10 Ways to Keep Your Legs in Tip-Top Condition After the Cycling Season Ends


jake noge2The modern world has posed many new challenges to the human beings. One of these challenges is to balance the hectic routine with the demands of the human body, so that the fast pace life cannot ruin one’s body. In order to maintain this balance many of the experts and medical analysts suggest that physical activity and exercise is essential for human body .Some of these physical activities can be performed on an individual level. However, some are arranged on group levels. Many of the communities and sports club arrange for a cycling competition, both for general public and the professionals. Both men and women can take part in these events in order to ensure a healthier and vigorous life.
But are you reluctant about this cycling season only because of the post cycling fatigue faced in the form of muscular pain especially those of the legs. Not only the fatigue, may the tiring cycling activities lead to make your legs look untidy rough and torn apart. But you cannot leave this healthy exercise only because you do not have any remedial measures for maintaining your condition of your legs, despite of your rough and tough cycling season. Here we suggest you some easy ways and tips which will aid you to cherish healthy and smart looking legs even after the cycling season.

1. Have lots of protein carbohydrates and calcium in your food



Although you are going to be in a cycling season where the automobile is fuel free, yet it is driven by the energy you provide to it with the help of your physical strength, which is mostly reflected through your force lifting and locomotive muscles like those of the legs. So before you complain that cycling has ruined your legs, you must look into the way you are handling this activity. The first and the foremost requirement is to fuel up yourself in a way that will support you to get into this activity efficiently and effectively. The nutritionists usually recommend lots of proteins and calcium for all those who are involved in activities like cycling. Some of the recommended food items, especially in the days you are supposed to participate in cycling events include:

Fresh Fruits
Pulses And Beans
Following a healthier diet plan will surely allow you to get more and more prone to muscular pain of legs. Healthy food, including calcium and protein will help you in recovering from fatigue of the tiring activity. Once you get a healthier diet the effects will be obvious in every physical aspect including your legs.

2. Take necessary food supplements

Sometimes the diet is not enough or accurate to keep the body going. Especially when the physical output increases, the body demands a little more. It is just like adding extra fuel to your car when you are on a long route. So before you plan to be in the cycling season you must get hold to some good food supplement These food supplements can be best recommended by some dietitian or nutritionist. The market is full of multiple types and number of supplements which are sold over the counter and anyone can get hold of it, but the role of a nutritionist is very critical in selecting the appropriate food supplement as he or she can guide the supplements needed, according to the varying individual demands. So supplements will now complement your cycling season and you will no longer be holding your legs and regretting that why you took part in the cycling season.

3. Having a good message will work

After returning from the whole tiring day of cycling, if you are just squeezing in the bed, you are surely wrong. If your legs are feeling tired and fatigued you can go for a good massage. Many of the athletes and sportsmen hire the services of massage professionals, which is reflective if the inbuilt effectiveness of massage. As a good message has the ability to revive your strength so you can help your legs to be in a super tip top condition by getting a good massage.

4. Steam baths- relaxing and rejuvenating

In combination to some good food and supplements the post cycling treatments are also very critical in maintaining the rigor and vitality of your legs. One of the most widely used methods is to take a good long steam bath that will help you to give away all the exhaustion and fatigue of the cycling event. Many of the athletes have reported that their daily hour of physical exercise and exhaustion are easily balanced out when they go for a good steam bath. It helps in relaxing your legs and muscles. Pain free legs will surely be more effective and useful and will help you to recover soon and better.

5. Continue with mild exercise

If you are making physical exercise “seasonal” , it will surely destroy your legs. So we will recommend you that if you have decided to be a frequent and active participant of cycling you must continue with mild exercise and physical activity, even after the cycling season ends. It will help your legs to build stronger muscles as physical activity will become a part if the daily routine cycling season will not overburden your legs, as they would have been used to it. No matter how tiring was the season you need to keep going so that you can go on for longer time.

6. Avoid having leg cramps

One of the most devastating things for your legs can be the leg cramps, which most of the cyclist experience. There may be varying reasons for the leg cramps. It is better that instead of treating the hurting muscles due to leg cramps you avoid having them. Some of the major reasons of leg cramps may be:

Electrolyte Depletion and Dehydration is the most talked about and the most cited reason for leg cramps. It is mainly due to the fact that cycling involves a lot of dehydration and loss of basic electrolytes caused due to excessive sweating. There had been rigorous research in providing medical evidence to guide the athletes and sportsmen about the causes of leg cramps and dehydration being one of them. Many of the sportsmen still do not believe in this proposition. The researchers have suggested that maintain optimum levels if water and electrolytes in between the muscles are necessary for their efficient working. So muscles being deficit in water or electrolyte content are easily affected by cramps.
Bio-mechanical inaccuracy- It is basically a combination of both the biological as well as the mechanical inefficiency. Many athletes complain that they experience thigh cramp before did it set in when they stood out of the load and “shortened” the thigh. Similarly, many of you can say that their calf cramp is worst when they are pulling at the bottom of the pedal stroke. It is a point where the calf is shortest. A cycle that is not a perfect fit for you will not permit you to apply your muscles proficiently which will ultimately lead to neuromuscular disorders including fatigue and cramps. So if you are concerned that cycling may not be done at the stake of your legs, you surely need to get hold to a right sized bicycle.
Neuromuscular Fatigue- The most expected rationalization for leg cramps while you are out at the cycling season is the excessive and repetitive activity of specific muscles, which are obviously the leg muscles. As a result the legs get wiped out. This tiredness results into a breakdown and interruption in the usual and optimum neuromuscular pathways. These are like the control centers for the locomotion and use of our muscles. This condition may arise from some of the following causes.
o Extra hot or humid environments
o Increased duration
o Insufficient conditioning
o Increased intensity
o Deficit of energy supply



7. Wear the knee pads

Many of you can easily remember the childhood days when a fall form a mild hieght or a stroke from the bed corner had hit your knee and you used to feel the pain even for days. It is because the joints, including knee can sustain pressures, but once hit, they pain very furiously. So on your way to cycling camp, make sure that your bag contains even an extra pain of knee pads. Injuries on knees can be devastating, even after months of cycling season.

8. Never ignore shin splints

Many of you may have experienced it, but may not be familiar with the terminology of it. It is basically the pain you experience on the front side of your lower leg. Many of the cyclists after a long exhaustive cycling session may get shin split.
The common symptoms which may be the indications of shin splints include the following:
o Sharp aching pain in the front portion of your shin
o Pain which Improves with rest
o Frequent pain in both legs
o Pain which is experienced mostly when one pushes his shins up
o Pain which gets worse after physical activity like exercise
But once ignored it can lead to serious damages. Some conditions are more susceptible to shin slits including:
o If the cyclist has the flat feet. It may also happen to those who have very rigid foot arches
o Shin splints are common for people who don’t wear the accurate shoes
o Wearing worn out shoes may also aggravate the shin splints. Many of the athlete’s shoes give away more than half of their shock absorbing capacity after 200 miles of usage.
If you have got the problem while being on the cycling season you should never avoid admitting it. Some of the measures to be taken when you are a victim of shin splints include:
o Go for regular icing of your shins. It may be twice or thrice a day depending upon the severity of your pain
o Stretching exercises may be a good remedial measure in case of shin splints.
o Take some good medicine to reduce swelling and to lower down the intensity of the pain. But medicines may not be needed in mild shin split cases. So before you decide to take any medicine go to your physician and consult about the issue.
o Arch supports are available in the market to help athletes in recovering shin splints. Go to your physician or physical therapist. He may guide you about wearing the appropriate shoes, including shock-absorbing insoles There is also a new product named or orthotics which an accessory to wear inside your shoes and it helps to lower your pain.
o In case of very chronic pains go to some authentic physical therapist. If you linger your shin splints it may lead to longer recovery periods needed to overcome the situation.



9. Never ignore even a minute injury


jake noge
There are many cases when you come back home with a winning trophy of your cycling camp and you are so much enthusiastic about it that you even forget the bumps your legs and knees encountered during the whole session. So keeping and maintain your legs even after the cycling season demands that you do not ignore even a minor injury or scratch. Because once neglected, even a minor injury can lead to enormous disaster.

10. Enjoy physical activity but do not stress your body out of limits

And in the end, we will recommend that although physical activity is quite beneficial in maintaining the healthy lifestyle, yet excess of everything is overwhelming. You, being older can never come to the level of a younger cyclist. Apart from it, the body morphology varies. So always let your body to be at the optimum level and do not overburden it with excessive physical activity. Not only the legs, all your body parts need to be well managed and it is possible only when you treat them in an appropriate way.


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