The Benefits of Bike Riding

9382342575_dc15e525a5_z The benefits of biking are many and they have been here for a long time. For most people, they view biking as an activity that people can engage in either for sporting purposes so that they can make money and become famous or as a means of commuting for those who are not professional bikers. However, here is so much more that has never been explored when it comes to getting your feet onto those two pedals and the benefits that come with that crucial physical activity.

It is the scope of this article to explore and share with you some of the top twelve benefits of biking. In this post, we shall explore the following benefits of engaging in biking either as a professional biker or as a normal user. The benefits of biking that we shall explore in this post are highlighted below as follows.

  •     Relief from stress-related discomfort and pains
  •     Saving of precious time and money that would have been spent in the gym
  •     Saving on money that would have been wasted tackling weight gain and heart-related complications
  •     Improvement of cardio-vascular health
  •     Building of strong hip and thigh muscles
  •     A gentle alternative for strenuous physical exercises
  •     Curbing of unnecessary weight gain and its health complications
  •     Improved mental health and sharpness
  •     Reduction of chances of developing clinical depression in the future
  •     Reduction of stress and anxiety
  •     Enhanced libido
  •     Improved social well being and health

Relief from stress-related discomfort and pains

One of the outstanding benefits of biking is that it is a natural antidote to many of the physical discomforts and pains that are related to stress.In an age and time where stress is taking a great toll on the lives of many people, biking comes in as one of the top natural remedies that can be used to bring relief to some of those physical discomfort. If stress is taking its devastating effect on your physical health, you need to try regular biking and you are going to experience a positive difference.

16230308089_c93b822ed8_zSaving of precious time and money that would have been spent in the gym

Another benefit that goes with regular biking is that it is great tool to save you the money and precious time that you would have used and spent at the gym.To start us off, we shall look at time because we all live in a busy world that is crowded with all manner of deadlines and issues that are competing for our attention.In such a generational setting, there is need to get ways of saving on time.

However, many of us get engaged in activities that do not exert physical demand on our body muscles and organs. This means that many people find themselves in circumstances where they don’t have time to exercise and yet the need to do so is there.

In such a situation, biking comes in handy because it can be used as a means of commuting to work for people who may not have time to commit to a regular gym program. This means that such people can kill two birds with one stone: commuting to work at the same time exercising without the need to set aside any extra time.

In addition, you will be spared the losses of spending money in the gym trying to get back in shape. However, when you engage in regular biking, you remain fit and you are spared the effects and dire economic consequences of staying physically unfit.

Saving on money that would have been wasted tackling weight gain and heart-related complications

Excessive weight gain is one of the consequences of failing to take time and engage in quality and regular physical activities that need keep you fit. In addition, failing to keep physically fit can lead to other health complications and one of them is cardio-vascular disorders. But unfortunately, millions upon the face of the earth are resorting to treating the symptoms of a problem that could have been dealt with from the root cause by engaging in regular biking activities.

The worst part of the sad story is that many people will take time off to treat the symptoms of obesity and cardio-vascular complications in hospitals. Additionally, all these medical endeavors to deal with the above heath complications come at a financial cost because heavy bills have to be paid and costly pills will need to be swallowed for long periods of time. But all these losses can be averted by engaging in a simple and cost-free activity called biking on a regular basis.

7865652564_b09b5d8162_zImprovement of cardio-vascular health

Your heart is like the engine of your body and that is why when it stops beating you die. This means that if your heart is not functioning properly, then the rest of the body organs will it function properly. The reason here is that the heart helps in the circulation of blood,the medium which carries the life of all living things (animals).

With such a central place in the well being and function of your body, you need to do all that is within your power to keep your heart health because a healthy heart means a healthy you. One of the medically proven facts about the benefits of biking is that it helps in the improvement of the health of your heart.

Building of strong hip and thigh muscles

You want to enjoy strong hips and thigh muscles without pursuing elusive magical formulas that promise you instant and effortless benefits by taking such and such a pill? There is no magic or miracle pathway to achieving such strong muscles without deliberately and consistently engaging in physical activities that will help you to build such muscles. One of the proven ways of building strong hip and thigh muscles is by engaging in regular biking activities.

You just need to determine to spend enough and quality time on those pedals as much as possible and you will be boasting of strong muscles.In addition,you will not just have strong hip and thigh muscles; you will also build other muscles such as hand and calf muscles which come about when you are riding on hilly road surfaces that require you to stand on the pedals.

A gentle alternative for strenuous physical exercises

Another outstanding benefit of biking is that it has been medically proven to be a very gentle and effective exercising alternative to other forms of training that may have negative effects on the bodies of some people. This is because some people may respond negatively to some forms of physical training.

Some of the exercising activities that biking is a good alternative to are:

  •     Jogging
  •     Running
  •     Walking
  •     Weight lifting

The exercises listed above have some negative complications in some people, even though this does not amount to saying that these forms of physical exercise are wrong. Some of the complications that come as result of engaging in the above exercises are listed below as follows:

  •     Foot injuries
  •     Knee injuries
  •     Muscles pull
  •     Injuries resulting from impact
  •     Back pains

If you are one of those people who suffer from such negative effects, then biking is a very safe and gentle substitute that will give you all the benefits that you would have gotten from the above exercises.

Curbing of unnecessary weight gain and its health complications

Weight gain is now becoming a health threat to our generation. This giant that is confronting the health of million across the world is threatening the very fiber of the health of many. At the moment, billions of dollars are being wasted in the fight against the effects of unnecessary and unhealthy weight gain.

Obesity, diabetes and heart-related complications are just some of the front line health effects of excessive weight gain. However, the very root of this problem is not a medical issue that can or needs to be addressed medically. This is a lifestyle problem that needs to be addressed by addressing the mess in the lives of millions who are writhing from the effects of excessive weight.

As of now, biking is one of the safest and most effective forms of curbing excessive weight gain. If you can take time and get your feet on those pedals,you can spare yourself the very pain of being apart of the fatal statistics of being overweight.

Moreover, you will spare yourself a myriad of other non-health consequences of being overweight. This is because most of the people who suffer from obesity also suffer from low self-esteem and other personality disorders. It is no wonder that we are even seeing marriages breaking as a result of men and women growing to become “too big and round” to perform their conjugal duties effectively. Under such circumstances, women have been abandoned by their husbands for allegedly “looking unattractive”.

16503130646_f41346228d_zImproved mental health and sharpness

Aside the numerous physical benefits that biking has on your health and body, there are also other mental benefits that you stand to reap when you engage in biking on a regular basis. According to numerous studies that have been conducted over different periods of time, it has been established that those people who engage in biking and other physically engaging activities enjoy greater levels of mental health and happiness. When you take time to bike, your heart pumps blood properly.

When your heart is able to pump blood properly, your brain will be supplied with sufficient oxygen and other nutrients that it needs to function effectively. This means that your mood, which is controlled by hormones located in the brain,will be enhanced leading to happiness. In addition, improved blood circulation means that your brain will be able to concentrate and focus on its core functions and hence you will reap the benefits of sharp mental activity and functionality.

Reduction of chances of developing clinical depression in the future

Depression is another giant that is confronting the mental and eventually physical health of millions in our day and time. Numerous studies have indicated that people who take more time to engage in serious biking are less likely to suffer from clinical depression compared to those who don’t. This fact can be explained based on what we have covered in in the preceding paragraph above. We have already seen that depression is an indication that one is suffering from low moods and they are not happy since we cannot have a person who is happily depressed and in best moods.

So if you want to safeguard your future from the devastating effects of depression and all its equivalents, you need to take time and start biking on regular basis.If you do this, you will safeguard all the other areas of life. Some of the areas that you will safeguard by keeping depression at bay are listed below as follows:

  •     Career: One of the areas of your life that will be destroyed by depression is your job or business. This is because when depression has taken its toll to the highest levels, you will lose the mental and inner energy needed to focus and concentrate on anything. This means that your productivity at your place of work will be affected and you are most likely to lose your job. When your career is destroyed and you are a family man or woman, you are going to have the effects of depression on your career impacting negatively your ability to provide for your family and, meet other financial obligations.
  •     Strained family relations: Another very critical area of your life that is going to suffer when you sink into depression is your family relations.First,this will be due to your inability to meet your family obligations towards your spouse and children. These obligations will cut across key areas such as provision and even conjugal duties towards your spouse. In addition, you are going to suffer from relational strain with your family. This is because depression will affect your entire psychological being and impair it. When you are emotionally drained, it will be very difficult for you to relate to your family in a manner that is healthy and mature as opposed to when you are in your normal emotional health condition. The simple reason here is that a depressed person will have difficulty relating well with themselves and hence that difficulty will automatically spill into their relationship with their family members.
  •     Social relations: Aside from family relations, we are all created with a social fiber and connection that transcend the borders of our family cycles. When you are depressed, you will not be able to relate well with your close friends and other human beings in general. This is because of the same reasons we have seen in the preceding paragraph under strained family relations.

However, all the above negative effects of depression can be avoided by simply getting your feet onto those two pedals.

Reduction of stress and anxiety

In the day and time that we live in, stress and anxiety are taking disastrous toll on the mental and emotional health of millions across the world. This is an issue that we cannot completely run away from but there are proven ways that can be integrated into our daily lives in order to mitigate the effects and magnitude of anxiety and stress. In fact, the very fact that your mind and body can respond to stress and anxiety is a sign that you are a healthy and normal human being. The problem comes in when the magnitude and effects of stress and anxiety cannot be managed effectively.

One of the methods that have been proven to have a significant impact on the reduction of the effects and magnitude of stress and anxiety is biking. Studies have proved that if you take your time and do serious biking, your brain is activated and sharp enough to create a conducive environment for mood-enhancing hormones to function. This means that you are better placed to deal with the threatening effects of stress than if you were leading a life that is lacking such a physical training activity. Some of the disastrous effects that biking is going to help you overcome when you manage stress and anxiety are social anxiety and panic attacks.

Enhanced libido

Another benefit of biking on your life, especially if you are a married man and woman is that it does help in the enhancement of libido; this is a very important pillar in sustaining proper bed relations in marriage. It is no longer strange for marriages to go under due to libido-related bed issues in our day and time.

In some cases, the failure to achieve effective arousal is due to the depression itself. In other situations, low libido can be attributed to most of the drugs that are used in the management and treatment of anxiety and depression.

But how does biking come in as a remedy in this matter? First of all, biking plays a preventive role that helps in the fending away and management of the effects of depression and anxiety, which are culpable for low or no libido in many marriages today.

Second, biking helps in the general and overall improvement of emotional and mental health and wholeness, which play a significant role in the achievement of the needed libido so as to maintain a health bed life. However, studies have indicated that men are more likely to enjoy this benefit of biking than their female counterparts.

5008362622_8ce7bb8406_zImproved social well being and health

The last benefit of biking that we are going to cover in this post is the improvement of one’s social fiber and health. This kind of benefit comes in when one participates in biking in a group setting. However, it does not necessarily mean that you need to take part in a cycling competition in order to enjoy this benefit. On the contrary, you can enjoy the social benefits of biking by taking out to the fields and roads with your friends and family members as you enjoy your evenings or weekends out.

But how does this benefit take effect? There are several ways by which you can reap the benefits of riding in a group. First of all, when you take time to go out and ride with your friends and family, you get the opportunity to interact and socialize with them. You take time to bond with people who mean a lot to your life and strengthen the bonds of family and friendly relations.

The second way by which you can enjoy the social benefits of biking is that it teaches you the importance of living and teaming together in life. It shows and helps you to understand the value and place of cooperation in life as opposed to living focusing on exaggerated competition with one another. Group biking helps in the creation of the elusive balance between healthy completion and cooperation in life.

The last way by which you can benefit from the social dimensions and impact of biking comes in as a balance to the two we have covered above. When you engage in biking in a competitive manner weight in a championship, a family is friendly grouping, you learn proper attitudes that can help you navigate life and surmount challenges. As you engage each other in healthy completion, you get to learn that you can make it and be an over comer in the area of life.

When you win such a completion or a challenge, you get psyched to face and challenge other challenges in life as well. You even tend to appreciate all the participants who never won the race because without their participation, you would not have won the race alone without other people against whom you were ranked. This leads you to understand the truth that: there can be no winners without losers and that every winner is made by losers and hence everyone is important in the race of life. 

These benefits of bike riding are great, and the benefits will make you healthier and happier. Anyway, bicycle riding is just simply fun. So, get started. But first step is to to get a bike. You can find some bike reviews here.



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