Ancheer Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike Review of 2018

 Electric Mountain BikeCycling enthusiasts attribute their passion for the outdoor activity to a number of things, but the most common of these is the outdoor feel and the need for some workout. At some point, cycling was the in thing, however the ever changing dynamics of the modern world has limited the amount of time an individual can spend doing what they love. Blame it on school, running a business or building careers, fact is there is always something getting in the way. The little time you can squeeze in is never enough.

Bike manufacturers have been on the offensive, coming up with new designs and makes to improve the market and in the process came up with the electric bikes. A bike filled with controversy yet has impressive sales. Mountain bikes have not been spared either. Soon the manual version of this bike may be a thing of the first though if old-school bikers have anything to say about it, I wouldn’t count on it.The electric mountain bike has revolutionized the way mountain biking done, whether this is a good thing the jury is still out on that. What is clear is the fact that you can enjoy your biking and cover a larger distance irrespective of the terrain.

You can double the distance you cover on a normal bike if an electric mountain bike is involved. The ultimate goal of this revolutionary machine is to allow you to enjoy your passion without sacrificing other parts of your life that need your attention. That is why Ancheer came up with its Power Plus electric mountain bike. It comes with a lot of features for the benefit of the rider to reduce the amount of effort and to increase the distance covered.

The Ancheer Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike is a one kind bike that encompasses a lot of features to leave you wanting more. Ancheer has gone out of their way and placed the needs of the user at the forefront. This article aims to look at what this bike has to offer. It gives an in-depth analysis on what to expect in terms of: the features and specs of Ancheer Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike; benefits of Ancheer Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike; the pros of Ancheer Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike; the cons of Ancheer Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike; the missing links to Ancheer Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike; and the final thoughts on Ancheer Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike.

The specs and features of Ancheer Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike

Lets get down to business, nothing interests a buyer more than the features and specifications of a product. Much as the product looks good, it is the ‘what can it do’ question that needs to be answered first. Ancheer Power Plus has great features that are going to be thoroughly discussed in the section to follow.

  • This bike comes with aluminum alloy frame coupled with a carbon steel fork with suspension and shock absorbers that keeps the ride smooth with stability.
  • The wheels are 20” in diameter and come with an anti slip lithium tires that are wear resistant to minimize maintenance
  • It is fitted with effective rear and front disk brakes that make stopping a breeze
  • The seats are adjustable and the seat post is made from aluminum alloy which provides great support while you are riding.
  • There is also the 36v 8AH lithium battery that comes with the bike. This battery is removable yet small enough to keep it inconspicuous. For charging the battery comes with a charging port which takes between 4-6 hours for it to be fully charged.
  • The brushless motor that powers the bikes takes up to 250 watts
  • There are two modes to choose from: the full electric mode and the pedal assist mode, which offer a maximum speed of 25km/h and 50km/h respectively.
  • There is a smart meter with 3-speed smart buttons which makes it easy to change from one speed to another
  • Ancheer Power Plus is fitted with a 21 speed pro transmission system, giving you a wide variety of speeds to choose from.
  • This electric bike can carry up to 330 lbs. Which is a lot.
  • For security at night this bike comes with LED lighting and a horn
  • The pedals are made from aluminum alloy that reinforces the strength and longevity unlike plastic pedals
  • It also comes with a chain guard that protects it against damaging elements such as water and mud
  • For assembly, Ancheer offers a free assembly option once you order it.
  • It is also fitted with a kickstand

 Electric Mountain BikeBenefits of Ancheer Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike

So what’s in it for me? A very common question that people ask everyday. What they don’t know is that inwardly they always ask this question before a purchase. Like most products you buy you always want to know at the end of it all is it value for the money you have spent on it. Ancheer Power Plus, as seen comes with a great deal of fascinating features and this is not just so the bike can look good. The main purpose of these features is the benefits that they give. This section of the review analyses some of the benefits that this bike dissipates to the user.

  • Security: The availability of the horn and LED light makes it a convenient bike to use even at night. The light is bright enough so that you can be visible at night and the horn is loud enough to alert pedestrians.
  • Easy to carry around: The bike is made from aluminum alloy which is light enough to carry when going up a flight of stairs or simply for storage.
  • Comfort: The frame, handlebars and saddle are ergonomically designed to ensure the comfort of the cyclist is enhanced. Even for a long ride you can be sure of comfort.
  • Accommodating: The size of the bike is comfortable enough for users who are tall and the capacity it can carry also ensures that users with heavy built enjoy.
  • Cost effective: The cost of this bike is relatively cheap if compared with other Electric mountain bikes of its caliber plus the free assembly option cuts cost if you usually take it to a professional for the assembly process.

The pros of Ancheer Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike

From the features we have been able to establish the benefits that users can look forward to. The deal just keeps getting better as there are also a number of pros that makes any cyclist enthusiast appreciate what Ancheer Power Plus has to offer. The pros and advantages just add to the fact that this is an awesome bike. This section of the review looks at the pros that make this a bike worth while.

  • This is a versatile bike in that you have two modes to choose from; the full electric mode and the pedal assisted mode. Depending on what your need is you can enjoy the different speeds, that is 25km/h or 50km/h
  • The battery charges fully at between 4-6 hours, which is record time when compared to other electric bikes. The lithium battery also lasts long before the next recharge.
  • This bike is easy to assemble if you choose to forego the free assembly offer by Ancheer. There is nothing especially difficult in the assembly process.
  • The steel fork and aluminum frame makes this bike not only strong, but also durable and sturdy for maximum performance.
  • Thanks to the shock absorbing nature of the fork suspension, you can enjoy a smooth ride despite the terrain.
  • You can be able to monitor the distance and speed thanks to the smart meter
  • The are 21 speeds to choose from.
  • When it comes to strength this bike can withstand up to 330 lbs, which means that heavier cyclist are sorted.

The cons of the Ancheer Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike

So we have been able to see the bike in all its glory. The great features that speak volumes of the benefits and pros to expect. The bike looks promising so far. However, it is also fair to look at the flaws. It is important to keep in mind that this is a man made product and as much as we’d like to achieve perfection, it’s an effort in futility. The Ancheer Power Plus comes with its fair share of flaws that affects the overall performance. Products always come with flaws, bikes are no different and that is why you cannot hold them against this specific bike, as they say it is the worst that makes you appreciate the good. Now we look at the cons of this power bike and how it affects performance.

  • It can be difficult to put the bike together if you are dependent on the user manual as it is not very clear. You are better of taking the free assembly offer rather than working on it yourself
  • The 25 km per hour speed is slow compared to those of other brands of the same bike and if you are the one who enjoys speed its best you stick to the assisted peddling mode
  • 4-6 hours of charging can be a long time, especially if you need to be somewhere in a hurry
  • If need some Carriage area, then its best you look for another option for the Ancheer lacks racks and water bottle holders.
  • If you are going on a cycling expedition when its rainy or you ride over a puddle be ready to deal with some splash as this bike lacks the all important fenders.
  • The chain guard is made of plastic which is susceptible to weather conditions. In time it will give to wear and tear.
  • Storing this bike can be an issue as it does not fold like its partner the Ancheer Power Plus folding bike.
  • If you want the bike to perform as it should, tuning is very necessary.

 Electric Mountain BikeThe missing links to the Ancheer Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike

Now that we have exhausted all the good stuff about the Ancheer Power Plus it is time to look at the missing links. I know you are probably asking what the missing links are. Well, in a nut shell the missing links are just some of the flaws that come with a particular product which can be easily fixed with some creativity. These can be solved from home without requiring a huge investment on your part..No product is foolproof.  At some point they need some form of adjustment in order for it to work as it should. The guys at Ancheer have tried to impress, but some things just went past them. Not to say that this bike should be disposed and be done with. Just to help you make that informed purchasing decision. The next section analyses the missing links and the home grown solutions to each of them.

  • One of the most notable shortcomings with this bike is the fact that the instructions are hazy and vague. It can be hard to assemble the bike without clear guidelines. To deal with this, look for video tutorial online. There are people who have done it successfully and have shared the process via online platforms.
  • There are parts of the bike that are squeaky especially the brakes. This has been attributed to poor tuning which is a necessary part of the assembly process. Make sure that the tuning is done right or just take advantage of the free assembly offer by Ancheer.

Final thoughts on Ancheer Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike

Brands are on a roll trying to create products that offer the best to the consumer. Ancheer is one of them. The Power Plus bike has proven to give value for money. It is affordable electric bike and it’s price is pretty low compared to other brands on the market. The material of the frame being aluminum with a touch of steel on the fork, speaks of strength and agility. Let’s not forget the quality lithium battery which is removable and portable. At the end of the day you find yourself looking forward to the next time to hit the road and that is what counts. Make a date with Ancheer Power Plus and give it a try. Click here to check out this bike.