily and effortlessly.

Aluminum road bike The pros of Bavel aluminum road bike

Bavel aluminum road bike comes with a number of pros that make it a machine worth investing it in terms of your time as well as the money. Though there are many brands that offer road bikes its Bavel which towers above them all. Read on and discover the pros of this bike.

  • Comfort: One of the pros is the comfortable design. The seats can be easily adjusted and the handles have a good grip.
  • Ease of assembly: Another benefit worth noting is the ease and speed at which you can put this bike together. Most of the parts have been assembled pre delivery and that makes it easy to assemble the rest and make some minor adjustments to the assembled parts.
  • Cost effective: A very low price does not hurt at all. If you are operating on a budget, then this bike is just for you.
  • Different speeds: You can enjoy different speeds. The bike comes with 21 different speeds to be explored and 7 gears to work with. for those who love speed then this is one of the best bargains.
  • Great stability: Aluminum frame and fork as well as rims speaks of stability and sturdiness. Aluminum is a strong alloy that offers strength and great stability as you take rides on the bike. The 700c tires are also great for the paved roads.
  • Improved safety: Another pro is the fact that the bike is safe to ride even on high traffic areas. This can be attributed to the mechanical disk brakes which offer more control to the speed and momentum of the ride.
  • Smooth gear shift: You can easily shift from one gear to another as while riding. The cassettes couples with the shifters and the derailleurs work together to make an effortless and smooth gear change.
  • It is multipurpose: The Bavel Aluminum road bike is a multipurpose tool that can be used for training, for a simple work out or for a leisure ride.

The cons of Bavel aluminum road bike

So we have analyzed and looked at the great features, benefits and the pros of Bavel Aluminum road bike in depth. This bike has proven that it has what it takes to make it a worthy machine. However, all is not peachy since like many other products there are aspects of this bike that are not that positive. Not to say that these are flaws that are exclusive to the Bavel road bike. Most of these flaws can be found in other brands too. The main reason of looking into them is to give you a heads up so that you can make an informed decision when about to purchase. Do not take them as a reason not to purchase this bike. The following section of the review contains a list of some of the cons that have been associated to this bike.

  • As stated before this is an entry level road bike. For the more experienced users this may not be the best tool. It lacks some of the necessary features that are necessary for those who are used to competing or training with road bikes and are looking for a challenge.
  • Though one of the pros and advantages of this bike is easy assemblage, it all has to be done manually and this can be a challenge if you are not familiar with the manual. Make sure you have read the manual thoroughly when you in the assembly process.
  • Another con is the pedals which are plastic. Plastics are not the best materials for road bike as they are vulnerable to the weather elements. Eventually, which is sooner rather than later, the pedal will soon fall off.
  • The tires are way too thin for some users and it can be quite disconcerting when you are on the road and it’s not even. There is no cushioning that a bigger tire would provide.

Aluminum road bike The missing links to Bavel Aluminum road bike

The missing links in any product can be a setback for any user. These are the little flaws that affect the overall performance of the bike. The Bavel Aluminum Road Bike comes with a number of missing links as well. just like the cons, they in no way suggest that the bike is not good enough for purchase. these missing links can be dealt with at home without any major financial input on the users’ side.

Not to bust your expectation bubble but this road bike has some flaws that you will have to deal with. it is not perfect but that does not mean you cannot enjoy the benefits and advantages of the features presented with the bike. Below are some of the missing links you may have to contend with.

  • The seat of the bike is not as comfortable as one would like it to be. If you spend too much time on the saddle it tends to cause some numbness. But this can be easily solved with adding some cushion to the seat to make it much more comfortable.
  • The plastic peddle is not just uncomfortable, it is not durable and will require a replacement sooner rather than later. The best thing to do is to replace the pedal as soon as you can for a more durable and comfortable one.

Final take on Bavel Aluminum road bike

This bike has a lot to offer for riders and the manufacturers have made sure of that. The Bavel Aluminum road bike is one of a kind that comes at an affordable price. The features are incredible and it is user friendly especially for those who are new to the cycling world. The speeds are great and one can easily make the shift from one speed to another. The strength of the bike is unrivalled since it is also light you can ride with comfort and ease. Though it comes with its fair share of cons and missing links, the bike is an incredible piece and it is our verdict that you should give it a try and experience the marvel that is Bavel Aluminum road bike. Click here to check out this bike.